Randolph Out

Rookie forward Anthony Randolph sat out of the Warriors game today. He was dressed, but had his longsleeve short on under his jersey while sitting at the end of the bench. It was decided to give that sprained left ankle of his a rest.

Marcus Thompson

  • Maverick


    Why have we not seen Hendrix on the court?
    What are the chances of his signing with the warriors?

    Looks as though Bellinelli is lighting it up again

  • Ewok


    Is this the direction we want to do for this year?

    Get all the talented big guys we can get for the year, then make a move for a talented point guard next year?

    Because Honestly, Im not sold that Monta is going to be the bonafide court general for eighty games…

    But we do seem to have a lot of great talent now in the Frontcourt.

  • Le

    Miami Herald reports Heats entertaining trade offers from Warriors for Shawn Marion. Heats wants Harrington and Andris/Monta. I say no way on Monta but Harrington and Andris sounds interesting.

  • EJ

    i think that’s way too much for marion. i’d much rather swap harrington and wright for josh smith.

    whats all this i keep hearing about monta exploring sign and trade options?

  • jaysohn

    Don’t worry about Monta, he can explore all he wants the Warriors hold all the cards. Its that dead time of the offseason where there are a ton of meaningless and useless reporting going on. How many trade possibilities and rumors of signings have just been thrown out there with nothing really happening? I expect Monta and Bedrins to both be back. There might be a minor trade or two made for PG but I don’t see anything dynamic taking place though with what I’ve seen of Randolph I wouldn’t mind the Warriors seeing what they could get for Wright.