It’s Randolph…

For once, the draft gods smile on the Warriors: Anthony Randolph, expected by many to be gone by the time Golden State drafted at 14, slipped through to the team with the worst lottery luck in NBA history.
It’s a pick that’s may not make much impact for next season — at 6-10 and 197 pounds, Randolph is in many ways a clone of Brandan Wright, and Wright earned only 376 minutes out of Don Nelson as a rookie last year — but adds another athletically gifted piece to the Warriors’ long-term plan.
Best line of the night so far comes from ESPN’s Jay Bilas: “(Randolph) makes Brandan Wright look like Mr. America.”

— Geoff

Geoff Lepper

Geoff Lepper has covered the Warriors since 2005 for the Oakland Tribune and Contra Costa Times. Before that, he covered baseball and college sports for the Marin Independent Journal.

  • Phil

    Great pick for the Warriors!! Randolph is thin like BWright, but he is a perimeter player with an all around game. He can put the ball on the floor and create his own shot and isn’t afraid to mix it up down low.. Awesome

  • frenemy

    i like to give mullie the benefit of the doubt but can someone please tell me how this fills any needs the warriors have? how did we let take this guy over hibbert or speights?

  • Marcus


    Remember, the Warriors are working with an thin bench here. MP2, Azubuike, Barnes, Croshere, POB are all free agents and may not be back. Even with them, the Warriors bench was thin.
    Randolph gives them more athleticism, a rebounder and shotblocker off the bench (which they didn’t have before) and options. Meanwhile, he gets time to develop while playing some.
    Hibbert is a straight stiff. He can’t play in the Warriors system, and drafting him would mean getting rid of Biedrins, and I like Biedrins better. Speights might’ve been nice, because he can score. But as far as value, Randolph was the better pick. He was a top-10 projected pick who slipped to 14. Speights wasn’t expected to go that high, so the Warriors would’ve been jumping up a bit to get him.
    Drafts are all about potential and value. No one on the board had more of either than Randolph

  • VegasBill

    This is a horrible pick for the dubs. Why not draft a local big in Robin Lopez. This kid can board up and block shots. This is what everyone is saying the Dubs are missing. Instead they get another Patrick O’bryant/Brandon Wright.

    Then in the second round another local big is staring the Dubs in the face and they let him go by. I trust Mullie but this draft is one of the worst I can remember. It may be as bad as Todd Fuller or or Ike Diougu.

    Did Gary St Jean take over again. God Help us if this is our future!!

  • haverecords


    Wasn’t BWright a shot blocker off the bench?

    Btw, I like the Randolph pick, and am not sure it is the BWright duplicate some think it is. From what I’ve seen, Randolph seems to have a decent set of skills from the outside to build on, and seems to play as a 3. I haven’t seen him play live, only footage, so I wonder if he’s quick enough to play the 3. If he is a 3/4 with a tendency toward the 3, his lack of strength wouldn’t be the problem it is for BWright, as he is (right now) primarily skilled on the inside–and needing to improve on that. Bwright does seem to have some perimeter skills, but they don’t seem to have been incorporated into his game yet. In any case, there seems a decent chance he can replace the likely loss of barnes and MP, at least in part, and would likely add some rebounding over then even now. We’ll see…

  • Warrior Worrier

    Did Nelson actually sign off on this pick? How long does he plan to keep coaching the W’s? Can they glue Wright and Randolph together and come up with one player Nelson will play? Mully must feel pretty secure his contract will be extended (one year left) to make a pick like this. Another raw, long, skinny kid with “lots of upside”. Good pick for the long haul, not so much for the here and now. Hendrix looks pretty good for a second rounder. He has the size, bulk, toughness and rebounding skills the W’s can use.
    Brook Lopez (Stanford) and Ryan Anderson (Cal) end up together at New Jersey. Interesting. Kind of like Trent Edwards and Marshawn Lynch ending up with the Buffalo Bills.

  • JustPuked

    Nellie can now incorporate the sea of arms defense! Beans, BWright and Randolph.

  • darkknight01

    Warriors made up for it by picking a banger like Hendrix in round 2. Good picks by Warriors.

    Wright and Randolph will be a nice in 3 years! Just because someone is skinny doesn’t mean they can’t play and cause matchup problems. Good pick by the Warriors. Lopez doesn’t have offensive game and doesn’t have as high of a ceiling than Randolph.

  • Jaysohn

    Do we remember how thin KG was and still is when he came into the league?? How big was Bosh? How about Kevin Durant? Its about skill. Youth can always put on weight and get stronger. How many unskilled bigs with size turn out to be garbage? The Warriors are in need of a dynamic frontcourt player. To get those sometimes you have to take a risk. At 14 this was a very good risk to take.

  • goingforthemoney.com

    As I’ve said in the past the W’s will have to do something in the free agent market or via a trade. The question is do they have the balls to do it. From the standpoint of the draft outside of Beasley and Rose who will clearly help their teams, the rest is a crap shoot. The W’s most certainly got a gifted player in Randolph inspite of his slight build. One thing for sure is you won’t have to worry about building his confidence or hoping that he’s got game. He comes with that for sure. Besides it not about one player it’s about reworking your roster to compete against the elites and that is not going to happen with the current roster in tack. So here’s hoping for a boston make over for the W’s.