With the 14th pick, the Golden State Warriors select …

Robin Lopez.
Seriously. That won’t happen. Still, you have to be concerned about the Warriors chances to nab a difference-maker picking last in the lottery. Maybe Darrell Arthur from Kansas falls. Or Kevin Love from UCLA. Chances are they’ll end up with a project like Lavale McGee from Nevada, who is Patrick O’Bryant with a bit more fire.
I haven’t studied the rookie prospects yet, but from where I sit at this point, the best idea would be to use the pick in a trade to get a difference maker. If No. 14 and a player or two (Al Harrington, Mickael Pietrus) and maybe a future first-rounder gets you Elton Brand, or even someone a tier below, such as Rasheed Wallace, that may be the best move. It may work out when one of those restricted free agents end up unhappy with their contract options and want a trade, a la Charlie Bell last summer. Maybe Josh Smith gets stuck looking at the mid-level because the market is too bare, gets upset that the Hawks lowballed him and asks for a sign-and-trade. This lottery pick could be best used as part of a deal.
I would say use it to move up, but for who? They won’t get high enough to get Rose, or Beasley, or Brook Lopez. Do you jump for Mayo? Jerryd Bayless? Maybe DeAndre Jordan is seductive enough to move up for, but he won’t contribute next year.
The Warriors just don’t need another project. They have too many young players now. Most important, they have a window now. This pick needs to be another resource to capitalizing and getting this team ready to win now. Or the window will close.

Marcus Thompson

  • Niners in 2009

    Trading the pick for a vet is scary, how often does that work out? Remember Mookie? This is a decent draft, we can get a good player at #14.

    We have a nice young 22 and under core, I’d love to keep adding to that. I agree that we should stay away from projects, let’s pass on anyone who’s gonna take longer to develope than B. Wright. That means pass on Batum, McGee, Ajinca, etc. Robin Lopez wouldn’t be the worse pick for us, he’s a Varajao clone, same game, same overflowing emotion, we could use a guy like that. Chris Douglas-Roberts, nobody talks about him, he is my favorite player in this draft, I’d love to have him.

    If we trade up… any of the top guards… Mayo, Gordon, Bayless, sign me up. I’m not feelin’ Gallinari, he seems like a bad fit with Monta and Belinelli, none of them play defense. Kevin Love is a fit here, he can play along side either B. Wright or Biedrins.

  • jeff

    If Baron and Nellie stay, which is likely, then the Ws don’t need another young project. In the unlikely event they both leave, another rookie might fit in for the rebuild.

  • commish

    I feel you Marcus. The draft is weak and the 14 spot is a total crap shoot. I say look to NY and Miami to see if there are some sign and trade value with Baron and or MP. I’d like to move up to the 2 spot and get Rose. I know we’ve had this discussion before and we’d be starting over again, but realistically we don’t have the horses to compete with LA, Utah, SA, the Hornets and so on with our current rooster lead by Baron. But imagine Rose, Wright, Monta and Beans in a couple years with the leadership of Jax and Harrington. Or try to get Nate Robinson and David Lee for Baron and MP and take Marbury’s expiring contract to make the numbers work. I doubt if NY would do all of that, but who knows. Everyone wants to “win now” so no telling what D’Antoni and Walsh might do.

    But I see where you are heading as well. Trade 14 and whatever to get a good veteran PF. That works for me as well but I hate the idea of trading with the Clippers.

  • Cornjulio

    If Atlanta let’s Josh Smith get away, they should be disbanded. If the Warriors were smart they would sign him to max offer sheet the absolute moment Free Agency starts….so they can still match on anyone who would do the same with AB or Monta.

    No way he gets away.

  • EJ

    how about a sign and trade with the #14 and trade exemption with the heat to get shawn marion? rumors out of miami are that marion is thinking of opting out. rather the heat get nothing in return they can get the 10mil along with the #14 to start rebuilding? if chicago does go with beasley, the heat can draft rose and then a guy like deandre jordan to lock up the middle. maybe we can even include pietrus as part of a sign and trade.

  • Anthos

    trade baron to ny for robinson and lee that would be just plain stupid no value at all for those guys the only thing I like that I heard here was the Josh SMith thing and the Marion thing or trading up to get one of the top prospects Love wont be that bad but other than that trade the pick with other player to get a good good player like what Marcus was saying but I wouldnt touch nobody from the Knicks
    NO ONE

  • dominmatrix

    Riley would consider dealing the number two pick. If The Bulls take Beasley then ship Baron and the number fourteen pick to Miami for the number two pick plus Udonis Haslem and a re-signed Jason Williams. Then draft Derrick Rose and let the new version of The Warriors with two young studs like Ellis and Rose flying up and down the court begin.

  • Ewok

    Guys! Youtube or Google this dude, Joe Alexander. I think he is legit, very athletic, This guy can jump! Great presence and he can certainly defend, great blocker, can shoot treys and most of all, He likes to run.

    But he is tad short. He stands 6’8″

    He is compared to Shawn Marrion by NBA Draft.net. He reminds me so much of the young Dan Majerle who likes to penetrate and drive for an and 1.

    He is also predicted to be our pick by NBA Draft.net 2008

    I’ll take this guy over Al Harrington at present. With this dude, Harrington can be a full time 4, This guys has more mobility, more speed and a great finisher.

    I don’t exactly know if he in the level of a project and Marcus is right, we just dont have a room for projects anymore… But this guy is talented and could be the deal.

    What do you all think?

  • Jeff

    Joe Alexander is nice, he is a SF, so he can take the place of harrington and he is already pretty polished as he is a junior in college and has went deep in the ncaa tourny the last 2 years. he single handly won them some games this year and got them to the sweet 16 or was it elite 8? either way he is what al harrington should be. then what i would do is trade harrington and/or pietrus for another first round pick this year and take brandon rush. hell be picked in the 20’s and he will be a legit player in this league for a long time. many compare him to scottie pippen.

    as far as projects who pan out might be deandere jordan who in many mocks is going past the top 14. but he has the body and athleticism of dwight howard but he doesnt have the motor to put it all together.

    we can take rookies but we need to draft rookies who are accomplished and can come in and contribute.

  • dominmatrix

    Alexander is the real deal. He’s like David Lee only he can create his own shot. If he’s there, I’d take him in a heartbeat. Nellie would play him as well.

  • petaluman

    Joe Alexander: http://www.draftexpress.com/profile/Joe-Alexander-1185/

    He’s quite intriguing, but definitely a project – only been playing since he was a junior in HS. There’s usually only a few players per year who clearly have NBA-level talent and NBA-ready skills.

    He shot 26.8% from behind the college arc last year. However, his game is rapidly developing. If he stayed in college another year and improved as much as he has this season, he could be a top 5 pick. On the other hand, if he’s pretty much reached his level, he’d only be a bit player in the NBA.

  • Niners in 2009

    The draft is on June 26th, Baron can’t be traded till afer June 30th, and sign and trades can’t happen till July.

  • kokopelli365

    This is actually a relatively strong draft. As the team is curently constructed the obvious need is a big that can contribute, somebody to go get the rock & be a low post threat on offense. Either DeAndre Jordan/Tx or Marreese Speights/Fla should be available at 14 and both have huge upside but could probably contribute immediately.
    Others available @ 14 could include Alexander/WV, Donte Greene/Syracuse or Darrell Arthur/KS. I think any of the 3 are potentially good picks.
    Of course Baron, Jax & Al aren’t going to be around very long so there is a need to develop at most positions so taking the ‘best player available’ makes sense. I’d consider it a blessing if someone like Russell Westbroook outta UCLA drops that far. A back-up point that can take over when Baron leaves would be nice.
    If it’s my pick, I’d take Speights or Jordan & play them at the 4 next to Andris. Add some rebounding, shot blocking & scoring from the 4 to Baron/Jax/Monta/Andris & you’ve got a nice unit in 2009. Harrington can be the 1st man off the bench(if they can’t trade him), throw Bellinelli & Wright into the mix & the W’s are pretty much set (other than a back-up point, D’OH!)

  • JSL

    Robin Lopez… he can play right away. Just backs up AB for 15 minutes a night with defense and rebounding. And on offence, dunk and finish!

    We won’t get a PF game changer that plays this year. No way – no how. We need a back up center and a back up point this off season.

  • Ewok

    Thanks Petaluman!

    I enjoyed that article about Joe Alexander!

    I think this guy can be had with a couple of trades and I really think he will fit with our fastbreak tempo because of his athleticsm and speed.

    His D is not bad either. I believe he can be a threat in the perimeter with fast jumpshots and ability to get to the rim, Watch his YouTube flicks.

    He may be a project but If you compare him with Pietrus, this guy seems to have more moves…

    Let’s see…

    Thanks again.

  • manhattanproj

    deandre jordan has bust written all over him. he’s another pob, definitely not dwight howard.

    alexander is a nice player at the 3 spot but he can’t really shoot. not explosive off the bounce. dont really have post moves. but he is a strong rebounder. he really doesnt look that athletic on the court. he doesnt have that wow-you athleticism. i rather have pietrus than alexander. basically, he wont help next year.

    i like robin lopez. he has a chance to last till 14.

    i also like chase budinger at 14. silky smooth player. good looking shot. questionable defense tho for the 3 spot. probably wont help next year.

    dj augustin may be another to check out.

  • Ewok

    More on Joe Alexander,

    If you guys would check his Youtube clip, You will see a variety of his post moves, He likes to go one on one and dunk on his guy, He blocks good, He has a good arch on his jump shot but that’s not his game and that’s not to say he can’t shoot, and he likes to go above the rim and rev the crowd.

    He does honey dip dunks! and more… Not that it mattered but it just shows how high this guy can fly… This guy operates in the paint 90 percent of the time, You can’t do that if you’re not athletic.

    To top it all, He likes to run!

    I think this guy is special.

    Again, I think this guy will have more impact than Pietrus who is shorter and older, not to mention his tendency to recover slow from injury.

    The good thing about it is that he can be had for a Trade.

    I like to get Joe Alexander. IMO

  • Niners in 2009

    this Joe Alexander hype is getting ridiculous.

  • robo

    With the 14th pick, the Golden State Warriors trade…

    • Baron Davis to the LA Lakers for Andrew Bynum, Lamar Odom, and Jordan Farmar. The W’s can then waive Odom so he can resign with LA; giving the Lakers the championship for the next 2-3 years. The new Showtime Lakers get Baron and the W’s get Bynum and Farmar.
    • The Warriors also trade Al Harrington to the Milwaukee Bucks for Yi Jianlian and Dan Gadzuric. The W’s can then waive Gadzuric so he can resign with Milwaukee. The Bucks get Al and the W’s get Yi.
    • And finally, the Golden State Warriors trade Bynum, Farmar, the trade exemption, and/or draft picks to Seattle for Kevin Durant.

    The W’s would start Ellis, Durant, Jackson, and Biedrins with Watson, Azubuike, Belinelli, Pietrus, Wright, Jianlian, and Perovic coming off the bench. Oh yeah, the point guard; take your pick: Chris Paul, Deron Williams, or Gilbert Arenas. They are all in the final years of their contracts. I’d make a run at Chris Paul and I’d throw max dollars to get him. So that’s Paul, Ellis, Durant, Jackson, and Biedrins.

  • Big Nate

    I am a huge Warrior and Mountaineers fan (dont ask how it happened I dont even know) Joe Alexander would fit really well in the warriors system. He is super athletic so I dont know what the guy that said he wasn’t explosive was talking about. He has a scar on his forehead from hitting it on the rim. I think if he went back to school for one more year the Mountaineers would be a serious threat in the tourney and the big east. He also would certainly be a top 10 pick next year. So I say why not snag him.

  • Cab

    It’s not a great draft at the top, but the one year freshman clause definitely helps around the 14 pick. There are some quality guys who played American college ball. The W’s have a lot of talent amongst our youth, what they are lacking is intensity, that’s why they get killed on the boards. Trading BD is not likely unless you can find a team giving up on another high paid, oft injured play-maker. All the pre-draft talk is about how the league is a point guard dominated league, and we have 2. W’s need consistency off the bench, so Al would be the best trade bait we can afford to lose. Mully will do a couple sign and trades, take a big, talented project, and try to work some magic. But don’t look to the Knicks for a deal, anyone Nelson would want, D’Antoni would want.

  • Why will Deandre Jordan not be available at the 14th pick. Many websites with linkes from NBA.com predict that. I say trade Baron, Jordan, and maybe Al Harrington for the number 2 pick. Patrick Riley would maybe go for that. Draft Derrick Rose and run.

  • shaq

    generally speaking there is nothing too great at 14 this year…yeah they might get lucky. i think that a roste with 3 or so projects is enough for anyone to handle yet alone nelson. i am sure they will come up with a reasonable point guard who can handle 15 or so minutes to give baron a break. the real find last year was stucky on detroit out of eastern washington. his grades didn’t allow him to get into any big time west coast school. no doubt in my mind if he played all year he would have been one of the top roy point getters…he is going to be outstanding.

  • JustPuked

    Can this Joe Alexander kid also rush the QB? The Niners could use an edge rusher…

  • haastheman

    I would love to see Elton Brand in a warrior jersey. That is if he’s healthy. I remember when the suns traded for McDyse after he hurt himself in denver and really didn’t get what they paid for. I like the idea of going for an impact now guy. What’s to say any of these project footers are any different then O’bryant. Can we really win with Biedrens and wright at the C and PF? I do see them possibly going after a point at 14. Baron won’t be around forever, if the season. Augustine, Chalmers, and Lawson should be available when we pick. Ultimately, i think we need to move some of the players we have now, before we start adding young ones.

  • Ewok


    Visit this Webpage and Watch the Tube.

    Judge for yourselves.

    My opinion, I will take this guy over Pietrus.

  • gerald

    I feel it funny that nbadraft.net and draftexpress has the warriors drafting 7 foot projects…Now how many of you think the Nelson will play a 7foot project? Anyone? Anyone? Yeah me neither, maybe Mcgee is the second coming, but not in this squad…Not with our coach…

  • Guys, who are we kidding? Mully and Nellie wouldn’t pull of a trade for D-Rose or get Deandre Jordan through the draft. I’m as big a warrior fan and dreamer as the next guy but lets bring this back to reality. I say the best case daft scenario is getting Darrell Arthur. We might pick up Joe Alexander, but he’s way overrated. Do you really think he will be a consistent NBA player? Maybe an energy/bench guy at best but not a game changer. We’ll probably end up with our usual gaurds plus a consistent backup in Darrell Arthur as our gaurds. Maybe we’ll sign a free agent or something, but it’ll be pretty much the same team as last year. Sorry to burst any bubbles. Don’t get me wrong, I hope Mully pulls off a ridiculous blockbuster trade, too.

  • Ewok

    My take with Joe Alexander is he is a good option rather than keeping Pietrus. Not only he is more physical and taller, He is more aggressive and more athletic. He fits the system.

    Pietrus wants the max. He is more expensive. He is a bit older now and more injury prone.

    Joe would be the better choice.

  • AJ

    With the 14th pick the Warriors select Brandon Rush. Nellie loves guys that can shoot. He won’t go for a project. He’ll go for a guy that can contribute NOW!

  • Niners in 2009

    his shooting is overrated, 43%FG in college.

    what Nellie really loves is guys who can play inside and out, and guard multiple positions. Like Bill Walker.

  • Holy Toledo

    Actually, “POB with more fire” would be a good player. The only thing that POB lacks is fire and a better head on his shoulders. He’s got skills.

    I like Speights, Love (even though he’s not a shot blocker, his passing is that good,) and would be cool with a veteran big as long as we don’t trade Wright. That’s assuming we won’t trade Monta or Dre for any reason.

    How the W’s frontoffice plans to handle the BD situation will determine if we should take a PG if a good one is still there by any chance, or in trade up scenarios, or in trade.

    At least, despite all the questions and fact we missed the playoffs despite 48 wins, we have talent to work with now. Some people seem to so easily forget how putrid everything Warriors was for soooooo long. It’s a process unless you’re lucky like some teams and have Duncan’s be there the year you happen to get hurt and tank it, winding up with the #1. The years the W’s got the #1 there wasn’t any Duncan there to clearly, no matter how stupid your GM is, take.

    And even though the fact is we did miss the playoffs, i would humbly like to point out to those bottom liners….that the Warriors shouldn’t be dissed for this. It was a rare season. And again, who really wanted to get swept or maybe win one, vs the Lakers?

    Losing at the end of the season could wind up being how we get a player we need instead of just missing him. If the W’s are not going to get lucky, you have to make all the right choices, both in the draft and with trades and signings. If BD stays healthy and we keep him, with Wright coming into his own this year only to improve more later, Monta and Dre….we could really go places soon, as some older teams will fall back, hopefully more than just a bit and for more than just a while. Sneaking into the playoffs to lose to the Lakers wasn’t worth it. It would have been had we not broken the drought the year before.

    One more solid to great pick, like i think getting Wright will prove to be, and Monta and Dre not breaking the bank so we can pay all these guys, and of course, keeping BD and him staying healthy….we’re getting there.

    My biggest concern right now is Memphis pushing Monta’s price up to way more than we’d otherwise have to pay him. Could really mess with who else we can sign, now and down the line. I’m hoping the best player available for them is a guard they just can’t pass up.

  • Man, if nellie had Dirk Nowitski back, Huh, wouldnt he like that.

  • jeff2

    how bout rewind to the beginning of this past season and trade Pietrus for miami’s 1st round?


  • Holy Toledo


    Good point. I wonder if that was really possible. I also think that if it was, it would have been lottery or top 5 protected.

    But then again, you’re right, i had forgot about that rumor, and Miami didn’t, nobody did, expect to have such an awful season.

    Man, if that was possible…..those are the kinds of trades that move you up the ladder.

  • Tyler

    The Warriors can draft a good player with the #14 pick, if Randolf or Love slides down that low that would be awsome, but I doubt that. It would be awsome if the warriors could somehow get Elton Brand, by trading the pick with Al, and Pietrus. I would like to see the warriors make a trade for a couple early second round picks. Maybe from Seattle, and Portland. In the second round the Warriors need to draft mature players who are ready to contribute, Joey Dorsey would be a perfect fit, and Jamont Gordon or JJ Hickinson would not be bad either. I think the Warriors are going to make a trade tomorrow night, I just hope they don’t screw up and give everything away for Rasheed.

  • darkknight01

    the 14th spot stinks and they should look to trade down. If they trade down a few spots then they can get Donte Green, Darrel Arthur, Hibbert,Kousas or R Lopez. You never maybe they can get a slick defender who is big and can shoot in B Rush. I like Hibbert because he is a presence in the middle and he can bang, grab boards, block shots and he has a decent offensive game. He can make free throws as well…and this team needs someone to rotate with Biedrins who will bang and make free throws…unlike what Biedrins does. Plus Hibbert has a long wingspan. Plus getting Hibbert would add flexibility to the Center spot and PF spots in regards to the rotation and trade opportunities. Kousas worries me….he seems soft on the defensive end.

  • darkknight01

    if B Rush is the best available overall on their board….then I say pick him. He is big, strong athletic shooting guard who can shoot and play defense!

  • darkknight01

    hate to say it because I like his play in college….but i think alexander is overrated.

  • BOB