Wish They Could’ve Gotten CDR

I was hoping Chris Douglas-Roberts was going to fall to the Warriors. Dropping to 49 was way too for to realistically expect, but I was hoping the Warriors would trade up to nab him. He would be perfect for the Warriors. Highly skilled offensively, perfect in the uptempo system, ready to play now. He would’ve been a super steal in the second round.

Marcus Thompson

  • Oregonwarriorfan

    I admit I was pretty down at the Warriors drafting another too young player with no chance to contribute during Nelson’s farewell year or even for 2 or three more years. I would have been ecstatic had the Warriors acquired CDR, one of my favorite players in the entire draft and a probable immediate contributor. However, their second round pick had me jumping around the house. Once again they have saved themselves by getting sloppy-lucky in the second round. Richard Hendrix is just what they need. A POWERFUL (unlike Randolph) power forward who can run the court, has a high basketball I.Q., rebounds, scores inside and does the dirty work. Don’t be concerned at him being only 6’8″, he has a 7’3″ wingspan. Just the kind of guy to bring off the bench to play against Utah, etc. And just the kind of guy to get playing time from Nellie next year. Another 2nd round steal, say halleluia!

  • Warrior Worrier

    Maybe the W’s should have traded their 14th pick for two second rounders! We seem to make better choices wih the 2nd round picks.

  • EJ

    i was pretty sure we were going to draft a wing with one of the picks, but went big with both. does this now mean barnes and pietrus are back next year? as it is, our only option at the 3 is jack and maybe sometimes harrington. i’m still not convinced that the warriors are going to keep randolph. i can see him being dealt by next wednesday. i love the hendrix pick though. i hope he makes the team.

  • darkknight01

    Warriors made up for it by picking a banger like Hendrix in round 2. Hendrix will make the team I think. Good picks by Warriors.

    Wright and Randolph will be a nice in 3 years! Just because someone is skinny doesn’t mean they can’t play and cause matchup problems. Good pick by the Warriors. Lopez doesn’t have offensive game and doesn’t have as high of a ceiling than Randolph.

  • haastheman

    CDR could turn into nick anderson post missed free throws in the finals. Who knows what blowing the national championship game because you couldn’t hit two free throws can do for the physcy of gaurd. A big man, not too much, but a gaurd.

    I think we had a good draft. I can see the warrior line-up in two years with Monta, Randolph, Wright, Biedrens, (or BEATERS as i like to call him) and a point guard to be named later. EXPLOSIVE!!

    I just hope the warriors don’t turn into the NBA’s Athletics.

  • Niners in 2009


    bpa at #14, and a Milsap/Bass neutralizer in round 2, nice work.

    CDR was my guy. I agree he’s a perfect fit here, he played in a guard favored system similar to ours there’s alot isolation offense, beating your man 1 on 1. CDR said he’s NEVER lost a 1on1 game in his life. Perfect fit here, its too bad. I would trade AL to NJ for Stromile and draft rights to CDR, I like him that much.

  • Roy

    I think everyone has a player that they want the warriors to pick. I am more interested in the concept of selecting a player. Picks that were done out of necessaty and bad picks were Foyle and Fuller, when McGrady and Kobe Bryant were sitting on the board.

    This pick seems like another Wright, but the concept was to play, Andris, Brandon, and Anthony together. Imagine 3 tall guys who can run, good hands, pass and tall guys for rebounds. Yes, they need some bulk, but every other team is thin and tall too.

    I think the 2nd round pick is the type of guy the warriors need. He brings the bulk and if Kosta and grow and provide that big body, that would be great, or we can trade for one.

    Now, lets talk about Patrick O’Bryant pick, he was a project and didn’t have any special skills. He wasn’t atheletic, didn’t have any moves, or potential like Wright and Randolph. So now the mindset for the warriors is better. Get atheletes and play them.

    At times you could have, Andris, Brandon, Anthony, Stephen, and Baron playing, and all of them are tall. They are a tall running team. Even Monta can play with that group and are just as exciting. You have Bellinelli, Kosta, Al, Kelenna coming off the bench. I am not sure what Henrix will do, but if he is Millsap, then another piece off the bench. That is a good team, exciting.

    I like the concept the warriors have going.

  • Ewok

    Randolph resembles the young Chris Webber (finess) although Im not saying he will have the same impact, Hendrix resembles the young Zo Mourning (physical. Again, I’m not saying these two would have the same impact with the comparisons. Just resemblances… But who knows?

  • bballer

    Trade or free agency is the way to go. Chris Duhon is not appreciated in Chicago so the Ws should try and go for him.

  • Star B

    For some reason, CDR reminds me a bit of SJax because of the quirky game with more hops. I think CDR can iso and create shots in similar way that would fit the system as well.

    I like AR pick because of value but Speights looks like a legt PF with a jump shot who could help now but can’t argue with it if BW pans out as Bosh. Wish they would just pay for some of those picks and/or trade their 2009 2nd rounders for Chalmers/Walker/CDR or even flyer on D. Jordan… Just seemed like a deep draft compared to many previous ones.