Save Your Money II

Just responding to the comments from “Save Your Money” post. I started to write this as a comment, but it got too long. …

Many of you all (Dig, commish, Nevin420) are missing my point. Obviously, I think it is a long shot to get a super baller in 2010. But I’d rather save my money for then and go for that longshot than putting my eggs in this year’s basket. Because spending big on this year’s remaining crop is more of a long shot than landing Chris Bosh in 2010, in terms of striving to win a championship.
Here’s what you’re missing: the Warriors NEED a carry-the-team-on-my-back player. There were arguably only three this offseason (Gil, Baron, Brand) and the Warriors are walking away with none of them. Who else can the Warriors get this year that can be that type of player? Josh Smith? Andre Iguodala? Luol Deng? Emeka Okafor?
Please. None of them are at that level. Andre is the closest, but I like Monta’s chances at becoming that kind of player better. But that won’t happen for a couple years. If it does, you’ll have a chance at adding another great, great player alongside Monta.
Handing out max deals, or close-to-max deals this year is super risky. The best players left are restricted free agents. The problem with restricted free agency is you have to overpay to get their teams to not match. So you’re willing to pay a max deal to Josh Smith, who’s not even the best player on his team?
Have you thought about how Monta might feel about that, considering he’s probably going to be better than anybody left in this summer’s class? If you give Josh $90 million and he comes to the Warriors, now how much do you have to give Monta, who has been given the keys to the franchise? You can only offer a max deal to someone unquestionably better than Monta or you’re going to have problems signing Monta. If you start Josh off at $15 or $16 million, better believe Monta’s going to want somewhere close to that, and Biedrins won’t be too far behind. You’re looking at some $40 million on three dudes who won’t get you close to a title for four years, if ever (and that’s not including Jax and Al, which is about $18 million more, nor the last three first-round draft picks, or that PG you have to get, etc.). After two years, that $40 million grows to about $50 million, which is most of the cap on three players. There goes you’re room to be a player in the 2010 free agent market.
There is NOBODY left this year who can replace Baron as the experienced locker room presence, the dominant player who makes everyone better, the crunch-time performer, the playoff-tested leader. That guy is not available until 2010. So why pay that kind of money now?
Think about it, many of you wouldn’t pay Baron the $65 million he got from the Clippers. Now you want to pay Josh Smith $70! Sure, Baron is a serious health risk. But Josh Smith could play 48 minutes for 82 games and never be as dominant as Baron.
I’m talking about winning a championship. That means you have to build a team better than the Lakers, San Antonio, Boston, Cleveland, Detroit, New Orleans and Orlando – all of whom are serious contenders for the title or a piece away. Check out the best player on each of their teams: Kobe, Duncan, Garnett, LeBron, Billups, Paul, Howard. You want to counter that with … Josh Smith? Iguodala? Emeka Okafor? Some of these teams’ second-best players are much better than that (Gasol, Pierce, Hamilton/Rasheed, David West)!
There is no one left in this free agent class that will lead this franchise to championship. Therefore, I wouldn’t pay huge money. I’d get enough to stay competitive now, give the youngsters some experience at a high level. I’d get Maggette, trade for a Camby or Haslem or Odom or Marion, find a solid back-up PG and bide my time until 2010, when the proven elite ballers may be available.
(On a side note, you’re going to have to give Maggette more money than the midlevel. If he’s taking the midlevel, which is expected to be about $5.8 million, it will be with San Antonio or Detroit or Boston, teams in contention for something. So you have to give him more, like $7 or $8 million to make him choose the Warriors. Then you’re going to have to sweeten the deal even more to get him to take just a two-year deal. That puts it at like $9 or $10. That is not too much for what you’re asking from him. That’s a couple mil more than what he made last year. That’s what you’re paying Harrington now.)
If I walk away empty handed in 2010, so be it. But at least I tried – instead of acting like I tried by overpaying for good players with potential.

Marcus Thompson

  • Vahe12

    I like your Idea but I really dont understand why NBA players don’t like to come to the Bay Area. Its one of the best crowds in the NBA, its a great city and the owner is willing to pay. Im really tired of this, were always on the loosing end and I seriously wish someone would do something so that we can be competitive year after year like the Spurs and lakers. And by all means if it takes another 2 years of loosing to get a free agent of the caliber your talking about then lets wait. But lets be a little realistic also, who do you think would want to come and play for Golden State when the west is so competitive?

  • Your forgetting one thing in regard to saving money. Must trade Capt jack for an expiring contract, or better yet, young talent or 1st round locked draft pick. Try looking in the mirror and tell yourself he’s going to be happy playing with the current squad. Really.

    Part 2 was better explained, but the idea is still bogus.

    Didn’t the W’s lead the league in attendence? This is the way to pay back the fans? huh…..just wait 2 more years. As if the last 2.5 years have been a time of milk and honey? get real. One playoff birth and back to rebuilding again. I bet Nellie spends half the seanon in Hawaii with “health issues”, mental health issues.

    Who wants my season tix?

  • Brian

    Awesome. Exactly my sentiments. The only 3 FA’s that are worth big money are Arenas and Brand and they too have question marks about health. Josh Smith is not worth the max but he’s a good player.

    I don’t want to give long term deals to mediocre players.

    Here’s hoping they pony up big money to Montae and Biderens.

  • Tim1234


    Marcus, if the Plan was to build for 2010 than why hire Nellie? Nellie only has a few more years at most. He deserves a team that can go for the ring. Trading JR semed dumb at the time. But if the TE had been used to bag Artest-OK call it even. But nada for JR and now Baron walks. Why hire Nellie to watch a lottery team? Montgomery or insert anyone could sit on the bench and watch just as well. Nellie is being wasted. I see no plan, just bad management, and a poorly run franchise. Blame the owner, or Mullin but not Nellie, Baron or the fans.

  • EJ

    totally off topic, but i just love how some people were saying “i’m glad baron is gone. he’s primadonna and a diva”. now the franchise is on the verge of rebuilding it’s entire team. just thought that was amusing.

  • We_Are_the_Littles

    I’ll take your season tix.

    !!! GO WARRIORS !!!

  • Mark

    I like the idea in general, but won’t the contracts of our other young talent (BW, Belinelli, Randolph, etc.) start turning over by then? We’ll be right back where we are today — discussing whether to re-sign our young guys that we’ve developed or go big on free agents.

    I agree with not paying A+ salaries for B+ players, but this is exactly the thinking that has us drafting 7-15 every year… just good enough to get by, but not getting impact guys in the draft and never making serious noise in the playoffs.

    Round and round we go.

    “Look kids, there’s Big Ben! Parliament!”
    – Clark Griswold

  • Mom

    All this coming from a guy that thought Troy Murphy was going to be a better option than Biedrins. Please. No one should trust your abilities to evaluate talent.

    Josh Smith IS that kind of player that can anchor the defense, help on the boards, and attack the rim with ferocious dunks. He’s only 22 and has DPOY written all over him! Stick him on our run-n-gun team and watch him soar. Quit living in the present (our immediate future is not bright no matter what we do) and venture out into the future. Josh Smith is as great as any free agent you might hope to find 2 years from now, because we’re not likely to get the big fish then with all teams clearing space for the same pool of talent.

    BTW, the Max offer for Smith, Iguodala is around $14.5m to start or 25% of the cap. We won’t have to offer $16m to get him.

  • Jon


    Using the term “max deal” so loosely is pretty careless. The max starting salary for Josh Smith, with 4 years in the L, is around $13M.
    The max starting salary for Brand is around $17M.

    Throw in 8% raises over 5 years and the difference becomes more substantial.

    Furthermore, the need for a “carry your back” player exists for teams trying to go to the finals. There’s no scenario where that’s happening in GS.

    Your conclusion that anything less than such a player isn’t accurate. This is a team that’s geared for the future, so adding another young piece (Iggy, Smith, etc) isn’t a bad thing at all-particularly when they aren’t going to cost the same as the Brands and Arenas types.

    Now, none of those guys are coming here thanks to restricted free agency, but even if we were to secure a very good role player like Josh Childress at a reasonable rate (roughly $7-8M annually), I’d consider our cap space well-spent.

  • Guero

    I keep hearing how great this cap room is, and to wait until 2010 to sign a real big free agent. Problem is, unless you can either pull off a sign and trade, or find a player who really wants to leave, how many will leave their “home” team when that team can give them more $ and more years. I know BD just happened, but for every example of that, there are more Gilbert’s who will sign wherever the big $ is, and that is with the home team. Its a pipe dream to think we are going to sign D Wade, Boozer, Lebron or Kobe. Come on, get real

  • JR

    I agree that there are no quick fixes left on the FA market. I think our best option this year is to improve via trade. Chauncey Billups, anyone?? The extra salary cap room gives the dubs all kinds of flexibility via trade. I think we need to bide our time for a few weeks, then reload when other teams start getting antsy and try to shake their rosters up. Mullie has a good relationship with the new guy in NY, maybe he could get Crawford on the cheap for a lil bit of salary cap relief?? These are the types of options I think we’ll be pursuing this off season. This is the first time in quiet a while that I can remember the W’s having the flexibility to be such major players in the off season. Thanks to Baron (or no thanks depending on your P.O.V.)

  • darkknight01

    i think the W’s should go after Ben Gordon….I think him and Monte teaming in the backcourt would be nice. Gordon can play some defense and shoot and is still young, but has valuable experience and I think he has not peaked yet.

  • EJ


    You sound as if the Warriors were actually going anywhere with the roster they had. Baron was good, but he wasn’t going to bring a title to Oakland by himself. And it would’ve been near impossible to get him the help down low to accomplish that while keep Monta and Andris. Everyone whos been up on where the Warriors were going knows this was going to be a transition year. Nellie isn’t coaching after this year. I don’t think the Warriors ever had any intention of re-signing Baron. The plan was probably to hope he wouldn’t opt out of 17mil.

    There are things that we’ve all should’ve learned from this past season:
    Matt Barnes can’t play “out his mind” basketball for an entire year, neither can Pietrus during a contract year. Harrington isn’t the right guy at the 4 for Nellie’s system. Baron can’t play 82, just about 70 (he played 82, but was gased the last couple weeks). Wright, Randolph and Belinelli now have the opportunity to grow, along with Monta and Andris, to be the new faces of the franchise.

    That “We Believe” team was gone when JRich left and I think a lot of “true” Warrior fans are still hanging on to that. We need to just let it go, ya’ll. That was probably a once in a lifetime stretch of insane energy at the Oracle, and I feel lucky that it happened here in the Bay.

    It isn’t like we’re rebuilding from scratch with a bunch of old guys on their way out. There’s youth and skill on the squad we have and I see no problem with saving our cap space while the future of Warriors basketball gets their feet wet this year.

  • I do agree with you Marcus, but I do think they need to make it a priority to pick up a solid starting point guard. All the names have been mentioned (Hinrich, Crawford, Critteton (sp?), etc) but we must get one of them. We will be in serious trouble if Monta, CJ watson, and Marco are our only ball handlers going into the year.

    I absolutley agree about not paying big for any of these free agents, including Brand. At best, these guys are #2 or #3 players on championship contending teams. We need to keep our budget low until we get a chance to grab a #1, whether it be through the draft, trade, or FA. By throwing money at these guys we are right back to the JRich, Dunleavy and Murphy era. A team with average to good players, no hope of making the playoffs and in complete cap hell. I’ll take young, up and coming, and cap room over that any day!

    One more thing I just thought of. Who was the last player to change teams via Free Agency and lead their team to a championship, or even a solid run in the playoffs?? The big three in Boston was put together by trades. Shaq was traded to Miami. Steve Nash was a Free Agent, but that is the only one and they never made it to championship. Think of Grant Hill, McGrady, Rashard Lewis and they are all free agent busts. (all with Orlando too, but that is beside the point)

    So, focus on trades and the draft and leave paying the big money to the suckers!

  • petaluman

    The Warriors were actually 6th in attendance last year. The bad news: we were 21st in revenue and operating income. It’s not just the owner who’s not spending…

  • marcus

    I was wrong. I am a complete moron.

  • Aaron

    Really excellent points Marcus, and I couldn’t agree more. If the goal is to win a championship you don’t get stuck doing things like the Wizards have done this year, and that’s pay your “stars” to stay just because you’re too terrified of life without them. More than any other sport the NBA is a dynasty league, which points to the fact that the team with the best player or players almost always wins. If you’re going to win a championship you have to get one of those 4-5 guys in every generation who possess that rare blend of physical, mental, and emotional skills.

    I just want to add two other points about laying low and saving cap space:

    1. If nothing else it means there are no roadblocks in front of the youngsters preventing them from getting any meaningful minutes. Barring a miracle this is not a playoff team and if the coaching staff and organization is smart they will use that as a positive factor in the development of Wright, Belinelli, Randolph, etc. In a sense these guys all get the opportunity to learn without an overwhelming fear of mistakes because they don’t have much to lose. There is a danger that a lack of contention will breed apathy, especially among veterans, but as long as Nellie can maintain order I think this could be positive long term.

    2. You’ve got to think that every year that Cohan’s Warriors can throw out a cheap and entertaining team, well below the salary cap, it will make Mullin’s job that much easier when he wants to sell Cohan on spending over the cap when the time comes to go for a championship. Mullin also builds his reputation as a guy who is not willing to spend on less than a championship, something easier said than done in professional sports. Maybe I am naive, but I think Cohan will have to listen when Mullin comes to him in a couple of years and says, “I’ve saved you X amount of dollars by keeping all this cap space, and you know I don’t spend just to spend, but I think we can get there now and this is money we’ve got to spend.”

  • Ewok

    I thought 2008-09 is the year.

    It aint so.

    There’s no use crying over a spilled glass of milk (BDavis).

    I don’t like the way they handled BDavis situation, by I just want to assume that they saw things in Baron we didn’t. I suspect It’s his medical reports about his knees…

    So, there’s just three things I want for the team…

    Assuming the retention of Beans and Monta, I want a new point guard for the season that can be as a big time scorer as well.

    Kelena Azubique should be resigned. I think he is another Cory Maggette in the making or at least shades of.

    Win decently like this year (50 wins).

    Save all that money for Chris Bosh, Lebron, or any bonafide player. Save it for a real star.

    Lets do this conservatively, not emotionally.

    Now, if Hendrix, Bellineli, Wright and Randolph prove to be stars…

    Still a Warriors fan. Tired of all this off-season fiascos.

  • Pet,

    Good info, what is the source? Mine was TV time, that’s why it was a question.


    thanks for stating the obvious regarding BD, i’d rather have him walk then pay him 17.8 for one unhappy year. It was a huge mistake to not trade him before he opted out. I said it all along, trade him. However that is irrelevant because i never referecne BD or the warriors “going anywhere” with that roster. you’re out of left feild. – fav quote…”everyone who’s been up on….” thanks for the brief history, as if we missed it. ~ you’re the man.

    Point is, Elton Brand is worth the money, maybe even josh smith, I’d love to see him grow with that young squad.

  • petaluman


    Forbes 06-07 financials for all teams:


    ESPN NBA Attendance records for the last 6 years:


  • Niners in 2009

    Hey fellas! Brand is selling his LA Mansion!

    July 7, 2008
    Basketball star Elton Brand places his 5,471-square-foot house in Los Angeles’ Hollywood Hills back on the market for $4.9985M

    Basketball star Elton Brand has placed his three-bedroom, 5,471-square-foot house in Los Angeles’ Hollywood Hills area back on the market for $4,998,500, two years after he first had listed the house at close to $5 million.

    In a Big Time Listings exclusive, we can report on Brand’s re-listing of his walled and gated house at 8412 Carlton Way. Records show that Brand placed the house back on the market on June 5. Currently a free agent, Brand, 29, recently concluded seven seasons with the Los Angeles Clippers and widely is expected to sign with Oakland’ Golden State Warriors (NBA free agent deals cannot be announced until Wednesday).

    * http://www.bergproperties.com/blog/basketball-star-elton-brand-places-his-5471-square-foot-house-in-los-angeles-hollywood-hills-back-on-the-market-for-49985m/4213/celebrities

  • JSL


    Great to see so many new items in your blog! Always insightful.

    If we are a bad team in 2010, we will not be an attractive destination for top flight talent. We have to be at least on the doorstep of going deep in the playoffs for a Bosh or others to consider us.

    This is the problem of constantly rebuilding. If you are constantly developing young talent, you are never an attractive destination for a top player. Your only help is through the draft, and if you don’t land a LeBron or a Kobe, you can’t get out of the cycle. So at some point, you must build with a balanced group of veterans and youngsters.

    We took a few steps backwards with Baron leaving. If we don’t add talent now, and trade Harrington, we’re putting our eggs in Monta, Andre, Wright, etc.. These are youngsters and they won’t be a top talent in 2 to 3 years. Can anyone seriously debate that any of that group will be an NBA all star in 3 years? Monta is going to beat out Kobe or Derone Williams or Chris Paul? Andre is going to take down Stoudamire? They are at best a good piece in a championship caliber team in 2 to 3 years.

    We need to take a step forward. While I agree, there may not be anyone worth a max contract, I do think Warriors need to and will spend money to add a good player. The key is to bring our youngsters along as they develop, not rush them and hope. In the mean time, continue to improve the team through trades and free agency.

  • manhattanproj

    i dont understand the infatuation with josh smith. he’s a highlight reel player but not a franchise player. he’s a nice piece to have if w’s still have baron. now that baron is gone, why even bother? he’s not going to improve the team.

    marcus, i see where you’re coming from. but that is a risky proposition. lebron, wade, and bosh are almost guarantee to go elsewhere to stick with their team. you’re probably looking at 2nd tier of stars like joe johnson, which is still a darn good consolation prize. but what if w’s strike out in 2010? what will be the plan B?

    i say stick with the current rosters and play the young guys. if w’s can add maggette or some other FA’s at reasonable price regardless of contract length, good. if not, not a big problem. deal with the growing pain and see who is legit and who is not. mabybe w’s wont be competitive for 2 years or so but hopefully, they can get lucky with the draft. kind of the portland route.

    planning just for 2010 is just too risky, and there is no guarantee adding any one of those FAs will guarantee the w’s chances of being a championship contender.

  • EJ


    Baron opted out at the last possible minute, and it’s debatable whether or not the Clippers or David Faulk tampered, so it completely blindsided the Warriors. Had Baron made his intentions clear a couple weeks prior I’m willing to bet the Warriors would’ve listen a little more intently to the offers. But, that wasn’t the case. Monta could’ve used another year with Baron, so it made sense to keep him another year. That’s a huge reason why they didn’t use the trade exception before the deadline, to have enough money to match offers for Monta and Andris while retaining Baron. Bottom line on the Baron situation is that they were a couple hours away from retaining Baron for another year and it took them by surprise.

    Getting Brand is not realistic. Even less realistic is Josh Smith. Getting Brand or Smith would definitely improve the Warriors, but then what? You’d have nothing left get anyone else of any kind of quality to fill the roster. Jannero Pargo at point, maybe? Ha.

    The roster was put together for this kind of turnover. The Warriors are stacked with tons of young talent. The franchise does have a direction, so I’m cool with them holding off on any rash moves if that’s what they decide. The signing period hasn’t even started, so there’s plenty of time to make moves.

    You’re the type of fan they DON’T need. What kind of real fan says they’re giving away their season tickets?

    Stay strong We_Are_the_Littles, Paul, Petaluman, Ewok!


  • haastheman

    we don’t waive white flags in Oakland! Monta is a star! He’s every bit as good as iverson was in philly. I Trust Mullin. I think we will make the playoffs next year. This team has too much heart. That’s what wins games. Does adding Josh Smith make us a contender? No, of course it doesn’t. But it could trigger other moves that make us contenders. We’ve got money, we’ve got great young players, and we’ve got good veteran players. Mullin can play mad scienist if he wants. We’ve got the ingridients to win next year.

  • Le

    We need more fans like EJ!
    Brand is worth the big contract… not Josh Smith. That’s a desperate move just to make up for what happen with Baron and will dig the franchise in a deeper whole of mediocrity for years to come. It’s no surprise we are not going anywhere this year, especially with the pool of FA left. Let’s aim high and try to build a team to win a championship instead of over paying for 2nd/3rd tier players. We are deep in young talent. Let them prove themselves this year so that we have squad in a couple of years to a) attract a star b)add trade value c)play well as a young group (i.e. Oakland A’s, Tampa Bay Rays, NO Hornets)
    Ellis is a star; we need to sign/trade for a point guard that will not cost us too much. Or, we can cross our fingers and hope Monta is a stud at the point. Anyone see how he ran the team the last 2 weeks of last season? Remember, if he went to college, this would be his senior season. He is getting better by the minute.
    As for FA, I would focus on someone like Okefor. He is young, can rebound, blk shots, and score down low. Nice compliment to Biedrins. I would use Harrington (and maybe Jackson) as trade bait to get a point guard (Raymond Felton, Chris Duhon, Michael Redd, Andre Miller, and Chauncey Billups).
    Here my reasonable hopes for starting lineup for next year:
    C – Biedrins
    PF – Okefor/Wright
    SF – Jackson
    SG – Ellis
    PG – Duhon/Miller

    This lineup is still entertaining to watch and will compete next year. Most importantly, will be intact in 2 years except for Jackson) to attract a start like Lebron, Kobe, Wade, or Carmelo.

    Someone tell me I’m out of my mind.

    Interesting info on Brand selling his house. Is that for real or just a ploy from his real estate agent trying to make money to pay his own mortgage? Like to hear everyones thought on that.

  • Le

    One more thing,

    Blah – put your money where you mouth is, give me your season tickets.

  • Mano de Nada

    “But Josh Smith could play 48 minutes for 82 games and never be as dominant as Baron. I’m talking about winning a championship.”

    As dominant as Baron’s one season in the last five playing over 70 games? Or do you mean that domineering sub 45% career from the field, sub 35% from the 3 (and damn he takes a lot of those for someone who doesn’t hit a lot of those).

    Winning a championship? Errr, if we hadn’t played Dallas we weren’t even winning a playoff round.

    Baron’s a very good but not great player, the Clips with Baron and Brand are better than last season but not better than the top five in the West (which almost for sure means a first round exit, which isn’t anything close to winning a championship actually).

    I’d rather have Smith at about $12 mil/yr than Brand at about $19 actually (it would have to be front loaded though to make ATL balk). Like Brand’s workingman game but with what the dubs have we’re best building from a strong, young talent pool. That would also allow ME to be signed for similar $$$. Then we have a serious collection of solid talent below 25 years old with plenty of headroom and an inkling of high level competitiveness. The dubs shouldn’t try to compete with the current crop of title contenders, they should be building to surge when the current crop is withering.


  • EJ

    Just heard on the radio that Brand has several other houses in the LA area, so I’m guessing it’s no big deal. I did get a little excited for a minute! Haha.

    I’d still like to see Hinrich come over, but I can see why Paxson would want him there while Rose gets acclimated.

    How hilarious would it be if Brand ended up going to Philly and Baron gets stuck with the same old Clippers? That can’t make for a happy season with him or Coach Dunleavy. I’m just hoping the Clippers’ plans get derailed somewhere.

  • nevin420

    Marcus – I understand your point about overpaying for a restricted FA that will not put us over the top. I get that. But you said it yourself – “Warriors NEED a carry-the-team-on-my-back player”. Well, if I’m not mistaken, one of the three players that you mentioned WAS our carry-the-team-on-my-back player. We let him walk FOR NOTHING if we don’t go out and get SOMETHING. What your suggesting just isn’t acceptable.

    BTW – in my opinion, we already screwed ourselves with Monta. If you don’t think he sees how much his value has risen with the W’s because of the Davis departure, you’re blind. He could essentially force the W’s into a nightmare situation where he signs a qualifying offer and we risk losing him for nothing next year. If I’m him, I’m putting the pressure on Mully to max me out or risk losing me for nothing. You don’t want to see the fans reaction if we lose this kid, or it even looks like there is a chance of losing him.

    The Warriors are screwed any way you slice it. I’d rather spend the money we have (even if it means overspending) instead of letting Cohan use it for his personal lawsuits and IRS debts. What a joke!

  • dick v

    Marcus, I agree with respect to Josh Smith, Igadola, but Okefar can get the W’s instant rebounding. I also have to second the notion for pairing Ben Gordon with Monta. Monta at pg, Ben sg, capt jack sf, okefar C, and the best man wins the other position: Beidreines, Harrington, Branden Wright. Either way wright has to develop this season into a solid player who consistently contributes. I also think the W’s should make arun at one of those pg for the teams that have a glut of them, or just take a flyer on Shuan Livingston.

  • Good Post Nevin,

    Le, that is a horrible line up, you still spend all our money and we end up with a team that is worse than last year. Currently we have a cellar roster. Monta’s got too much leverage, and beindrins, who’ll we’ll probably give a huge contract to, and he can’t hit a open jumper or a free throw.

    Fans like EJ are horrible for the warriors, satisfied with less than average results. I’m glad your not the GM or coach. let’s just cross our fingures and hope. yay!

    le, my money is were my mouth is, i’ve owned season tixs since pre-TMC days. i had 4 seats last year, 2 courtside. so everyone that pays the current tix price which has dramtically been increased the last few years and still feels peachy about this current squad speak up, otherwise…..kick rocks. We suck.

    I love our young guys. I think Wrigth will be a AK47/T.Prince type, i think the world of Randolph, maybe our best player in 4 years, Ellis is a bigger iverson without a three ball. And AB is a solid rebounder and defender, but that is about all he’s got in his bag of potential.

    I could care less that BD left if we can land EB. We would be a much better balanced team. Look at Utah over the years. That is what they build, and it works. Carry a team on their back type players Marcus is talking about, is like waiting for a “savior”, I say #$*% that. Build a balanced team. maybe one of these young guys turns into a allstar.

    having two gaurds on the floor @ 6’3 is just too small in todays league, especiall with our undersized front court. Add in EB with AB and i’ll take them over most 4&5’s in the west! Monta will play point just fine. their have been alot of teams that are very sucessfull without a true point. Jordan’s Bulls, Dallas with D.Harris, etc.

  • Robo

    Great article, Marcus! No NBA team in recent history has one a championship without an MVP player, so unless the W’s can acquire an MVP caliber player (not an all-star, an MVP) soon through a trade in ’08 or ‘09, then it’s best to wait until 2010. For now, they can build on their young core and if they don’t rack up many wins, they will at least have a shot in the draft lottery of getting that key player(s) to keep or trade.

    Q: So, why would an MVP want to play for the W’s? A: Simple, money, the opportunity to win a championship, and an up-tempo style of play. Thanks to Baron, Nellie, and Mullin, the W’s are a very different team than in the past (before Baron’s arrival) and they need to stay that way.

    By 2010, the Western Conference will look awfully different. The W’s and Blazers should both be playoff ready, with Denver and maybe Phoenix falling from the elite in the west. Until then, the W’s need to see what their young core of players can do and they need a point guard to start finding this out. Of the players out there, Devin Harris or Javaris Crittenton, makes the most sense. Memphis has too many guards (Jaric, Conley, Gay, Crittenton, Lowery, and Mayo) and they need a big body. Memphis may be able to part with Crittenton for Perovic straight up. But, I’d really like to see the W’s make a run at Devin Harris. I’d offer Harrington, Perovic and some draft picks for Harris and Stromile Swift, with Harris becoming the W’s starting point guard.

  • EJ

    Nevin420 does make a good point. Just to play devil’s advocate, here’s my view. Suppose Monta opts for the one year qualifying offer but is unable to match or exceed the year he just had. Wouldn’t he stand to loose money? The class of potential free agents (restricted or unrestricted for ’09 would look something like Raymond Felton, Allen Iverson, Danny Granger, Lamar Odom, Shawn Marion, David Lee, Nate Robinson, Jamal Crawford, Hedo Turkoglu, Andre Miller, Martell Webster, Ron Artest, Carlos Boozer. Seeing as how the free agent market is becoming very thin this offseason (with restricted free agents like Smith and Ellis as the big names), it would probably be wise financially for Ellis to either accept the Warriors’ offer or force a sign and trade. I’m not sure how far under the cap other teams in the league will be next year, though.

  • EJ

    I didn’t say that I was satisfied with the results. What results can there already be when free agency hasn’t even started yet? And why would teams even begin making trades or free agent signings until the moratorium is over and the cap is set tomorrow? To give up on the Warriors when the season ended a little less than a month ago and with the free agency period yet to begin is crazy.

    I didn’t say I was crossing my fingers and hoping for the best. I said I would happy if management didn’t rush into any decisions since the official signing period hasn’t begun.


  • They had Dirk and Howard? Really? I didn’t realize that. Let me rephase then, you can only build a great team without a true point guard if you have Dirk & Howard or MJ.

    what this all this free agency talk about? Do you think that someone writing in this forum is not aware of that? Like i just stumbled upon it without reading anyting about it? This is your problem, you writing is demeaning, as if you are the great oracle and we are here to learn from your greatness. Listen, we all know what happened with BD, we know all about FAcy, we know who was on the bulls, mavs, and our current squad. so keep your comments to your opinion and leave the obvious facts out.

    for example: IMO the warriors would be better of to spend the money on a FA like EB than on a PG because;
    1) That makes us too small,
    2) We would be a much better balanced team

    I’m personally shocked to hear that the public and sports writers believe that EB would better on the clippers than the warriors. IMO Ellis, Jackson, Harrington, Brand, Beidrins, is a MUCH better starting 5 than we had last year because we would be bigger and better defensively and on the boards, we’d be better all around.

    BD was great for the 1st half of the year, but Ellis was the the man who carried us through the 2nd half of the season. EB, Jack, and Beans, would be a GREAT defensive nucleaus, with Wright coming of the bench (he should focus on becoming a defensive Lock-down player), Monta’s got steals, Al’s got fire power and is big for a 3. Jack is big for a 2, and can help bring the ball up. All of a sudden we have a dynamically different team, and i think it would be a huge leap forward from last year.

    Don’t save the money Marcus, the experts are right (chris mullin and company) Do everything you can to get EB.

  • dareedle

    So we lost free agent BD and gained a lot of cap space (and will have more without the Foyle contract). Our team is dependent on BD because that is what Nellie did to milk more money from Cohan. He is the second highest paid coach, more than B Scott and Doc and with and without our two best scorers (J-Rich and BD) someone will take the slack (hopefully no Jack and his 41% shooting). Ellis did just fine during the month BD was a virtual no-show and if Nellie actually started playing guys (Belllinelli, Wright and Randolph) we can actual see if they can become key players. For the Monta bashers (rememeber the finals was Rajon vs Fisher at PG position) … and trust me Kidd will be available real soon for an albatross of an contract. BD is the AI of basketball … ie a terrible running mate … with the guardless Clips and injury prone Mobley, BD will get his shots, I have yet to see him work well with a back-court mate.

  • EJ


    Just pointing out that you were making comparisons with the “Monta at the 1” Warriors to the 72 wins Bulls (should never be mentioned in the same breath).

    I’d love to get Brand, but Kawakami says he has no interest in being a Warrior and has never shown any interest (and Kawakami blogs every hour it seems!).

    I’m in this Warrior nation thing with you, man! Let’s just not give up on them before they’ve done anything.

  • EJ

    Sixers just traded Carney and Booth to Minnesota.


  • nevin420

    EJ – You are right that Monta would be taking a huge risk if he took the qualifying offer. If he gets injured or has an off year he may stand to lose a lot of money. I’m not saying that he would actually make that decision, BUT he can sure as hell use it as leverage to get the deal that he wants. If the W’s consider how bad their image would be going into next season without Monta locked up longterm they may crack. Just consider how you would feel going into next season if Monta was set to become a unrestricted FA after next year. I don’t doubt that this kid will stay health, continue his improvement and up his value after this season. He could conceivably average 30ppg next season. Who else is going to score for them?

  • montaellis

    josh smith is better than ur putting him out to be. best shot blocker in the league in my opinion, strong, big, 3-point shooting efficiency as a PF, unstopple on the break, authentic in the art of the vertical jump, athletic ability off the charts, great work ethic, young, 1st team all defense type player 17 pts, 9rebs, 2.8 blks and still developing. i don’t know about u but i love him, and trade harrington he sucks, if not to get smith get bosh in 2010 and sign him to like 5 mil the first two years and then 50 mil a year the rest of his career cuz keep in mind the world ends in 2012:)