Some Things I’m Hearing …

Talked to various NBA types today at summer league (agents, coaches, GMs). I think some of the stuff in the rumor mill is interesting, so I’m assuming you would, too …

* There is NO WAY the Lakers match the Warriors offer to Ronny Turiaf. He is going to be a Warrior. Heard that a few times. It makes sense to me. It costs the Lakers too much. Oddly enough, the Turiaf signing impacts Ron Artest. Turiaf’s departure would create a role for Kenny Thomas, who is expected to be part of any deal between the Lakers and Kings.

* Believe it or not, I’ve heard twice now that the Warriors made a last-ditch effort to sign Baron. The day of the press conference where Baron annoucned his signing, I was told they called and said they would match. Baron rejected, obviously. You guys had been asking about the offers he got … one offer I was told about today was for Baron to opt out, take a base contract of five years for $50 million with a partial guarantee for the fourth year and no guarantee for the fifth year, plus about $5M worth of incentives. So only some $30 million was guaranteed over three years — after he opted out of the $18 million.
Is it accurate to call that a “low-ball” offer? I know Baron wanted security more than anything, so I can definitely see where he would’ve thought so.

* You’ve probably read stories coming out of Miami and Cleveland about sign-and-trades involving Monta. The Warriors would CONSIDER such for two players – Dwyane Wade and LeBron James. Anybody else, don’t buy it. It is so far from the truth. No way they lose Baron and Monta in the same summer.

* There were some whispers about Anthony Randolph sitting out the rest of summer league with that sprained left ankle. But Warriors assistant coach Keith Smart said Randolph could play Friday. If he had his way, he would’ve played Tuesday against Charlotte. But he wasn’t cleared by the medical staff.

* Don’t be surprised if Harrington sticks around for another year. He has an opt out clause next offseason. He could walk away from the last year ($10M) of his current deal. The reason he may have to wait until then? It’s no secret that Mulllin is a huge fan of Harrington. He went after him for a while before actually getting him, and word is that he’s not so keen on giving him up. The Warriors might consider it more sensible to use Harrington the right way – as more than a spot up shooter, but as a slasher, in the post, in isolations – than to trade him.

Marcus Thompson

  • Squall

    I think holding on to Al and using him to his strengths (inside 18 feet, in the paint, iso on the wing against a slower 4) rather then forcing him into a role (3pt shooter). Al really could help the Warriors, he gives the Dubs depth, also letting Wright maybe get 12-18 minutes to help him keep learning. Which is also how Marco should be used this year, back up Stephen and give Marco 12-18 minutes as well.

  • Bo

    Nice to see Warriors tried to keep Baron. 3 years / $30 million? Are you kidding me? To make matters worse Mullin will give Monta a huge deal far overpaying what he is worth of over $10+ million.

  • GSWFan24

    I just heard rumor that the Piston’s want Andris for Billups. If this is true then Andris can start packing right after the Turiaf deal is official. I love Beans, he’s young, active but I cant see him getting that much better. I want the Warriors to win now, forget rebuilding 2-3 yr project. We have sucked too long to start over all ready. Point gaurd is the immediate need on this team! Monta will lead the league in TO’s at point. Mullin don’t forget about Marbury too! if available

  • wfan1

    Please, Billups is older than dirt and is getting hurt now. Stay away from Billups.

  • commish

    Some interesting info, especially about Al. I wondered why we wanted to trade Al, seemingly so badly, since he brings a lot of leadership and skill. I felt we should trade Al only if there is a real good deal because he has a very tradable contract after this season or may opt out ala Baron.

    Marcus, any word about Kosta? Is he coming back or heading to Europe? If he comes back do you think he’ll get any burn with Nellie at the helm?

    Another question, do you think C.J. is playing well enough for us to NOT worry about Dooling or creating a trade for a young starter level PG?

    Thanks for the info.

  • Le

    Dooling is not the answer. 8 pts and 1.6 assist a game last year. Not starting PG material. I rather see CJ.

  • GS Smith

    Are you kidding me? Beans for Billups? No way in hell do I do that deal. Billups will be on the downside of his career soon, if he isn’t already. Beans is what 22 years old? The sky is the limit for Andris if he continues to work hard, and big men are not a dime a dozen. Andris will continue to improve and I do not want to see it happen on another team.

    That my friends is a dumb a$$ trade!!

  • Phil

    Le, you’re kidding me right?

    Dooling is not the answer? You throw his stats out and say he’s not starting PG material.

    Then you throw out a D-Leaguer and imply you’d like Watson instead? Marco and CJ are Summer League All-Stars and nothing more. I’ll take Keyon 6 days out of 7 over CJ.

  • Vee

    I am now scared of our PG situation. So far in 3 summer league games, Watson has averaged 4.33 TO with only 4.3 assists in 30 min! We need a stable backup PG with a good AST-TO ratio to spell Monta.

    Also, Biedrins for Billups is nuts. The Pistons definitely started this rumor themselves. Billups will be out of the league in 2 years while Biedrins will be getting 11-12 rebounds (9.8 reb in just 27.2 min last season), 1.5 blocks, and 10-15 pts at 60% with no play run for him for the next 6 years!

  • Petaluman

    Thanks for following up on Harrington’s contract. I’m hoping he stays with us this year, and gets the opportunity to use more of his skill set.

    I do think that it’s good to have 3 PGs on the roster – starter (Monta), proven backup (??), and developmental (CJ). This is especially true in our case, since Ellis has not played a lot at the point.

  • Gerald

    It is a shame that Baron was lowballed by the Warriors. I do think the dude was lazy on occassion, but i felt without jrich, that he was the heart and soul of our team. I am glad to see Baron go back home, but i am also VERY glad Brand is no longer a clipper.

  • garlicboy

    Great work!!! It feeds us diehard fans. I just want to know if the Warriors can sign Bobby Brown, and if the Warriors have looked into signing the best Unrestricted PG available, Carlos Arroyo.

  • LT in LA

    Here is a question for everyone out there…

    What is Monta’s ceiling? What about Biedrins?

    Be honest.

    Between the two, who could the W’s get more for?

    What is harder to find, a skilled 22 year old big man with hands like butter and a developing offensive game (think about him playing in a system and under a coach where his skills could evolve) or a lightning quick 22 year old SG with a nice midrange game, who is fearless attacking the rim and who is perfect for the style that his team plays (think about Monta having to play in a half court set every time down the floor, much less run the point). I guess you have to consider the fact that Nelson will be gone nest year and what style of offense will the W’s run, but who would give up Monta or Andris (in a sign and trade) if the package was right? There are rumors out there.

  • garlicboy

    Monta would be fine in a halfcourt set, ever see Tony Parker play? Monta can do what Tony Paker does, but he’s better at it(getting to the rim, and he has a jumper, and a better rebounder).Biedrins, he’s that solid center that you need.

    You need both these guys. Their ceiling is as high as they want it to be. There is tons of room for improvement.

  • EJ

    He also has Duncan and Manu.

  • LT in LA

    I have, in fact, seen Tony Parker play. Isn’t he the primary ball handler on a team that has a couple of rings? Didn’t he win MVP if the finals two years ago? Just making sure. Have you seen Monta run the point? Scary…Point guards are born not made.

  • Andy

    If the thing about the Warriors trying to resign Baron is true then it makes them seem even more desperate to the public.

    I’d like to try and not judge the management this early in the off season but I’m confused as to what type of logic they’re using right now. They refuse Baron due to injury, age, etc…citing that they are going young now because the West is just ridiculously stacked. Then they go and give more money and years to players with the same m.o. as Baron? Couldn’t get them so they give it to a veteran thats never played a full season his entire career?

    If they were really going to go young, then they should have extended Monta and Biedrins immediately after Baron opted out instead of offering max money to Brand and Arena’s. Then go sign players that have been good role players (Turiaf’s a start) but not necessarily stars. If we are to hand this team off to Monta Ellis then there is no reason to go out and sign Brand, Arenas, or even Corey Maggette for that matter. Yeah Maggette’s a nice upgrade from Barnes & Pietrus but at $40 mil?! We gained 1 very good perimeter offensive option while we lose 2 very good perimeter defensive players. Now we’re most likely down to one defensive player seeing how even Buike’s most likely leaving for greener pastures.

  • Al Oha

    Sometimes it is better to NOT POST a comment and keep people wondering if you are ignorant or not (of FA’s, possible trades, Capology, W’s and other player’s league-wide value, and general BB IQ), than to POST……and remove all doubt.

    Maggette will not be a Warrior for the life of his contract. He is an efficient scorer and a decent influence in the gym for the young players until ARand is ready to start. Then he will be a valued asset to a team making a run at the title. He is still young enough that the W’s will get their $$$ worth.

    Turiaf’s contract is likely to be front-loaded so he will be more of a deal with each passing year. Another easily tradeable asset when and if say …. Hendrix is ready to bang and play major minutes.

    Monta AND AB will be in Warrior uniforms for at least 3 more years of their new 6-year contracts. They will continue to make great strides in improving and for the rest of their contracts will be looked at as good deals.

    ARand will blossom into something this league has never seen …….. a near-7-footer who handles and can score like a 2 or a 3. Him initiating offense from the top of the key with Monta and Maggete (or do I dare dream, LeBron) slashing and AB and BW using developing, quick inside moves will be hard to defend and stop. And they would still have the uptempo speed game.

    The possibilities would be endless.

  • Al Oha

    ……and, yes, the above 1st paragraph applies to me, too

  • michael

    I wonder if Brand’s change of heart had more to do with possible tampering than being closer to home. As for Baron I hate to see him leave but the last image of him is not pretty, an elimination game and he couldn’t or wouldn’t play. Looks like they may try to pick up another guard or two but that just keeps them in the lottery. It was great while it lasted.

  • We_Are_The_Littles

    “Now we’re most likely down to one defensive player seeing how even Buike’s most likely leaving for greener pastures.”

    Going to the Clippers isn’t necessarily leaving for greener pastures.

    By the way, who is this Bobbi Brown kid I keep reading about. Is he playing on our summer league squad in Utah?

  • garlicboy

    Point guards are made not born really?

    Explain Chauncey Billups averaging 4 consecutive years of less than 4 assists, and later blossoming into a PG.

    Explain Tony Parker not averaging a double double with the best big man in the game. He’s far from being a pure PG.

    Derek Fisher, is he a pure PG? Guy has a bunch of rings though.

    How many rings do pure PG’s Nash, Kidd, Paul and Williams have?

    Monta will be fine at point, he doesn’t need to be. He needs a big man. I love pure PG’s. The irony is, I haven’t seen a pure PG win a ring since Isiah and Magic more than 15 years ago.

  • garlicboy

    The best TEAMS win, don’t put on all on the PG. We need to focus on being a young team with great chemistry, team play and defense. Example: Portland last year.

  • garlicboy

    Exactly, he has Tony and Manu. Monta has Jax and Maggette. What we need is a big guy, especially on the defensive end of the court. Camby would have been perfect.

  • EJ

    yeah, i would’ve rolled the nice on camby. maybe we could’ve packaged biedrins to miami for marion.

    the warriors play so much one on one that a “true point” probably wouldn’t matter anyway.

  • Jrs2300

    Tired of hearing about Baron… Let the man go home… it’s not like he went to the Bucks or something… The man went home…gets to sleep in his REAL bed… be around his family…. What’s wrong with that ?

    It’s just like Jon Gruden.. He went back to a place where he was raised.. where his parents are and his kids get to be with their family…

    Sometimes people seem to forget those type of things… For all those people out there who have 1 hour or 2 hour commutes in the morning and evening.. what would you do if you could get paid more for working closer to home..???? Get some understanding and perspective everyone..

  • Pinko

    The ‘people’ Marcus ‘heard’ the Baron rumor from were non other than Baron’s people. That is just a little slap for the W’s screwing up the Brand transaction for the Clips and then taking Magette off the map.

    What a false rumor. The last thing I ‘heard’ from W’s central themselves: They offered two years, $ 28 mil. They were not going beyond the third year. So yeah, that is lower than $15 mil per, but it is fair for keeping the love alive.

    Quit buying into lies…

  • Richard

    It was interesting to learn the Warriors matched the Clippers offer for Baron. This, in my view, confirms that Baron signed with the Clippers so he would be better situated to attend Kate Hudson ‘s Hollywood parties. According to what I’ve heard Baron is hooked on Hollywood parties, and he was having to fly up to them after Warrior home games to go to these celebrity parties. Thus, by moving to the Clipper there would be no commute.

  • Le


    I do not want my starting PG avg 1.6 ast per game the previous year. We have plenty of guys that can score 20+ per game. Get me someone that can dish the ball. If not, let Monta play PG and we can have JAX, Maggette, CJ, Belineli handle the ball occassionally. If your want Dooling to backup, then I’m with you.
    As for Billups, he will make us better the next year of 2 but is not the answer either. I rather work a trade with some a young PG that we can develop that plays good defense and focuses on creating for his teamates.

  • Le