Azubuike a Goner?

A couple sources have informed me that Warriors restricted free agent guard Kelenna Azubuike has signed an offer sheet with the L.A. Clippers, meaning he could join Baron Davis in his relocation to Southern Cali. A source close to Azubuike said its a three-year deal
worth $3 million a year. I got wind of it last night and got confirmation today. Azubuike’s signing comes a day after James Posey, the most sought after swingman left in the free agent class, signed with the Hornets. While one could make a case that Azubuike
was the best swingman available, he
was so far down on the Warriors’ priority list that they probably wouldn’t have been able to sign him before August – after Monta Ellis and Andris Biedrins are signed, and maybe after they pulled a trade.
The Clippers had about $3M in cap space left. Because Azubuike is restricted, the Warriors will have seven days to match. According to a team source, the team had yet to receive the signed offer sheet.

Marcus Thompson

  • Petaluman

    I think that 3M is reasonable for Kelenna, and that we are likely to match that. Clippers can’t go much higher without renouncing more players.

    Marcus, once we reach the cap, we should then be able to use the MLE and BAE exclusions if we want to add more players, right?

  • jack

    nellie is driving away all the good talent. can’t we just rid of nellie instead and his stupid small ball. buike was a great player who got no PT so that our starters could play 45 minutes a night. then they threw 50 million at a crappy player. warriors need to correct this blunder and MATCH. buike will be better than marco.

  • EJ

    i think buike is gone. i didn’t really see him staying with marco on the team, and now maggette. that would been a heck of a gun show at the oracle with him and maggette, though. haha.

    i’m surprised boston didn’t go after him with posey gone. he would’ve fir perfect with them. i’m sure baron had a hand in the offer sheet. he’d also get a chance to maybe start with mobley and gordon as the competition.

    marcus, if its true that mullin was trying to sign baron to the bitter end, doesn’t that speak volumes of how he projects this team to function without him? it’s not neccessarily saying that he has no confidence in monta’s ability to run point, but that they really have no choice.

    my predictions for this coming season:

    -monta averages 25ppg, 4rpg, 4apg, 4to
    -maggette averages 23ppg
    -slap fight a la deion/rison between davis/jax (that’d be cool)
    -belinelli makes a run for most improved
    -35 wins; 3rd in pacific (clippers finish with 35 as well, but warriors take season series)

  • Phil

    I hope the Warriors keep Kelenna, more for his defense than anything else. He played great against Kobe late in the season and he’s the only one on the team who can defend him. From what I’ve heard about Corey Maggette, he is not a strong defender and neither is Marco, so the W’s really need Kelenna when they have to match up with a key scorer like Kobe. And he’s not afraid to take key shots either, so that makes him very valuable.

  • Vee

    Just match it.

  • itsagreattimeout

    We HAVE to match that. I think he’s worth even more. Plus we can’t let the Clippers sign another serviceable player.

  • Kinglear

    If the Warrior don’t sign Ellis & Biedrins they are flirting with disaster. Not that they are super stars, but there wont’ be anything one left for the fans to identify with or be interested in?

  • mw


  • Niners in 2009

    If we match we need to trade Belinelli for a PG(Lowry?). There’s no point having Beli rot on the bench behind Jacks, Maggette, and Buike for the next two years.

  • garlicboy

    If we signed Barnes and MP for $3.5 million a piece last year, we better sign Buike for 3 years $3 million. Worst case we can trade him later on in the season, his value will be high.

    If we don’t sign him, he will be a Warrior killer.

  • Joe

    Warrior killer is right… he scored a career high 28 points on Maggette his rookie year and a new career high 33 points on Maggette last season… 😐

  • Danzster

    The Dubs need to match. Buike is a player, at two positions, and he plays very good D. Remember how tough he played Kobe? Marco has a pretty shot when he is “on”, but he is weak at most everything else and he is a luxury the Warriors may have to do without.

  • garlicboy

    Good info. We suck, we should have done what the Clips did. I can’t believe what I just said, but we should have traded for Camby, then signed Azubuike.

    Azubuike did 15/6 filling in for J-Rich when he was injured. He’s better now. Buike is a better rebounder and defender than Maggette, not too mention younger and cheaper.

  • garlicboy

    Yeah Belinelli in the NBA would put up stats like CJ did the other day against DJ Augustin. CJ scored 23, but he also gave up 30.

    Darn that sounds like Maggette!!! He averages 22, but against Buike(and who knows who else) gives up 30.

  • Jrs2300

    Warriors like to play alot of 3 guard.. even with their bench players.. Bring Back Buike.. Who are you going to replace him with ?? So far it’s like saying would you trade Baron Davis and Azubuike for Maggette and Turiaf and my answer is Heck NO..

    Buike did play great against Kobe.. and he’s getting better and better.. Whoever said they could sign him and if all goes bad Trade him at the All Star Break was right…

    So far the Warriors are looking a little dump in Free Agency…

    Why is everyone so bad on Belinelli.. he didn’t even get a chance yet… Geez… How about any of Us come to America and play for Don Nelson.. How easy would that be… Look at Bedrins though…

  • Vee

    Mullin will just wait until the last second to match, so that the Clips’ remaining cap room is locked up until next Thursady and lose a week’s opportunity.

    There is no reason for us to not match this $9 mil for 3 years deal (as reported by ESPN). $3 mil nowadays is cheap for a rotation player, just look at how much you pay 1st round picks who may not be even in the league after 2-3 years.

    Azubuike can contribute for us at SG/SF, so unless ALL of Belinelli, Randolph AND Watson play great, Azubuike will get minutes. Otherwise, with just a $3 mil salary, we can easily trade him by the trade deadline if all of Belinelli/Randolph/Watson play well (which is good news for us).

  • garlicboy

    Great 4th game for the Dubs, we lost to the Kings. Belinelli was 1 for 6 from the field and scored 6 points! He also gave up 36 points to undersized Quincy Douby.


    Why you ask?

    Because with Belinelli’s lack of D and inconsistent offense, it increases the Dubs chances of signing Azubuike. YES!!!

    If Marco has 1 more bad game, I think Buike is a lock!!!