No Signings Yet

I’ve been told by a couple of people, including a team source, that Ronny Turiaf has yet to sign an offer sheet (as of like 4 p.m.). That only means that the clock has not yet begun on the Lakers, who have 7 days to match. A person with knowledge of the Lakers told me it was highly unlikely that the Lakers would match if the Turiaf signed the offer sheet. That makes sense as it would cost the Lakers double since they are over the luxury tax and have to pay a dollar-for-dollar penalty. Turiaf would cost them $34 million over 4 year (based on the Press-Enterprise’s report that Turiaf agreed to a 4 year, $17 million offer from the Warriors). That’s too much even for the big money Lakers.
Likewise, I was told Corey Maggette has yet to sign. No reason to be worried (or happy). It isn’t like he’s mulling a better deal from the Clippers.

Marcus Thompson

  • LosT


    Bob Fitzgerald reported on his KNBR radio show this afternoon that his Warrior sources told him that Turiaf had signed. He kept ticking off the seconds stating that the Lakers were on the clock.

    So, Either you or BoB have bad information.

  • Warrick

    No need to worry, Turiaf is as good as ours. With Bynum and Radmanovic coming back, Mihm not being injured anymore, They have no use for Turiaf. I dont think I saw him get as much burn in the Finals. Thats good because it gives the frontline some experience and it makes Al more expendible

  • commish

    Dude, you’re making me nervous. So many bizarre things have already happened in less than two weeks. So you say it is very unlikely the Lakers would match the offer. Say, less or more unlikely than Baron leaving almost $18M on the table or Brand totally clipping BD and LA in one fell swoop. HA! What will happen next?

  • LT in LA

    ahhh sweet, we get 18 minutes, 6 points, 4 boards super hustle, but most importantly, the coveted French demographic. I predict that every day in warrior-land will be just like Bastille Day!

  • Le

    Everyone is saying sign Tariaf and we can trade Harrington but who will start at PF? Tariaf is not a starter and is not better than Harrington. B Wright can fill the spot but Andris and B Wright gives you a very skinny 4/5 combo. We will get squashed by big lineups.
    FA is dry but talking trades is unpredictable, the possibilities are endless. I would like to see the W’s work a deal for a solid point like Billups and PF (not Rasheed – we don’t need overpaid washed up guys with attitudes).

  • Le

    Pistons Joe Dumars really wanted to sign Maggette but does not have the cap space to offer him. Don’t be surprised if we trade Maggette to the Pistons for Billups. Dumars wants to change his line up around and is looking at Carmelo and T-Mac – not going to happen. This could be a blockbuster, 5-6 players involved where we move Harrington, Maggette, and more for Billups, Wallace (maybe Prince). I’m not a big fan of Wallace but I can see this deal happening.

    Marcus – have you heard anything about this?

  • Mr B

    Trading Harrington is interesting. The Ws wanted this guy and chased after him for a long time and now that he is here, they are looking to trade him? Realizing that he may not be a good fit,etc… Did the Warriors not know this before? Surely someone does their homework at the Ws office. One still feels that someone at the Ws office keeps blowing it which is keeping the Ws from being a playoff team. This season Ws will be greatly challenged at making the playoffs with the current roster.

  • Mr B

    BTW – I just read that Baron Davis just signed a $65M deal at his part time job with the Clips – If anyone really cares…

  • Danzster

    Well, right now it looks like we do not have a master plan that we are following, instead just reacting to a series of situations that we are not in control over.

    Only thing that would prove otherwise would be packaging two or three guys in a combo trade along the lines that Le suggests. We need a Billups type PG, but Wallace is no more going to pound the boards than Harringon. And we already have two young, slender guys looking to impersonate Prince. Where is the proven All Star, center piece of this team? We still have a bunch of #2 or #3 type leaders and shooters.

  • darkknight01

    Le Says:
    July 9th, 2008 at 10:25 pm
    Pistons Joe Dumars really wanted to sign Maggette but does not have the cap space to offer him. Don’t be surprised if we trade Maggette to the Pistons for Billups. Dumars wants to change his line up around and is looking at Carmelo and T-Mac – not going to happen. This could be a blockbuster, 5-6 players involved where we move Harrington, Maggette, and more for Billups, Wallace (maybe Prince). I’m not a big fan of Wallace but I can see this deal happening.QUOTE

    I can see something like this happening…even though I really don’t want Rasheed Wallace but he can fill the 4 position and rotate with Wright for a year or two. I DO want the W’s to get Billups though. He would replace the selfish Baron nicely.

  • LT in LA

    Maggette will fit in well in this system. He can get to the basket, create his own shot and rebound. Can we start the Shawn Livingston grassroots campaign now that the Clippers have renounced his rights? His knee (and surrounding muscles) will be stronger now than before he injured it. That is what 5 hours of PT a day will do for you. It is all about is confidence now. If he can get that back he could be a steal. If not…it will be at the same price as the last man on the bench who never plays anyway.

  • Wilson

    I would certainly bring in Livingston for a workout and physical. He’d be the perfect addition if he can still play or if it looks like he’ll be able to play after some more rehab. What a backcourt that would be with him and Monta!

  • Ewok

    I like Maggette. He is a cross between a sf and pf. He likes to run and He is definitely an offensive threat. Playing for a structured style of coaching like Dunleavy wont bring out the best in him but on a running team like the Warriors, He can definitely flourish.

    Anyway if 50 million is what we offered Corey Maggette, so then, I really feel that this is the amount of money we offered Baron which he rejected and termed as “insulting.”

    Baron however, miscalculated, he created his own predicament. Without consulting Brand and Maggette, He rushed to the Clippers, “Verbally” to gain a leverage against the Warriors. He bluffed. The Warriors called it.

    But Baron isn’t that popular to Maggette and Brand afterall. They left even AFTER he made a statement of joining the Clippers.

    Maggette ironically, to the Warriors. Livingston is even a possiblity.

    His pride did him in. Terrible.

    Baron, at his health condition and age, is back to rebuilding again and he is going to rebuild the team that is the most hardest to build, The Clippers. He will have to deal with the myth, the bad luck, A fan with a bad morale, its Laker clone image, etc.

    He will need a voodoo witch to rebuild the Clippers.

    And the name really sucks! Clippers!

    By rejecting 17 million for one year before renegotiations, That’s a lot of balls! but for what? For naught it seems.

    Sure whatever the Warriors offered him for a long term contract is undeservedly small, but the Warriors have six other players to sign and renegotiate! and Mullin is in the pressure cooker to make more of the 48 wins we did.

    Baron decided to follow where the money direction is. True enough he ended with money, but he is undeniably alone by his lonesome self.

    Just about the best player they have there now is Cutino Mobley. And who’s crazy about joining the Clippers?.

    He lost Maggette and Brand. Livingston wont be there. Would he like playing for Dunleavy?

    He is now stuck with Kaman, Mobley, and Thomas. And these guys can’t wait for their contracts to expire to play somewhere else. In the history of NBA, Name a Clipper player who is still identified and loyal to the team?

    Baron has the talent and demeanor deserving of a legacy but He decided to follow the money trail. So, that’s how he is going to remembered in his career.

    Sad. Truly Sad.

    The lesson of the story, Championship teams are based not just on talent alone, but sacrifices by its members as well, which could also mean a cut on their bank accounts

    So Baron, stop biting your nails about whose going to sign next, use some “Clippers!”

    As for Maggette, He will definitely grow in this team. I think he will be a good fit. He has a good back up too in Kelena Azubique. So were solid in this position.

  • dick v

    The warriors should have extended Baron. This is just another debacle for Mullin. Baron was the center piece for the team that was very competitive.
    The W’s have taken abig step back. They will be at best a .500 team this season with this roster.

  • Steve

    The Warriors continue to upgrade their talent level which is key to one day becoming serious championship contenders. While Maggette and Turaif (assuming the Lakers don’t match) are hardly top tier NBA All Star material, they are definite upgrades over “Airhead France” and Matt Barnes, and should be even better players in Don Nelson’s wide open system. If Wright and Bellineli play as well as I think they will this season, I wouldn’t be so quick to dismiss the Warriors for the 08-09 season. Remember, Dallas and Phoenix have seen their best days come and go, and Denver is rapidly approaching self-implode stage. Houston? Yeah, if they can win 20+ games in a row again they should be OK. LOL The Warriors missed the playoffs last season because Jackson missed the first 7 games of the season AND because Houston pulled off one of the biggest pro sports flukes of all time (win streak). The Warriors obviously took a hit at point guard, but overall this roster right now is more talented than last years. And while a great point guard is hard to replace, history shows they’re not necessarily required to win an NBA title. Afterall, how many championships have Steve Nash, Jason Kidd, John Stockton and Gary Payton won? And who again were the starting point guards in the recently concluded Finals? Rondo and Fisher not exactly “cream of the crop” PGs, for different but obvious reasons. TEAMS win championships. The Warriors simply didn’t have ENOUGH good players last year. and they still don’t, but that continues to slowly change in a positive direction. A work-in-progress can still be a fun thing to watch.

  • CalifOrange

    Why’s everyone so anxious to get rid of Al? I think he’s great! He plays 3 positions, he scraps on defense (remember how he neutralized Yao?) and can hit the 3.

    I say not just keep him but start him at the 4. The Warriors still have enough cap space to get Keyon Dooling or someone else. Maybe take a low cost chance on Shaun Livingston.

    Monte Ellis will be as good a PG as Jordan Farmar or Rajon Rondo. Who’s the PG for Houston?

    I think we’ll be competitive with the guys we’ve got:

    1) Ellis
    2) Jax
    3) Correy
    4) Al
    5) Biedrins

    and solid rotation guys like Azabuike, Wright, Turriaf and Watson. If we get anything at all out of Bellinelli and Randolph we could certainly be a 45 – 50 win team again with a young core that’ll get better in time.

  • Le


    That’s not a bad lineup. Ellis needs the occassional relief at PG duties so he can do what he does best, roam freely for open shots. Maybe Jax can handle the ball sometimes but he makes really poor decisions and turns the ball over when he forces the issue. I woulld like to see them sign Doolings (if not trade for Billups). I hear the Pistons are asking for Biedrens.

  • garlicboy

    The Dubs and Anthony Randolph play again today. It was only 1 game, but I think Anthony Randolph doesn’t just have the chance to be an All-Star, but he will be an All-Star in 3 years. It’s 1 game, I sound premature, but I’ve seen many summer league games in person, and I’ve never seen Chris Bosh, Gerald Wallace, Gilbert Arenas or J-Rich(all former All Stars)display the skills he showcased during the summer league. The guys skills and basketball IQ/instincts were far better than these guys, at the same age. This guy is only 18!!! I’ve never seen a player like him before. A 6’10 guard who blocks shots and rebounds with tenacity. I don’t know if his jumper is as good as he showed on Friday, I think he was just hot, if it is automatic look out.

  • Holy Toledo

    Ewok. I think you underestimate some of the newer Clippers players and Kaman. I am not saying your overall points about BD and the Clips are wrong, just saying it’s not as bad there as you make it.

    Kaman is a coordinated scoring, rebounding and shotblocking legit big man. Al Thornton is pretty good and we have to hope he doesn’t get too much better. I like their undersized SG Gordon to go with BD as their Monta.

    Just saying. Of course with Brand and maybe Maggette and BD they’d be really really good, but they still have some talent.

  • EJ

    BUT, they’re still the Clippers. Haha.

  • garlicboy

    If the Dubs want a back-up PG. They should sign the best back-up PG available; Carlos Arroyo. He’s only 28. His last contract was 4 years $16 million. It would be great to sign him for 3 years $8 million. 3 for $8 sounds low, but Keyon Dooling was offered a 2 year contract for $3.8 million.

    I really hope we sign Arroyo. He’s a proven veteran PG and is still young.