Uh oh, Maggette-O

After being abandoned by Baron Davis, rejected by Gilbert Arenas and dissed by Elton Brand, the Warriors finally get somebody to sign.
Corey Maggette.
League sources informed me that Maggette agreed to a five-year deal (worth about $50 million) with the Warriors, which is almost double the midlevel deals reportedly offered by the Spurs, Celtics and Pistons.

Marcus Thompson

  • Jim

    Well, at least the FT% will go up. But the assists, oh, the assists. Does he even know how to pass?

    At least he won’t be stepping on the out of bounds line like the other 5M man.

  • Jim

    Crap. He’s a 10M man. What will my C/S tix cst NEXT year?

  • Reeves

    is this signing maggette a joke????????

  • Niners in 2009

    HOW much capspace do we have left?

  • AllDayMonta

    still have to sign Monta and Andris before we can really tell about cap space but it sure doesnt look like we’ll be players for Josh Smith if we really just committed ten mil to Maqgette.

  • Reeves


  • itsagreattimeout

    that’s way too much!
    An another note, Brand is going to Philly!!
    To all the Clipper fans:
    wa wa waaaaaa!
    haw haw!

    Any word that Baron might renege on his word?

  • Warrick

    Maggette for $10 mil a year? Not too much if he was signed for about 2 years. But 5 years? Too long for a player like him. Say goodbye to our chances of participating in the summer of LeBron. Sjax is getting paid about 4 mil less than him. They do about the same stuff except Jax has the leadership. Oh well I guess the only way to sign him was to overpay him.

  • nickj

    If this is another ploy to get people to pass their opinions on the Warriors current issues/controversies well you’ve succeeded. I definately hope this isn’t the case when you could have probably done around 8 mil max for Maggette? he may bring some scoring to the table but will he be a difference maker?

    I”m not convinced that he’ll make a difference in us getting the first pick in the lottery or the fifth. Get my drift? He’s not a difference maker for this team, Imo like a J. Smith might be because of his all around game.

    He seems very limited in what he brings to the table and at this point with our team we simply need more.

  • Manuel

    Yes, is there any chance we might end up with Baron after all? Without Brand, why would he want to be a Clipper? If we can pay Maggette $10 mil a year, why can’t we pay Baron $13 instead? We’ve all seen what he can do- he’s twice the player Maggette is. I think the Maggette offer is a true sign of panic and I hope this isn’t a done deal and Mullin comes to his senses!

  • LT in LA

    why is everyone freaking out…he totally fits the system:
    scores in bunches
    no like defense
    injury prone
    in essence, he will be perfect for the warriors. What worries me is that the clippers loose Brand they will use that money to go after Josh Smith. i hope the Hawks have scared off all suitors, and that’s why Philly made the play for EB. The big question here is what this does with the Monta situation. If Magette is worth $10 a year, what is the (new) face of the franchise worth?

  • zgreat

    Looks like both the Clips & Warriors lost out. Maggette improves what we have but we still have gaping holes at both PG and a 4/5 to play next to AB.

    Personally I would have preferred, getting Carney & a #1 pick or going after Iguodala, since the Sixers lost a bunch of cap space signing Brand.

  • itsagreattimeout

    hmm… in retrospect, it’s not that bad of a deal. Personally I think he’s an upgrade over J-Rich. Maybe about the same.

    But I’m still wondering: will this affect Baron’s decision?

  • commish

    Adam Lauridsen said it best:

    “The remaining names in play – particularly Maggette – give me pause. Maggette is a solid player, but he’s likely to be overpaid given his one-dimensional skills. He’s a tremendous pick up for a team like Boston, looking to add depth, but doesn’t do enough to lift the Warriors from one tier of teams to the next. He’d cost our youngsters valuable time on the court and bump us a draft spot or two, but isn’t the guy to keep us out of the lottery next year. I’d pass, at almost any price, especially since improving team defense should be a key priority in 08-09”.

    Mullin is an idiot if he is paying close to $10M a year. What will he do next? Can we get a new owner and VP. How about a sign and trade with Portland, where they seem to have more than a clue.

  • commish

    Niners, we have at least $8M if the Maggette deal is really $10M. We had about $18M after Baron left. We might have a little more because I’ve heard we could have up to $10M more. Anyway, this is what I’ve read.

  • itsagreattimeout

    Yes he’s one-dimensional, but look at that dimension! He’s a great scorer and a great FT shooter!

    And can I get some figures that are a little more precise? Exactly how much cap room do we have left? What’s the most we could offer? This does mean that Josh Smith is out of reach, right?

  • manhattanproj

    one of the reasons that mullin added maggette is he will help to open up the court for ellis. maggette is a slasher and take it to the rim type of player. rarely does he settle for the 3s. with maggette, teams can’t lock down on ellis.

    if you believe ellis is the center piece of the team, which mullin does, then you have to do what it takes to make the game easier for ellis and help his development. if ellis struggles throughout the season like the way he did in the Utah series in the playoffs, what would that do to his development and confidence?

    maggette is more than capable of being the #1 or #2 option, that would shield ellis from being gameplanned night in and night out.

    i think it’s a good move. did w’s overpay? well 10 mil a year is rather average for a proven scorer. it’s not a terrible deal and it’s not a bargain either.

    next, find a PG. i really want to see w’s give shaun livingston a chance.

  • Ewok

    Let’s call Baron’s bluff.

    In other words, Let’s get him back!

    He is not asking for the moon. If he is going to recieve 50 to 60 mil from the Clippers, We can certainly match! Or negotiate for a lower tag.

    If takes a price to get a player like him, It also takes a heavy price for a player to be on a talented team that he likes. I am sure Baron will lower his price, but on a decent manner.

    Heck! He is an All Star impact player!

    Why are we treating him like a scrub?

    Let’s get him back. Period

    Save some cap space in the process.

    But if he bolts out for good, let’s settle for a decent point guard (Billups) and Work out a big trade in the right moment.

    I trust our scouting department. I have a feeling our two drafts will create some sort of an impact.

  • Ewok

    Baron must be biting his nails.

    Not only he is with the “Clippers.” He is going to be in a situation he did not percieve to be(Brand and Maggette leaving).

    True he’s in his hometown, but he is not playing for the Lakers but a Laker clone team.

    He will be stuck with Chris Kaman. Not a good situation. Not good

    Baron, don’t bite your nails! Use some Clippers!

  • Al from the Town

    I’m good with the move. 3-20 pt scorers. Also Maggette is not a bad rebounder. Next, trade Al for a PG.

  • Le

    I rather pay $50mil for Maggette than $80mil for J Smith. He’s perfect for our system.

    Manhat – great point about clearing space for Monta.

    However, we still have a hole in the rebounding category and at the point. I don’t think Mully is done just yet. I smell a trade coming.
    As for getting Baron back. I don’t think that is possible because we need to save cap space for both Monta and AB.
    Clipper fans – 2 word: poetic justice!

  • commish

    Updated cap news means we have about $9M left to spend, which is a weird amount in that it is not enough to get someone really good and way too much for most of what is left out there. Maybe it will be like our TPE and we’ll just sit on it; I’m sure Cohan would like that.

    On the other hand, if we now don’t resign Buke, well, the figure goes up to $10M. Marcus, what should we do with $10M? Are there any expiring contracts we could pick up?

  • CalifOrange

    Well I’ve actually always like Maggette’s game. He reminds me of Jerry Stackhouse, a perfect 6th man giving you major offense of the bench.

    I don’t know where that leaves Azabuike, I hope they still plan on keeping him, but this is a step up from MP.

    They do still need a PG and a PF, although they could sign Keyon Dooling and hang onto Al.

    Starting 5 of:
    1 – Dooling
    2 – Ellis
    3 – Jax
    4 – Al
    5 – Biedrins

    Wouldn’t be bad. Maggette, ‘buike, Wright as the rotation guys and Bellineli, Watson, Perovich, Hendrix and Randolph as spare parts.

    Could be worse, we could have this years Clippers lineup.

    Baron, Kaman, Fazekas, Thorton and Eric Gordon

  • Joe Montgomery

    Great signing. This guy can score, get to the free throw line and is tough. If the Warriors can add another solid piece or two in the next week, they will have had a nice rebound from Baron’s departure.

  • darkknight01

    Maggete will fit nicely in Nellies system.

    Brand going to Sixers is a nice slap in the face to the selfish Baron Davis! LOL…

    Screw Baron and the crappy Clipps…serves Baron right to be on a crappy team! Even if the Cipps overpay for the one dimensional Josh Smith…they will still suck! haha. Another player I would like to see W’s who would fit the system and compliment Ellis is Ben Gordon.

  • where do i start? Well, I hate Maggette. and at 10million per year, i can’t even aplaud 20 points per game beacuase that is expected for the the pay. I also hate turf-head. But, hey maybe he’s a decent deal, and we are starving for a defensive, rebounder to play the 4 or 5. I guess when you’re starving you will eat just about anything.

    I’ve held alot of repsect for Mullin and Nelson since they joined the warriors, but i don’t like any of this UNLESS……….they are positioning for a trade.

    i suppose it makes sense to grab the next best FA with your money, since there is nothing else to spend your money on (assumming j Smith isn’t worth it~ which i think he might be) so that you atleast have trading blocks. Otherwise, your money is just siting there.

    Please hurry up and sign Ellis and Beidrins, and please be more responsible in those contracts, perticularly beans, who can’t make an open jumper let alone a FREE throw.

    btw, Buike can do everything Maggette can for less than half the cost. Just my opinion. Congratulations warrior fans on our consolation prize.

    Anybody going to open tryouts? I think i might be able to make the team this year….actually mybe we should head to LA for that.

  • darkknight01

    IF the W’s sign Turiaf and the Lakers don’t match (which they probably won’t because of the luxury tax) then it allows the W’s to have trade flexibility with Harrington as bait.

    I think they should trade Harrington and perhaps a 1st rounder to the Pistons for Chauncey Billups! He would be a the perfect PG leader type that the W’s need to replace the selfish Baron.

  • darkknight01

    Trading Harrington for Billups or Ben Gordon would be a good trade….but they can only make that kind of deal once Turiaf is signed. Then they can deal Harrington….

  • Ewok

    I’m not saying we don’t need a point guard, We do!

    But if we really think about it, Phil Jackson’s teams (from Chicago to LA) have thrived with success without a natural point guard.

    True, a classic point guard is really a great help, It makes a great difference, but over relying on one could prove to be fatal as well. If your point guard goes down from an injury, What now?

    I wouldnt mind Monta playing point, but for a grind of 80 games, He will definitely have to share it with a natural. Monta can play point. But he is a Band Aid point, not a surgical point.

    But, CJ Watson is not a bad point guard. If you look at his stats in the NBADL, This guy is a scorer. I think all he needs is a chance. This guy is legit. The pressure is on this guy now. Let the pressure bring out the best in this guy. I think he will deliver.

    I do think acquiring Billups will settle the problem once and for all.

    PG Billups/Watson/Monta/Jax
    SG Monta/Jax/Kelena
    SF Corey/Jax/Kelena
    PF BWright/AHarington/Hendrix/Randolph
    C Biedrins/Kosta Perovic/Hendrix/Randolph

    Bench: Randolph, Hendrix, Watson, Kelena, Perovic.

    Looking at the equation above, we do have a lot of big men now, and they are younger with great potential especially Randolph who is still growing in height!!

    This leaves Al Harington the odd man out and definitely the guy who should be traded.

    Perhaps it’s a good idea to trade Harrington and Perovic to the Clippers, (That way, Baron wouldn’t be nostalgic haha).

    One note however, Do not ever trade Stephen Jackson. He may have a very colored past but he will bring a lot of money to the table. And to think the way he has transcended to where he is now, Jackson is simply amazing.

    Baron, Stop biting your nails! Use some Clippers!

  • Ewok

    As for Maggette, sure he will compensate Baron’s production But he has to get the ball first! Ball rotation will be a factor.

    So the question is who is going to find him open and give him the ball?

    Turiaf? The guy is a banger but he can’t run. Why do keep getting forwards when we just drafted two?

    Sign Biedrins and Monta now.

  • Ewok

    I forgot MBellineli!

    If all these youngsters step up plus a good team chemistry, (Bellineli, BWright, Randolph, Kelena, Hendrix and CJWatson)then we will be alright for 50 wins.

  • goingforthemoney.com

    The thing I like about Maggette is he is a baller with an attitude. You need a couple of guys like this on your team. With that said his is not a guy you can build around but he will without a doubt put points on the board, and shoot a high % at the ft line. Is he worth 50 mil over 5 yr? Hard to say! He will help that W’s with the lose of points that Baron would have put up.