Draft Prospects: PG Derrick Rose

Comparison: A young, health Baron Davis … Better yet, Monta Ellis with strength and true point guard skills

Strengths: Physically, this dude is amazing. at 6-foot-3, 190 pounds, he’s got good size for a one, but his athleticism makes him even bigger. He is strong, quick, fast and can jump. He’s going to be pound-for-pound among the best athletes in the league from the moment he’s drafted. Perhaps nearly as impressive as his physicality is his offensive intangibles. Stuff like body control, ability to shift gears on a dime, instincts to create, timely aggressiveness, competitive drive, ability to finish, willingness to pass, handles with both hands, can improvise with ball in his hands. He does the things you can’t teach. Most players with his build and level of talent have the shooting guard skills down, but need to learn how to play the point guard position. But Rose is a true point guard. He has vision, leadership, basketball IQ, the gamer mentality, the perfect temperment, sacrificial disposition, clutch, team-oriented.

Weakness: His outside shot needs work. He can stroke it some, but not with the consistency and fluidity that will force defenses to play up on him. If he ever gets that, he’ll be unstoppable. As it is now, he’s streaky. His mid-range game is hardly to the level of a Monta Ellis, and his range from NBA 3 is questionable.
He’s coachable, by all accounts, but he is raw. Only one year of college under his belt, he’s going to have growing pains. This is especially evident in a half-court setting. He’s pretty much feasting off of his natural ability, which works wonders in the open court. But the halfcourt game has a cerebral element that he doesn’t have the wisdom for yet. Running stuff like the pick and roll requires quick, smart decisions to be made. He’s no Chris Paul in that department yet. He is somewhat turnover prone because he gets out of control quite a bit. Also, he’s fairly quiet, which is not the best disposition for a point guard.

Fit with the Warriors: In short, he would be perfect. He is superb in transition, can create, physically imposing, and has a very strong skillset. Nellie, or whoever coaches the Warriors, would love a talent like this on the court. He could walk right into the Warriors current system and be effective. Best of all, he can defend. He is described by scouts as a “relentless defender” who takes advantage of his physical attributes on that end of the court. At the college level, he was somewhat of a lock down defender. Most important, he has been known to play hard on that end. And he has the size to defend shooting guards, which is also a prerequisite for playing PG with the Warriors. Plus, because of his size, he is a good rebounder. Guards must rebound in the Warriors’ system.

Chances of ending up a Warrior: No chance. His value is way too high. He’ll likely go No. 1, which means the Warriors would have to give up the farm to Chicago. Bye, bye Monta, Andris, the No. 14 pick and maybe Pietrus. Actually, the Bulls may not want either of those two players anyway, considering they have Kirk Hinrich and Ben Gordon, and Joakim Noah and Tyrus Thomas. Adding Monta and/or Andris would be redundant.
Now, if Chicago decides to take Michael Beasley. The Warriors, in the dreamiest of scenarios, could maybe put a deal together to send Baron to Miami. The Heat have to do something to make sure Wade stays with Miami when his opt-out clause comes up in two seasons. The best remedy for that is to win now. Maybe Wade might be convinced that a trio of Baron, Wade and Marion is the trio they need to compete with Boston’s big three, and that waiting for Rose to develop takes too long. Owner Mickey Arison can afford to pay the tax, so maybe he signs off on taking in another big salary.
But that’s just a dream.

Check out some of Derrick’s raw athleticism:

Marcus Thompson

  • I am surprised that YouTube clip could find any highlights of Rose against Southern Cal. The Trojans, and notably OJ Mayo who was covering Rose, totally shut him down.

  • commish

    Wait, why do you assume Chicago isn’t taking Beastly (pun intended)? If they do, then don’t we have a shot with Miami if for whatever reason(s) we decide to trade Baron. I can think of all kinds of trade scenarios with Miami that could land us Rose.

  • Marcus


    Because Rose is the perfect fit. They need to move one of their backcourt stars (Gordon or Hinrich) because together they will be to expensive. Making room for Beasley would require moving Noah or Thomas (if Beasley plays PF), or Deng (if Beasley plays SF). None of which are the best moves as the two big men are cheap and they really like Deng. It just makes more sense to move Hinrich or Gordon. Plus, Beasely is a Chicago native, he fits the style of play they want to achieve and he’s ready to be a factor right away.
    Of course, Chicago could take Beasley, but I think that would be a bad move.

  • commish

    Ok, makes sense, but I wouldn’t go so far as to call Gordon or especially Hinrich a “star” unless you were joking. Anyway, if that is the case, what about getting Beasley from Miami should Baron want to go “south”? However, as someone pointed out in something I was reading, would Nellie have really said he was so happily coming back with no high drama if Baron wasn’t going to be around. I kinda agree with that reasoning and think Baron will be back for at least one year.

  • Niners in 2009

    Lets spend more time of prospects we actually have a shot at getting.

  • JustPuked

    I know you’ll be a star in somebody else’s sky…

    Why the tease Marcus, why the tease…

  • Marcus

    Niners in 2009,

    C’mon. You don’t believe in miracles?
    Don’t worry. I’ll get there. We have a month.