View from Las Vegas

Here are some observations from summer league:

* Thaddeus Young is a beast

* Part of the Warriors coaching staff, including Don Nelson, were watching the Philly-Lakers game. But they left early, making a special trip to the Hornets-Spurs game. They were going to look at a certain point guard who’s been turning heads (15.3 points, 6.0 assists).

*Brandan Wright didn’t look as good as I’d thought. He was good, but he didn’t look as in control as I’d hope. Certainly wasn’t dominant. Marco Belinelli and C.J. Watson were clearly the best players, the most in control and the most dominant. Wright made a couple of plays here and there, but he wasn’t a baller out there.
A lot of it has to do with the summer league style of play. Lots of hacking. Little strategy. Short on talent. It takes some offensive creativity to flourish. At this point, Wright is a system player. He needs the help to get going, which means he needs an offense that includes him and good teammates around him. He’s not going to take over on his own.

* C.J. looked good, especially in the first half. I was eager to see him. I’m thinking he could be the back-up point guard. Sure, there are better guys out there (more expensive, too). But I would feel even better about him after watching him. He was aggressive, productive on both ends. He looked sure of himself, no sign of the nerves we saw last season. He can score. He’s been showing some of his passing skills. He’s still a bit too quiet on the court. If he’s that way in the summer league, how’s he going to calm down Stephen Jackson.

*Marco has an unbelievable stroke. But he doesn’t look good handling the ball. I know Nellie wants him to run some point. He handled the ball a lot against the Bobcats, and he didn’t look comfortable at all. Washington State guard Kyle Weaver had Marco all rattled, even picked his pocket twice.

Marcus Thompson