Save Your Money

I’ve been thinking – a big mistake, some of you would say – about what the Warriors’ should do. The more I think about it, the more I say stand pat. Instead of throwing huge money at these second-rate stars (assuming Brand passes on the Warriors’ offer – he’s not second-rate), I say hold that cap space until 2010.
How can they do that? Instead of giving long-term deals, sign free agents to two-year deals. It may cost more than if they were to offer a five-year deal, but I’d pay a bit more to save my cap space. See if Corey Maggette wants a two-year deal for $16-20 million, which is way more than anyone else can pay (he may want a shorter deal, so he can be available when more teams can pay him). The Warriors could also trade for a guy with a couple years left on his contract – like Detroit’s Jason Maxiell, Denver’s Marcus Camby, Miami’s Udonis Haslem, Milwaukee’s Charlie Villanueva, Joel Przybilla (he has a player option for 2010-11) – and be in position to make a play for the jackpot in the summer of 2010.
The Warriors could even go for an expensive expiring contract such as the Lakers’ Lamar Odom or Miami’s Shawn Marion or Detroit’s Rasheed Wallace, and let them walk as free agents next summer if it doesn’t work out (hey, Boozer and Kobe could be available!).
At this point, the Warriors best hope of winning a championship is landing one of the horses who COULD become available in 2010. Check out this list of potential free agents:

LeBron James, D-Wade, Chris Bosh, Amare Stoudemire, Dirk Nowitzki, Joe Johnson, Tracy McGrady, Steve Nash (could opt out in ’09), Manu Ginobili, Carlos Boozer (possibly), Michael Redd (player option), Tyson Chandler (player option), Josh Howard (team option), Larry Hughes, Danny Granger (if he doesn’t get extension) and Andrew Bogut (if he doesn’t get an extension).

Sure, most of these guys will re-up with current teams, which can pay them the most money. Sure, some of these guys will opt for teams one piece away from being a serious contender, even if it means taking less money. A few of these players will be signed and traded to the big spenders of this league (Lakers, Knicks, Mavericks, Blazers, Nuggets, Celtics). But since the Warriors are in this position, they may as well be players if and when that time comes.
That would be better than locking up all their money now, then sitting on the sidelines while the league’s elite play musical chairs.

Marcus Thompson

  • brett

    heck yes! except maggette should not make that much money cuz he aint that good.

  • Niners in 2009

    We could sign one big FA this summer(like Iggy or Josh Smith), re-sign Monta/Biedrins and STILL have a ton of capspace for 2010. We’ll have 3 big contracts(roughly $35M) and a bunch of guys on rookie deals. If we can’t land Iggy or JSmith.. going your route wouldn’t be a bad idea.

  • Dig

    I don’t agree with this strategy. This year Warriors are one of about two to three other teams with cap room to sign an impact player. In 2010 a lot of teams will likely be under the cap, since that is what many teams have been planning for like the Knicks and NJ. As we have seen being turned down by Arenas and still may be turned down by Brand, landing a premiere free agent will be extremely difficult. I wouldn’t put all my eggs in the basket with so many other teams. I’d be looking to land Brand, Josh Smith, or Iggy this year.

  • Star B

    Gonna miss Lepper.

  • Star B

    I agree though, I don’t see Iggy and JSmith as franchise players that leads you through playoffs. Besides, we have those types of guys and AR and BW can end up better than those guys. We’re just going to be borderline team again while most of our players learn to play. Brand is worth it as you say, but we need to take the Billy Beane or the Celts approach, either championship or rebuild, no in between.

  • Andrew

    what happened to Lepper?

  • commish

    Is Geoff gone? What happened?

    Marcus, I don’t agree with your strategy for the reason you already stated: none of those guys are coming to Oaktown. They are either going to resign with their teams or go to star franchises like LA or Boston or teams with serious NBA Championship potenital the season after next. The Dubs just don’t have a chance of getting a big time player with other teams under the cap or like a NY which doesn’t care if it is over the cap.

    Strike while the fire is hot and offer max deals to at least Smith and Iggy. Also, right now, most teams can only offer Magette the MLE so I would never offer him anywhere near $10M even for two years. Jax and Harrington, if they haven’t been traded, will come off the books in two years and that’s $16-17M we’ll have in 2010 to offer an impact player by the time Beans, Wright, Monta, and “Slim” are maturing into their young prime. Then we might be a team where a star player might want to come.

  • nevin420

    TRIPPIN’! Marcus? What are you talking about. You want to save money so that we can get turned down by all the players that will be available in a couple years? Why would any of the players mentioned want to come here. There will be plenty of teams that will be bidding for them and if you hadn’t noticed, this isn’t a hotbed for landing good FA’s. Think about it…or better yet, DON’T!

  • jaysohn

    Are you serious??? 3 franchise players, Wade , LeBron, Kobe and two maybes in Bosh and Stoudamire??? Do you really think any of those guys are coming to the Warriors when they are already in better situations with teams that will likely tie them up long term. Your willing to waste a year on some far fetched dreaming? Thats what uninformed fans do who dream of being able to trade Harrington for Beasley or McGrady or some other fantasy. I know you like to sometimes stir things up for debate but come on now this cannot be a legitimate strategy your putting forward.

  • George

    The future is now!!!

  • s1illafan

    I luv it. In the meantime, our team will continue to gather some more lottery talent while we give the young talent the playing time needed to develop suficiently for solid trade value. Then trade some of our young talent for an established star and Bingo, the W’s are a desirable location for James or Kobe.

  • darkknight01

    I think the W’s should go after Ben Gordon….I think him and Monte teaming in the backcourt would be nice. Gordon can play some defense and shoot and is still young, but has valuable experience and I think he has not peaked yet.