M-Will a Warrior

Just confirmed the NY Post article that the Warriors have traded a conditional first-rounder to the Nets for Marcus Williams, the former UConn star. Looks like the Warriors have found their PG to back-up Monta.
He’s not as fast as you’d like, but he’s creative with the ball, has a solid outside shot and is a sure ball-handler. He can start if necessary and won’t be much of a drop off.
This could be a sign that the Warriors will probably match Kelenna Azubuike’s offer sheet with the Clippers. Adding Williams’ $1.2 million salary for this season doesn’t hurt their chances of adding Azubuike. They still can add another one. But the fact that they did it before the seven days were up suggests they are trying to get their last few moves in before exhausting most of their remaining cap space on Azubuike.

Marcus Thompson