Should Warriors Go Back-Up Point?

Jerryd Bayless, at this point, is still available. So is Mario Chalmers. With Monta’s struggles at PG and Baron’s injury history and possible departure, should the Warriors go for a floor general?
I say no. Back-up point guards are a dime a dozen.
Eddie House was the back-up PG for the defending champion Celtics. Lindsay Hunter does it for Detroit. Jacque Vaughn for the Spurs.
Sure, those are better teams, but it shows that there are plenty options out there. Maybe they can pick up one in the second round or sign one with the midlevel. But a lottery pick needs to be a baller, someone you expect to be really good at some point. You don’t waste lottery picks on back-ups.

Marcus Thompson

  • Warrior Worrier

    Monta and even Marco need to work on developing PG skills. What if Baron or even CJ Watson (or his replacement) get injured? It’s not always that easy to sign a new PG and just plug him into a new team right away. Remember THud? Ugh!

  • haastheman

    Excellent point. The first round of the draft is not the place to look for your back up point, especially not the lottery. I kinda like duhon, although he isn’t the fastest point out there he is very stable, which is what we need from a back-up.