View from Las Vegas

Here are some observations from summer league:

* Thaddeus Young is a beast

* Part of the Warriors coaching staff, including Don Nelson, were watching the Philly-Lakers game. But they left early, making a special trip to the Hornets-Spurs game. They were going to look at a certain point guard who’s been turning heads (15.3 points, 6.0 assists).

*Brandan Wright didn’t look as good as I’d thought. He was good, but he didn’t look as in control as I’d hope. Certainly wasn’t dominant. Marco Belinelli and C.J. Watson were clearly the best players, the most in control and the most dominant. Wright made a couple of plays here and there, but he wasn’t a baller out there.
A lot of it has to do with the summer league style of play. Lots of hacking. Little strategy. Short on talent. It takes some offensive creativity to flourish. At this point, Wright is a system player. He needs the help to get going, which means he needs an offense that includes him and good teammates around him. He’s not going to take over on his own.

* C.J. looked good, especially in the first half. I was eager to see him. I’m thinking he could be the back-up point guard. Sure, there are better guys out there (more expensive, too). But I would feel even better about him after watching him. He was aggressive, productive on both ends. He looked sure of himself, no sign of the nerves we saw last season. He can score. He’s been showing some of his passing skills. He’s still a bit too quiet on the court. If he’s that way in the summer league, how’s he going to calm down Stephen Jackson.

*Marco has an unbelievable stroke. But he doesn’t look good handling the ball. I know Nellie wants him to run some point. He handled the ball a lot against the Bobcats, and he didn’t look comfortable at all. Washington State guard Kyle Weaver had Marco all rattled, even picked his pocket twice.

Marcus Thompson

  • EJ

    I do wish CJ was more vocal. But he is nicknamed “The Quiet Storm”.

    I’m kinda routing for Demarcus Nelson, but I think the offense is too free flowing for Dukie like him.

    Al Harrington and Brandon Wright for Josh Smith (sign-and-trade)?

  • petaluman


    DraftExpress/ShamSports show Harrington as having an ETO in 2009-10. Could you confirm whether this is true? It would potentially have a big impact on his future with the team if he could opt out at the end of this season.

  • LosT

    Is Bobbie Brown available??? Any word on Turiof?

  • haastheman

    Well, I’ve been to all three warrior games this summer league, and here’s what i’ve seen.

    Watson – Solid back up point guard. decent jump shot, solid defense. However, this is against summer league talent. Couldn’t stop dj last night, but DJ didn’t exactly stop him either.

    Marco – good shooter, but he’s not mullin, more like… wouldn’t compare him to anybody really. handles the ball ok, but don’t expect him to get to the rim AND finish.

    Randolph – Looks like he feels like he’s the best player on the court. Lots of confidence. Maybe further along then Brandon Wright, but a little erratic. doesn’t play with his back to the basket very much. He’s a 3, but looks like he thinks he’s a two. Good off ball defense.

    Wright – Was much more impressive the third game when Randolph sat out. Can be somewhat passive, lets the game come to him rather then trying to impose his will on the game, which is a good thing for a young player. Very skilled player though. Shouldn’t dribble too much, but what 4 should.

  • haastheman

    I talked to Bobby Brown’s mom at the last game, she said LB (bobby brown) will be playing with the warrior summer league team in utah. This kid is the real deal. I saw him put it on DJ, but like i said earlier, Augustin plays no defens. I’ve nicknamed him J Augistin, because the D is silent. The kid has been beaten up the last two games by Bobby Brown, who played in Germany last year, and Watson, who played in the D league last year.

  • are you talking about Bobby Brown that played at Cal State Fullerton?

  • LosT


    Hopefully these rosters aren’t set, because I don’t see Brown on the squad…

  • LosT

    Bobby Brown from Oregon…

  • Whitney

    No, it’s the singer, my ex!

  • GSWFan24

    I agree with the assessment regarding Randolph, the kid has swagger, as if he knows something we all don’t know? Brandon Wright is soft and non creative. If you ain’t ballin in summer league then…

  • goingforthemoney.com

    Brandon Wright is not soft. He is just a guy who would rather follow than lead. Once Nelson cuts him loose you will see him blossom quite nicely. By the way, the man only weighs two bucks and he’s never going to weigh more than 225 in his life and that is if he is lucky!
    PS: Brandon played well in the limited time he got last year and summer league usually mask a lot of players skills

  • Jackdarippa

    Hasstheman thinks Thaddeus Young has MVP potential? Has also posted that Monta is a bonafide star, “as good as AI in Philly” . I’m grateful for the on location scouting reports! I’m hoping that A Randolph is the real deal too! He’s the Dubs answer to KD ” The Future”. Why couldn’t the Dubs get Camby?

  • Alberto

    Marcus, I really do not know what you were watching. Marco plays a lot better when he has the ball in his hands. I believe he could pretty good at the PG position.

  • Titan

    Bobby Brown went to Cal State Fullerton and is the school’s all-time leading scorer.