Whew! Now Let’s Play Catch-Up

OK, a lot has happened super fast. There was quite a bit of info, thoughts I didn’t get into my story for tomorrow’s paper. Here are some of the major points of the article, some of my thoughts, and some answers to your questions. Ready? Breathe. Read.

* I was told consistently by a source that Maggette got five years, $50 million. At the last-minute, I heard it was five years, $40 million. But my source reiterated that it was $50 million. That $10 million is a huge difference. That deal looks a whole lot better if it is for $40 million.

* Heard late in the evening that the Warriors made an offer to Ronny Turiaf! Don’t know all the details yet, but I was told it averaged about $4M a year. Ronny is restricted, so if the Warriors sign him to an offer sheet, the Lakers can match. I’m not sure if I like this or not yet. Turiaf is one of those dudes who impresses you in spots, but when you step back and look at what he brings overall, he’s not to impressive. He does some things well, not so much others. Is he worth $4M? Over three years, sure, why not. The Warriors need a hustler, a body not afraid to bang.

* I was shunned by Baron’s people. He nor his agent responded to the one question I had: With Brand going to Philly, is there ANY chance AT ALL that Baron goes back to the negotiating table with the Warriors? I got no love. A contact did tell me that the Clippers spent Tuesday evening talking to Baron, convincing him to stay, even working out the details of the contract (as well as preparing a fat offer sheet for Atlanta’s Josh Smith). They were pretty sure he was staying, but he was rumored to be livid over Brand’s Boozer impersonation.

* Pietrus got love from Orlando because Otis Smith, the Magic’s GM, likes Pietrus. They had some kind of bond when Smith was with the Warriors and Pietrus was a youngster. That helped MP2 get what he got. Orlando needed a replacement for Maurice Evans, who is now a free agent. There is even talk that Pietrus could start.

* Didn’t I say top-tier ballers don’t want to play for the Warriors? Brand turned down some $10 million more from the Warriors to go to … Philly! Dang. That was a straight slap in the face to the Warriors. Did the Warriors really think they were going to get a player better than Baron?

* Speaking of Brand, he just went from one of the league’s character examples to supplanting Carlos Boozer as the face of reneging. Check this out – Brand, according to insider scuttle, turned down virtually the same amount from the Clippers. Los Angeles got up to $80 million and was willing to renounce more players if necessary to give Brand more. Still, he chose Philly.

* So the salary cap is $58.7 million. The luxury tax will be $71.1 million. Based on my estimation, and figuring this out cost me hours of my life I’ll never get back, the Warriors are at about $50 million including the cap holds. Here is the breakdown:
Al Harrington – $9.23
Corey Maggette – $8.50
Stephen Jax – $7.14
Andris Biedrins – $7.90 (cap hold)
Adonal Foyle – $6.50 (buyout price)
Brandan Wright – $2.50
Kosta Perovic – $1.70
Ant Randolph – $1.70 (rookie scale max)
Monta Ellis – $1.54 (cap hold)
Marco Belinelli – $1.45 (rookie scale max)
Kelenna Azubuike-$0.89 (cap hold)
Richard Hendrix – $0.44 (league minimum)
C.J. Watson – $0.71 (minimum salary, non-guaranteed)
Total – $50.20

That leaves the Warriors with some $8 million to spend before hitting the cap. If Andris signs a deal starting at a salary equal to his cap hold, the the Warriors can sign a free agent or two before signing Ellis and Andris. They’ll have close to $10 million if they wait to sign Randolph until they hit the cap, which they can do under CBA rules. They would also have more if they traded Harrington and got less money back.

*Here’s a concern I have: what happens when Monta and Andris want more than Maggette? Monta certainly has a claim. Say the Warriors start Monta at $9 a year (which would be $67.5M contract over six years). And say they start Biedrins at $8. That would make Stephen Jackson the fifth-highest paid player on the team.
Now, he’s up for an extension. I seriously doubt if he gets one. How is he going to react to being so far down on the salary pole but being a leader on this team while getting no extension love? Remember, Jackson has watched Richardson get shipped out unexpectedly as if he wasn’t the heart and soul of the team. He watched Pietrus and his boy Barnes get hardballed into a one-year deal. He watched his “brother” Baron Davis get his extension requests rejected in consecutive offseasons and then “lowballed” (in his eyes). He’s watching his other close friend, Al Harrington, once highly coveted by the Warriors, become a role player.
You have to wonder if Jackson is going to take one for the team or try to get his paper.

* With the way restricted free agents are about to get squeezed (only the clippers have money left), don’t be surprised if several of them ask for a sign-and-trade or choose to play for the one-year qualifying offer (and become restricted free agents next season). Including Andris. The free agent market is kind of skimpy this offseason – thanks to all the money going to the few big names out there. Some of the second-tier stars will shine a lot brighter in 2009.

* I still say go after Rasheed Wallace or Shawn Marion or Lamar Odom. Use Harrington, future draft picks, etc. – maybe even Stephen Jackson – to get a proven All-Star. They all are one-and-done, which could give the Warriors cap space next year if they don’t work out.

Marcus Thompson

  • Star B

    5/50m for Maggot is terrible. 4m for Ronny? Not bad. But why take him considering the options of FA class of next year or trade options. I agree these moves are not good. We lost BD over money so we can pay for these guys? We have no stars, we have a couple of maybe stars in like two/three years, and a bunch of not quite guys who may think they’re stars but are not. Don’t Mullin and Nellie know we need stars to contend? This offseason reminds me of the days of how Derek Fisher got paid…

  • commish

    Dat’s a lot of ketchup bro….thanks.

    Trying to digest so much in such a short time is not easy. I’m now reconciled that we had to “overpay” Maggette in order to get him for the same reason Brand and his ilk (superstars) are not beating down our door.

    But I do question your starting salary for Beans. If Mullin has learned nothing from the BD fiasco (which of course is more than likely), it is don’t be cheap if you want someone to stay. You’ve already ‘overpaid’ Maggette so plan on overpaying Monta and Beans to make sure they are around for the next five years. What’s a few more million bucks when you know that you can afford it this year and you still have Jax and Harrington (at this point in time) who have good value and whose are coming into the last two years of their contracts. Strike now while the fire is hot. The agents of Beans and Monta know their players are one injury away (God forbide) this season to having significantly decreased value if they went the one year and FA route.

    Ok, have you heard anything about Kosta not returning? Maybe this is why we are after Turiaf? We have no depth at the 5 perhaps even with Kosta according to Nellie. I know Turiaf is not a true 5, but in Nelson’s system almost anyone can play any position.

  • Robin Miller

    Marcus, please try to confirm the contract details. I am still hoping that the $50M figure is agent disinformation, and that the $40M figure is accurate. Please be so…

  • Bob

    The Carlos Boozer situation was TOTALLY different than Brand.

    Boozer was under contract for 1 more year and the Cavs let him out of that year so they could give him more money. He then decided to leave when he got the big offer.

    Brand opted out of his final year (by the rules of his contract) and was therefore an unrestricted free agent and could sign with any team he wanted.

    Whether Brand promised to re-sign or not is moot. If the Clippers really wanted him that bad, they should have negotiated an extension while he was under contract. Since they didn’t, anything was possible…

  • JSL


    ** Didn’t I say top-tier ballers don’t want to play for the Warriors? **

    No you didn’t. You said we should save our money, play our youngsters, and try to lure Lebron, Bosh or Wade! Not we cannot lure top free agents. Your post on this point is a joke?

    I said Warriors will not stand pat and will sign players in order to take a step forward and give the youngsters time to develop. This is exactly what they’re doing.

    But aside from that point.. That’s a great post you just put up! The most complete and insightful on the net!!

  • EJ

    I’m just happy things back fired on the Clips. Can’t trust David Faulk.


    Suppose Baron did want to come back. Is there a stipulation saying that he can’t since he gave a verbal commitment?

  • ijgarcia

    I keep hearing that EB pulled a “Boozer”. CBs situation was way different – EB had an Early Termination Option (ETO) in his contract just as Baron did, and as such was free to opt out and sign with whoever he wished to sign with – CB was only able to become unrestricted because Cleveland released him from his contract so that he could re-sign with them for more money, they were doing him a favor that they didn’t need to do, quite a different scenario.

  • commish

    EJ, remember Boozer’s blasphmy? Yes, he do whatever he wants as long as he hasn’t signed anything. This is why folks are calling Brand the worst scum since Boozer.

  • commish

    EJ, remember Boozer’s blasphmy? Yes, he do whatever he wants as long as he hasn’t signed anything. This is why folks are calling Brand the worst scum since Boozer.

    Also, Jenny Hu reports Baron will honor his deal:

  • EJ

    Yeah, you’re right. How long before he rides Coach Dunleavy out of town, ’cause I know they aren’t going to get along.

  • darkknight01

    Maggete will fit nicely in Nellies system.

    Brand going to Sixers is a nice slap in the face to the selfish Baron Davis! LOL…

    Screw Baron and the crappy Clipps…serves Baron right to be on a crappy team! Even if the Cipps overpay for the one dimensional Josh Smith…they will still suck! haha

  • Wilson

    One result of all this is that we may have seen the last of “I’ll take less to stay with you if you renounce my rights.” Boozer and Brand have made it clear that you can’t trust even the character guys where money is involved. Good.

  • manhattanproj

    just dont blame it all on mullin on his tactics when it comes to contract talk. he doesnt have an owner that backs him up – with money. if the w’s owner were paul allen, i think you would see mullin spend a bit more freely. on the same token, you have to question mullin’s head a bit. adonal foyle, derek fisher, and now ronny turiaf?????? is he any better than richard hendrix?

    one year tender offer for andris and monta is a bit risky for them. if both of them have a down year ala ben gordan and luol deng, their value wont be as high next season. looking at the w’s now, w/o baron, that could very well happen. also many teams are probably saving their money in 2009 FA market for the one in 2010, so teams probably wont spend the kind of money on these “potential” stars. they going to be more frugal so they can hit big in 2010. so if i were them, i’ll take the money now.

  • EJ


    Signing Maggette and Turiaf almost guarantees Harrington is on his way out, right? I can see either Hinrich or Gordon being a good fit with the Warriors; preferably Hinrich to play some at the point. But Gordon could be, too, as Nelson always wants that 6th man to be gunner. Gordon is just that. What do you think?

  • petaluman

    Actually, the Clippers didn’t renounce Brand. He had a player option for this year and opted out. That’s his prerogative. However, the Clippers may have laid off Davis if he hadn’t given them the line about taking less so they could sign someone to make the team better.

    Maggette doesn’t replace Harrington. His minutes will be the ones filled last year by Pietrus and Barnes. His point production will help replace Baron.

    Turiaf isn’t being offered starter pay, so we’ll see how he gets used (if we get him – not a sure thing). I’m not sure Al is on his way out – yet.

  • Valr

    Brand chose Phiily over Warriors for $10M less because it’s easier to win in the East.

  • creepy ross

    the only good thing about maggette’s deal is it’s not as bad as rashard lewis’.

    i’ll take turiaf at $4m/yr though.

  • Calvin

    What does character have to do with anything? To call
    Boozer “I’ll take less to stay with you if you renounce my rights” is asinine. What happens if he shreds his knee
    or tears an Achilles? Or a dozen other possibilities.
    Would management still hold up their end of the illegal agreement?

    Management spins loyalty to the fans when it doesn’t go their way. When they screw players its considered “business”

  • EJ

    I agree. I’d much rather have Maggette for 10mil per than Rashard Lewis’ Barry Zito-like contract!

  • darkknight01

    IF the W’s sign Turiaf and the Lakers don’t match (which they probably won’t because of the luxury tax) then it allows the W’s to have trade flexibility with Harrington as bait. I think they should trade Harrington and perhaps a 1st rounder to the Pistons for Chauncey Billups! He would be a the perfect PG leader type that the W’s need to replace the selfish Baron.

  • darkknight01

    Trading Harrington for Billups or Ben Gordon would be a good trade….but they can only make that kind of deal once Turiaf is signed. Then they can deal Harrington….

  • Thinkster

    If we were to trade AH, Ben Gordon + Hinrich would be what I would want back. The money doesn’t work, but otherwise I wouldn’t want to trade one big for one small, that rarely works.

    Why didn’t we pay James Jones or some other cheaper player than Maggette? It’s not like he’s a franchise player or top-tier starter.

  • Can someone please explain to me how trading Harrington for a smaller player makes our team any better? Are you proposing starting Turiaf, Hendrix, B.Wright, at PF?

    You starting line up

    That is an average height of 6’5-6′

    good luck, get real.

  • EJ

    Harrington plays like he’s 6’5″ anyway. haha.

  • kirk henrich

    harrington does play like he’s six, 5 soft, doesnt rebound, doesnt play the post, hardly plays defense occasionally gets hot from 3. Occassionally gets agressive and has a nice driving move.

  • Eric

    Jsl you said write like he’s smoking crack for real, ithink these where good signing’s , we need though player’s bith player’s bring that . I dont’t think the warriors are not done wheeling and dealing.

  • darkknight01


    Nellie plans on giving Wright significant minutes at the 4 this year. Turiaf can play the 4 or 5. He is a 7 footer. Biedrin is the C. Hendrix will be in the rotation at the 4 as well. Maggette or Ellis would still come off the bench as the 6th man IF they make a deal for a PG like Billups.

  • darkknight01

    Or they can trade Harrington to the Pistons for Wallace or to the Heat for Marion.

  • petaluman

    TK and JH both have notes from an interview of the Don in Vegas today. He listed the current starting 5 as: Ellis, Captain Jack, Maggette, Harrington, and Biedrins. If we land Turiaf, the only other spot we’re looking to fill is another back-up PG.

  • kirk henrich

    one things forsure, we are better then the clippers, and i’m booing baron davis money loving ass, he’s always been a little sketchy to me, and i questioned his heart.

  • Maybe i should be more specific. Defense

    I know harrington plays small, actually doesn’t play defense either, but he is our best 3 point shooter. check the #’s and he pulls a larger player out to gaurd him, thus opening the floor for the likes of Ellis and company. Otherwise teams are just going to play us Zone, and who do we have that can REALLY shoot the 3? please don’t say belinelli, he a back up, and so far doesn’t play. even if he does this year he’s only drawing a small guy out of the middle. I can see Sjack throwing up 10 3’s a game, not hitting any until the 4th Q only to tease us with a win.

    back to defense. We suck at it, hands down, no pun intended. Perovic is our back up C, he’s skinny and slow (a terrible combo~ cut him) probably Turiaf will play back up C, and he’s small for that position in the west and that just makes us smaller at the 4.

    Darknight is thinking write, but that is just too good to be true.

  • kirk henrich

    We have the players, and cap space to make a big trade, along with most teams thinkin are next year number 1 pick will be a lottery pick so hey, lets see if Mullin can pull one of those quick hand steals that he was so good at as a player.

  • jmaaan

    We had an opportunity to use Baron’s cap space to solve our 2 biggest needs: a playmaker and a low post player. Maggette doesn’t make his teammates better, forces Monte to be the playmaker he isn’t, doesn’t defend, is a black hole, and is injury prone. What he is is a scorer. And $10mm for 22 points a game is a good deal in the NBA. But I think a scorer and 2 was maybe #3 on our list of needs. Or even #4 if you consider front court depth.

    I’m really worried our formula will not work next year. If Monte can’t transform into a playmaker, you’ve basically got Jax as the only real playmaker. And he’s much better as a complimentary playmaker as his passing is excellent but handles only average at best. That could grind this offense to a halt. My desire would be for the W’s to make a serious run at a playmaking 1. That would give us the option of going big with Monte at 1, Maggette at 2, and Jax at 3 or small with the 1, Monte, and Maggette. Also it makes Jax tradable if needed.

    Finally, I’d like to see us go after a skilled big like Krstic and a backup swing like Carney.

  • manhattanproj

    how would trading for ben gordan make the team better? what does he bring to the table that monta doesn’t bring. neither is a PG, having both on the same team is a disaster. and w’s still need to pay ben gordan as he’s a FA.

    i think maggette is going open up some eyes in nellie’s system. he’s athletic, strong, and he’s going to be the low post scorer that w’s need. he can take take his man off the dribble. he’s going to make plays.

    but i still don’t understand the signing of turiaf? he’s another high energy, undersized PF, with a limited low post game in the nba. he’s not even a monster rebounder like a rodman. why even bother signing him to an offer sheet?

  • Peter

    Marcus, do you know anything about the NBA other than what you read elsewhere? Why in the hell would Riley and Dumars want Harrington and why would they send an all-star WITH an expiring contract to the Warriors for Al Harrington and picks???? Are you REALLY that stupid?


  • itsagreattimeout

    This is why the W’s signed Turiaf:


  • EJ


    Why all the negativity, man? The Warriors aren’t done making moves. Let’s let them play some games before we pass judgement.

  • EJ,

    I’ll try harder to stop being a “Debbie Downer”, Sorry. It’s just hard to be excited about this year when our team got worse (so far). Actually got worse last year losing jRich. don’t start with the better record last year either, because we would have been in the playoffs with rich. I hear Marcus saying wait 2 more years for a saviour, and that tells me, 4 years of regression assuming a miricle happens, and that just drives me crazy.

    Now, Moving on to the new positive me…… I like the Turiaf pick up, if we can get him. He’d be a solid guy of the bench to help board and play defense. We need it, and there’s not much else out there. Plus he’s at a reasonable price. i’ve warmed up to Maggette as it stacks our fire power and gives us flexability and trading options. I hope the W’s sign Shaun Livingston. We could probably get him cheap and if we do run a PG with Ellis, assuming he’s not ready yet, SL is 6’7. That gives us height. He’s still very young and has a lot of potential. Maybe he’ll do alot better on a real team. I don’t think he had to much to dish to on the clippers last year. so in regards to cash, and height, he makes all the sense in the world. So PLEASE do NOT trade or sign for Maurbury, Please. Did you hear that NY is talking buy out of his contract?

    Good post Manhat!

  • EJ

    I like Livingston as well. He’s a very good back up at worst. I think he could eventually take over the starting pg spot if his knees are back to 100%.

    In Maggette, we also have another guy who can take it to the hoop late in games and get to line and actually hit free throws (ahem….Baron). Assuming Monta shoots free throws (from his 76% last year), we’ll have 3 guys in the starting line-up at 80%+ from the line.

  • haastheman

    Looks like a mini over haul here. Which, probably is necessary after you lose your best player. I don’t know if Captain Jack and Harrington fit into this new team, and they probably have a little value on the market. How many superstars in the league are upset with their current situation? How ever many there are we should be going after them and offering their team whatever they want. Mello, T-Mac, and although not super stars, any of the pistons starting five. I would give up a package of jack, harrington, and EITHER, but not BOTH, Monta or Biedrens for Tmac or Mello. Outside of the fact that he doesn’t play any defense, Captain jack would be perfect for the pistons. We could really use a player like Billups on this team too. But, as much as i trust Mullin I’m really scratchin my head on this Turiaf thing. Well, here’s for hopin.

  • goingforthemoney.com

    You’ve got to start your franchise with franchise changing players and build around them. you’ve got to go for the throat. Do the W’s have the balls to do this. I don’t think so! We don’t have a single player to build a franchise around and that includes Monta. He will always be better when he plays off a true star. I would much rather keep the current younger player and go fishing for stars. Of course this will not happen this year but Mullins needs to stay on the phones until he get someone to bite. Wright, Randolph, Hendrix, Azubuike,and Monta. Everybody else would be expendable either by trade, sign and trade, or letting them walk out the door. I know everyone thinks that Bedrins is a keeper but i beg to differ. I like his hustle and give it your all effort, but he is at best a change of pace backup center,and a good one at that, but not worth the kind of money he will be asking for, no matter what. They need to land a big fish and build around a couple of stars with good complimentary players. But lets get real we will be hamstrung if we keep paying guys top money who will never take us to the promise land. We will always be frustrated until the W’ get an established star or get lucky with the lottery at the right time with the right player

  • Le

    Don’t be surprise if we trade Maggette to Detroit. Dumars was trying to sign him but didn’t have cap room. They have Billups which we really really need. Like I said in a different post, I think Mully is working a 5-6 player blockbuster with Detroit involving Maggette, Harrington, Billups, Wallace (maybe Prince and more…).

    Blah, glad to see you coming back from the “dark side”.