Philly Wants Beans

According to the Philadelphia Inquirer, the 76ers have Andris Biedrins on their radar. That got me to thinking about who I would want from Philly.
Provided they aren’t parting with Andre Iguodala, there is one players who I might be willing to let Beans go for: Andre Miller.
It may match straight up, depending on how Biedrins’ contract is restructured. But Miller is perfect. He can play both guard positions, and is big enough to defend two guards – which means Monta can play shooting guard on offense and defend the point guard on defense. Miller is a proven baller, so he brings experience and an ability to dominate.
The Warriors would have to sign Miller to an extension, as this is his last year, but I’d look seriously into that. Miller is a great option to replace Baron. And with Biedrins’ cap hold gone, the Warriors will still have money to spend on a big man (someone like Marcus Camby) and Corey Maggette.

Marcus Thompson