Summer League roster



Louis Amundson G 6-9 225 12/7/82 UNLV 2
18 Marco Belinelli G 6-5 192 3/25/86 Italy 1
11 Dion Dowell G/F 6-7 205 6/11/85 Houston R
35 Richard Hendrix F 6-9 255 11/15/86 Alabama R
31 Robert Kurz F 6-9 232 3/5/85 Notre Dame R
12 Reggie Larry F 6-6 225 10/20/86 Boise State R
28 Jamaal Moore G/F 6-6 195 7/6/83 Rice R
25 Anthony Morrow G 6-5 210 9/27/85 Georgia Tech R
21 DeMarcus Nelson G 6-4 200 11/2/85 Duke R
4 Anthony Randolph F 6-10 205 7/15/89 LSU R
10 Mykal Riley F 6-6 185 7/14/85 Alabama R
33 Tamar Slay G/F 6-8 215 4/2/80 Marshall 3
23 C.J. Watson G 6-2 175 4/17/84 Tennessee 1
32 Brandan Wright F 6-9 205 10/5/87 North Carolina 1
6 Ian Young G 6-3 200 9/27/81 Auburn R
Coach Keith Smart
*Roster subject to change

I’m looking forward to seeing Brandan Wright the most. Of all these guys, he’s the most important for next season. Mostly, I just want to see an heir of confidence (err … air of confidence … thanks to Chris Gatling’s Headband!), obvious comfortability. Last year, Wright was able to contribute though playing like a shaky rookie. If the nerves are gone and that kind of smoothness and composure that comes with knowing you belong on the court, he should be pretty good. I want to see if he’s worked on his post game, maybe developed a go-to move of sorts.
The next player I really want to see is C.J. Watson (surprised I didn’t say Randolph or Belinelli?). I really have a feeling Watson can be the backup point guard. He has the tools, he can score and he’s cheap and hungry. Like Wright, he needs to have shaken that rookie uncertainty. If he’s playing like he knows he belongs, if he’s dominating in summer league, then I say ride with him and use those resources elsewhere.

Marcus Thompson

  • Chris Gatling’s headband

    Interesting to hear your optimism on Watson. Sounds good.

    BTW, it’s “air of confidence” not “heir of confidence.”

  • manhattanproj

    i like to see demarcus nelson. he’s a pretty good defender and rebounder for his size. he hustles, the type of player that brian cardinal and matt barnes were. and he plays hard all the time. w’s need someone like him. he could bring the ball up here and there.

  • sfhand

    Looks like they’re gonna play without a 5…

  • commish

    To say the least, we’ve been lucky with D League and unsigned players so I’m hoping we can fill one or even more roster spots with some untapped talent. I was thinking of D Nelson as well. At least Nellie might like the name.

    As Sfhand said, where’s the beef (the 5)? Have you heard anything about whether Kosta is heading for Europe? Are you worried? I was wondering if we should be trying to sign Okafor if Brand, then Smith and Iggy aren’t available. I see him more of a Plan C than Cory M.

  • bballlover

    i have heard great things about this ian young guy. He has the same agent as baron davis. Keith smart was very high on this kid during there mini camp. Maybe the next back up point gaurd?

  • petaluman

    Kosta is with the Serbian National Team, preparing for the Olympics. He recently made it clear that his goal is still to be an NBA player.

  • petaluman

    I am curious what they plan to do without a center, though. Think we might see Hendrix, Randolph, and Wright all playing at the same time?

  • Q

    Sign Maggette!! I wanna see Randolph play

  • manhattanproj

    it’s the summer league. center or not, it doesn’t make a difference. it’s not very organized in the summer ball, so hendrix and wright can play down low without problems. it’s probably better to play the young guys and see what they can do rather than having a 7-foot stiff on the roster.

  • commish

    “rather than having a 7-foot stiff on the roster”.

    Hey, POB ain’t around no more.

  • manhattanproj

    pob is actually a decently skilled player. he just doesnt have much fire in him. that’s why he hasnt played well. you can’t be relatively successful in the league without some competitiveness in you.

    i like to see w’s go after josh mcroberts if he doesnt make the pacers.

  • petaluman

    It’s true that, like most leagues that are put together this fast, the games tend to be guard-centric. It never hurts for our players to get game-time experience with each other. I’m perfectly fine with Kosta playing in the Olympics, especially since he’s not likely to get heavy minutes for us next year.

    It would have been fun to see him with the new guys, though. However, Randolph and Wright lack the bulk to effectively defend the center position, and Hendrix is a little short at under 6’8″ in shoes. He’s got the strength, weight, and reach, however, and will probably be the 5 on defense, at least.

  • Star B

    Nelson could turn into a good find, don’t you think? CJ is a really good shooter, but I don’t think I saw him run a pick and roll at all. Then again Nellie oddly had him play with BD and of course BD wanted the ball so CJ became more of a forgotten shooter mostly and I never got the sense of whether he can run the team or not.