MP2 Headed to Orlando

It’s official … well, not quite … but Mickael Pietrus is done with the Warriors. My colleague John Denton at Florida Today wrote that the Magic have agreed to terms with MP2. The length of the deal is unknown, but Florida Today did report the deal is said to start at $5.2 million in the first year.
It looks like MP got close to what he wanted. He had been seeking the midlevel preferrably in Miami, which is as close to home as he can get in the NBA. He wound up about $600,000 and a few hundred miles short.
I thought he would be spurned by teams because of his salary desires and return to the Warriors for like three years, $12-14 million. I am shocked he got a deal before most other
free agents.
Would you have giving him $5-plus mil a year to stay with the Warriors?

Marcus Thompson

  • joe of south city

    Will miss his athleticism, but he wasn’t much of a “ballplayer”. He just couldn’t understand the game.

  • Darren

    “Would you have giving him $5-plus mil a year to stay with the Warriors?”
    Noooooooooooooooooooo thank you….

  • Joe

    MP2, I loved how he traveled with no one covering him. Stepped out of bounds on a amazingly consistant basis. Ran people over for charging fouls with his robotic moves and was seemingly baffled by the call and turned the ball over in a variety of ways I have seen no other player accomplish in the 20 years I have watched NBA basketball. To quote the great Patches O’Houlihan from the movie Dodgeball, “Watching MP2 play basketball is like watching a bunch of retards try to hump a door knob.” 🙂 C-Ya MP2 don’t step out off the boarding ramp catching your plane out of Oakland, dummy.

  • Niners in 2009

    Thank gawd I don’t have to see this guy take up all those mins at PF.


  • Petaluman

    Hoopsworld reports it as 4 years, with no salary mentioned, but his agent is casting him as having a chance to start. Guess this takes them out of the running for Maggette and, if the 5.2M is correct, pretty much anyone else.

  • LT in LA

    Say what you want about the “French Jordan,” but I didn’t really mind a player who hit open 3’s and actually played D. When motivated (and i know, that was the problem) he is a nice player. Am I the only one who thinks the warriors should take a look at Shawn Livingston? While his injury was terrible, he has apparently looked good in limited workouts. He will be super cheap. I’d rather take a flyer on someone coming back from an acute injury than a degenerative one. Think Willis McGahee.

  • Andrew Rosenblum

    Wow — Mickael Pietrus has officially joined the ranks of the overpaid. Yeah, he can play some D, but unlike a good defender like Jax or Ron Artest, he doesn’t have a lot of intensity and often just looks lost. His one good offensive move is the corner 3; but he can’t create his own shot. Who needs to pay so much money for a guy like that?

  • Anthos

    i too believe that we should take shaun livingston we should definetly get him and trade for hienrich or crawford

  • Ben Gordon, Jamal Crawford, and Ron Artest. Anyway to pry them away from their current teams?

  • beau

    5 mil a year for at least 15 turnovers via stepping on the sideline in the corner, 15 more via fumbles due to lack of handle, 15 due to horrible, inexcuable passes that should’ve never been thrown. Hope Orlando’s not counting on him to get Howard any easy buckets. I say thank god. Athletic 3’s are a dime a dozen in this league, and can be had with the same or better skill level, at a much cheaper price.

  • Ewok

    Our salary space keeps getting bigger and bigger….

    But are chance to win decently this year keeps getting farther and farther…

    We are crumbling again like freaking chips ahoy!

  • CalifOrange

    I wouldn’t have paid him $5 million. He has some exciting moments on the court, but he is a head case. We couldn’t even trade his expiring contract last year remember? He makes boneheaded plays, is a crappy teammate and pouts like a baby. Naaaa… I wish him luck in Orlando.

    Having said that we probably over paid for Maggette too, but as a straight up swap we got the better deal.