Ronny’s Waiting Just Like Us

Caught up with Ronny Turiaf this morning. He declined to talk about the Warriors since nothing is official. But guess what he was doing? Chilling.
“It’s a normal day for me, playing with my daughter,” he said. “Only difference is I’m sitting by the phone waiting on a call.”
Didn’t sound at all as if he knew what the verdict was, which means the Lakers aren’t giving any indication. This thing could play out until the final hour.
FYI, it was reported that Thursday was the day the Lakers had to match. But it’s actually today. Turiaf signed the offer sheet last Thursday, but the Lakers didn’t get it until Friday. They have until midnight to match.

Marcus Thompson

  • Maybe he should mix in a little working out and some practice on that erratic shot of his. Chilling doesn’t put points on the board. He’s guaranteed to make $4 mil, He better do a little less chilling and earn his new paycheck..

  • Scott

    Geez Eric,

    Your going a little harsh on the guy, he’s spending some time with his daughter.

    It’s not like the guy is Kobe getting 24 mil. 4 million is pretty much what a decent 7th or 8th man makes on an NBA team. If we get him I am sure we will pleased with his work ethic.

  • PhilB

    Ronny will be fine. I did get upset when $9M man Adonal Foyle got more praise for reading the Wall Street Journal than the playbook.

  • Many a Laker fan will miss Ronny, presuming they do not match today. He should get plenty of minutes at his natural PF spot playing for Golden State. I wouldn’t be at all surprised to see him have a breakout season for them. Although I’ve read plenty of criticism that he’s not worth 4+ million per season, I think GSW fans will be glad over what a bargain they have grabbed when it’s all said and done.

    Best of luck to you, Ronny! You were a great teammate in LA.

  • YO ERIC! we didnt get him for his shot making… We got him for his REBOUNDING AND LOW POST D…. relax, 4 million is fair and a decent price for a guy who does the dirty work…

    we now have

    C AB

    C R T

    PF C M

    PF B W

    PF R H

    that’s a good blend of bigs

    2 guys who do the dirty work

    2 Finesse guys

    and AB

    I dont think AL will be back… were really deep

    up front now….

    not to mention were stacked at the guard position…

    I know we dont have a typical PG but were still deep

    at G

    the only way I see Al coming back is if he comes off

    the bench and I dont think he wants to do that…

  • garlicboy

    He’s signed!!!

    I think we can say good bye to the 20 rebound games by Boozer, Odom, Aldridge, Gasol, etc.

    We got 2 proven big, bigs now.