Draft Prospects: C Brook Lopez

Comparison: The common one is Clippers center Chris Kaman. But he’s significantly more skilled and imposing down low. He’s more of a true center than Lopez will ever be. I see Brook as more of a Andrew Bogut type.

Strengths: Brook’s combination of size and skill makes him a potential NBA stud. He is a legitimate 7-footer, even bigger because of his super wingspan. As a you’d expect from a Stanford product, he has a good basketball IQ and solid fundamentals. He has enough athleticism to survive, perhaps even more than he gets credit for. He probably won’t be finishing alley-oops on fastbreaks, but he can run the floor, manuever inside and react sufficiently. His sheer size and understanding of the game offsets his athletic shortcomings. Brook has a nice touch and soft hands, which really shine when he has the ball in the paint. He can finish and pass. He also can score in the post. He has smooth low-post moves, a certain fluidity that comes with having a feel for the paint. He knows the intangibles of playing inside: how to establish position, how to use his strength to get where he wants, how to gain leverage against the post defender, understanding of how to take up space, the coordination to improvise on the fly. He also has a motor in him. plays hard on both ends, which is why he’s so productive. He’s an OK shot blocker, pretty good at protecting the basket from the weakside.

Weaknesses: He’s not as athletic as many NBA big men, not as athletic as his twin brother Robin. That will hurt him on the defensive end more than anything. He should be a better shotblocker based on his size and wingspan, but he’s just not quick enough nor can jump high enough to dominate at the rim. His so-so athleticism is a disadvantage on the boards, but athleticism is not a prerequisite for being a good rebounder. He should be averaging more than 8.6 per game. Not that good from the free throw line, considering his touch, but that can be worked on. Gets a little to psyched out sometimes and takes bad shots. Non way she should be shooting under 47 percent from the floor. The same motor and gung-ho approach that makes him productive sometimes has him doing too much. He’s got a nice postgame, but he’s going to have to expand it. He’s rather predictable on offense, so scouts won’t have a hard time figuring out how to contain him.

Fit With the Warriors: The Warriors certainly can use some of what Brook has. They need someone who can score with their back to the basket. He can. They need someone with some size who can be a presence in the middle. He can. They need a big man who can stick a mid-range jumper. He can. The only question is do you want him over Andris Biedrins? Do you need him enough to move up in the draft? Not to me.
Sure, Brook could be a nice back-up at first. But eventually, he’d either have to be a starter. He’s not athletic enough to play power forward for the Warriors, especially not as athletic as Brandan Wright, which means he has to play center. If he doesn’t eventually become a starter, he’d be considered a bust (you see what happened to PO’B). Plus the Warriors have a cheaper back-up center who has a similar game, perhaps even better, in Kosta Perovic.
If Brook does become the starter, where does that leave Biedrins? I’d prefer Biedrins’ hustle, rebounding knack and stellar field goal percentage. I would rather bank on Biedrins adding to his game what Brook has rather than waiting for Brook to add what Biedrins brings.

Chances of ending up a Warrior: Not as low as once expected. As perhaps the best big man in the draft, Brook was once considered a lock at No. 3. He still may go there, but now some are thinking that’s too high for him. His potential isn’t as high as some other players. NBADraft.net has him going to Charlotte at No. 9. Only three teams between No. 3 and 13 has a center as their biggest need: Minnesota, Memphis and New Jersey. If they go “best player available” there is reason to believe they could pass on Brook. If the Warriors really wanted him, and Minnesota or Memphis doesn’t take him, its feasible they could work a deal to move up to 9 or 10 and nab him.

Take a look at what they’d be getting in Brook:

Marcus Thompson

  • Holy Toledo

    Yep. Pass. Decent for another system, and like you say, we have Kosta as C insurance already.

    One thing about Biedrins game that i think Marcus gets but many don’t attibute to him, focusing on aspects of the game he doesn’t have, is his BBall instincts. I think the word hustle gets to that, but just thought i’d elaborate.

    Andris just has a way about him. There are guys who hustle and you can’t blame them for that at all, but they don’t hustle with as good results of their hustling as some, including Biedrins.

    Andris’ lowering blocks average is my only concern with him, but that could be part of Nelson’s strategy to keep him out of foul trouble, along with the monitored minutes. Dude just goes and goes when he’s in there, intelligently with great hands for a big dude, let alone any dude. And he improved his FT% to acceptable already. Could level off, could improve more.

    By the way, Sidney Moncrief, good job. There was noticable team wide FT% improvement when he started working with them. That’s kind of like hitting coach in baseball. tough to really make a noticable difference often, but if the personalities between coach and player mesh, they improve. Good hire, whoever spurred it.

  • JustPuked

    Holy Toledo is speaking the gospel. Biedrins is actually under rated. He rebounds with the best of them, bangs as good as he gets, has a motor that doesn’t quit, and finishes on the move as well as any wing. He still needs to develop a consistent post-up game and is prone to foul trouble when defending the post but Biedrins is a keeper.

    Who was this post about again?

  • James

    Biedrins is the first legit Warriors Center in a long, long time and he likes being at ‘Golden State’. If it ain’t broke …

  • Ewok

    Biedrins needs a complimenting partner. Someone who can play as a center on his own and one that could play power forward as well. Something like but doesnt have to be as exact as the twin tower concept with Ralph Sampson and Akeem Olajuwon.

    Brook Lopez is certainly NOT the answer.

  • zgreat

    I don’t think they should trade up to get him, but if he’s available when the Warriors pick, they probably will select him (unless someone like Alexander is still around). Another big who can score would give Nellie more options since he seems to prefer having four guys on the court who can score. At times, I’m certain we’d see AB slide over to PF with Brooke at center. While Brooke may not be the most athletic big, if there were a footrace between brooke and chris webber and as a handicap brooke had to run backwards, I don’t know who I’d bet on.

  • Ewok

    Guys check this website!


    Here’s another prospect. Another Jordan. Perhaps this guy could very well team up with Biedrins. He can run and is very physical complimenting Biedrins finnesse type of game.

    This guy would be a good back up for Brendan Wright.

    I think we’ll be set deep into the playoffs acquiring this guy because the talent level of the warriors is now legitimately deep with roles clearly assigned.

    What d’ya all think?

  • zgreat

    Ewok – I haven’t seen him play but I think Deandre Jordan is the guy we don’t want. I think a huge red flag is the fact that statistically he only appeared productive as a rebounder. Another red flag is that for some reason, he barely played the last five games.

  • Skip

    Sounds a lot like POB to me.

  • Forget Brook. Take Robbin. perfect back up to Andris, defensive, rebounding, athletic, garbage points, doesn’t try to do to much, good size, ready to play small minutes, perfect for Andris to get a breather, maybe actually developes offense, that Andris NEVER will. Plus its realistic we can get him at 14, why even talk about brook?

    What the w’s need to do is trade BD for Beasely, draft Robbin Lopez, and sign G. Arenas who never wanted to leave GS to begin with. He’s a better player anyways, actually makes free throws and has a consistant shoot. Leave the penetration to Ellis. We don’t have the Money to draft a free agent power forward anyways. Miami would love to have BD with WADE and Marion. it works for everyone, and we would have a seriously balanced team with very talented your developing squad.

    Arenas / whoever
    Ellis / Belinelli
    Jackson / Wright
    Harrington / Beasely
    Beidrins / Lopez

  • Ewok

    Thanks for the information Zgreat!

    This Youtube clips can be misleading because they only show the plus and not the minuses.

    Going back to Brook Lopez, He reminds of Mark Eaton of the Jazz back in the day. A one dimensional role player.

  • Richard Ewing

    I don’t know about this but scuddlebut has been going around that the Warriors might use their draft pick to lure Detroit to deal for Rasheed Wallace. I don’t know about you but I’m liking this rumor. As a matter of fact it would make sense. Detroit is all but dismantled now the Flip gone. The Warriors could benefit in many ways from this. 1. They need better defender off the boards not taking anything away from Andris, but they need more defensive stops. Sheedy could bring that for them. His presence in the paint would cut down the amount of slashers going to the hole. 2. This teams needs to be more aggressive defensively.

  • darkknight01

    the 14th spot stinks and they should look to trade down. If they trade down a few spots then they can get Donte Green, Darrel Arthur, Hibbert,Kousas or R Lopez. You never maybe they can get a slick defender who is big and can shoot in B Rush. I like Hibbert because he is a presence in the middle and he can bang, grab boards, block shots and he has a decent offensive game. He can make free throws as well…and this team needs someone to rotate with Biedrins who will bang and make free throws…unlike what Biedrins does. Plus Hibbert has a long wingspan. Plus getting Hibbert would add flexibility to the Center spot and PF spots in regards to the rotation and trade opportunities. Kousas worries me….he seems soft on the defensive end.

  • darkknight01

    everyone forgets though that this team needs to get better overall at the FT line….Biedrin can’t make key FT’s.

  • darkknight01

    if Johnson from LSU falls….then the W’s should take him in a heart beat.