M-Will a Warrior

Just confirmed the NY Post article that the Warriors have traded a conditional first-rounder to the Nets for Marcus Williams, the former UConn star. Looks like the Warriors have found their PG to back-up Monta.
He’s not as fast as you’d like, but he’s creative with the ball, has a solid outside shot and is a sure ball-handler. He can start if necessary and won’t be much of a drop off.
This could be a sign that the Warriors will probably match Kelenna Azubuike’s offer sheet with the Clippers. Adding Williams’ $1.2 million salary for this season doesn’t hurt their chances of adding Azubuike. They still can add another one. But the fact that they did it before the seven days were up suggests they are trying to get their last few moves in before exhausting most of their remaining cap space on Azubuike.

Marcus Thompson

  • This guy looks like Derek Fisher JR. Could be solid, but nothing spectacular. I do like it better then getting an old scrub like Dooling.

  • Tony Hicks

    Thanks for the timeliness, Marcus. I know it’s a bit simplistic, but who does Williams play like? I admit to not remembering much about him. Also – do you really think they got him as a back-up to Monta? I still don’t like the idea of going full-bore with Monta at the point most of the time – though I have to say, I think it’s less of a big deal than some people are making it, considering so many great scoring guards over the years were their team’s real playmakers.

  • Mike D

    That’s a nice thought. If we add Azubuike to the current mix of guys, you have a nice bunch of talented players. Other than our coach and the style of play, I’m not sure what the team identity will be. They should be fun to watch.

  • EJ

    love the trade. now we have flat-out ball handler on the team.

  • Joe

    Marcus Williams is a baller, he would have been a lottery pick on 06′ if it weren’t for some character issue’s at Uconn. He can handle the ball, passes extremely well, especially on the break and he knows how to run an offense. He is also known as having a bit of an attitude problem and for being out of shape, that said, if anyone can turn him around and into a nice player, it’s Don Nelson. Look what he did with Baron’s out of shape non-motivated butt.

  • EJ

    that’s true, joe. and what player wouldn’t be motivated playing in nellie’s system?

  • tscrilla

    good trade dont forget this guy spent his first two or three years backin up jason kidd, he probably learned a few things. also in response to post #2 they will most likely see if they can start williams and move ellis back to his natural 2 spot. but then you have to find out what to do with stephen jackson

  • LT in LA

    Joe is right…Williams was considered the best “pure” point guard coming out of college in ’06. This is a good get for the W’s. I really hope that he can develop so we can actually play Monta at his natural position.

  • Just posted a web vote on InsideBayArea.com: What has been the Warriors best offseason move so far?

    I’m looking forward to finding out.

  • Charlie

    I don’t know if the Warriors are going to match Azubuike’s offer. With Bellinelli looking to get more P.T. as backup to S-Jack and Demarcus Nelson playing well in the summer league and hungry for a spot. I think the Warriors are fine without Azubuike. I love Buike’s hard-nosed play off the bench but Warriors are more focused on re-signing Ellis and Biedrins. If they have salary cap space, then great! No need for Azubuike!

    Rotation: (Minus BD, Add CM)
    PG Monta Ellis
    SG Stephen Jackson
    SF Corey Maggette
    PF Al Harrington
    C Andris Biedrins
    Bench: (New and Improved)
    PG Marcus Williams (solid backup)
    SG Marco Bellinelli
    SF Anthony Randolph (rookie standout)
    PF Brandan Wright
    C Ronny Turiaf (heart and energy)
    PG C.J. Watson (insurance backup at PG)
    SG Demarcus Nelson (ready to take a spot)
    PF Richard Hendrix (also ready to take a spot)
    C Kosta Perovic (insurance at C)

  • Wesley

    I like this signing of Marcus Williams. Is a solid backup at point guard and may start some games at the point and moving Ellis to his natural position some games, depending on matchups. Nellie is all about matchups! but yeah as for Azubuike, I think his short tenure with the Warriors is over. They have enough cap space to probably match the Clips offer, but I dont think Azubuike is worth that much. But if they do sign him, then Bellinelli’s role may diminish and Demarcus Nelson’s chances with the team are slimmer and I like Nelson. He has to be the surprise/dark horse/sleeper for this Warriors team if given a roster spot! He has a chip on his shoulder and has that fire that not many young players have.

  • James

    Buike is as good as gone, no way we match on him.

  • goingforthemoney.com

    It will remain to be seen if MW is ready to bring on his A game. He lost some of his confidence due to injury and may not be the same guy that was drafted by the Nets to be the heir apparent to Jason Kidd. He was tough when he first came out with his decent ball handling skills and good shooting stroke. As for Azubuike he is a keeper if they have the cap room. He is a great role player and spot starter and with heart. And for you people who think that 3 mil is to much think again. It is always better to lock up good role player then to wait until they have a breakout year and the price doubles. Remember we could have already locked Monta up before his current 8 to 10 million dollar market value.but yet again the W’s always wait until there backs are against the wall. Sign Buike already and quick messing around! He’s got experience now and he fits our style of play to the tee. He’s Quick, strong, jumps well, rebounds well, play good D, and can shoot and drive to the basket. You can’t keep discounting the intangible that a player like Buike brings to the table. He’s Steady As A Rock!

  • jeremy

    Marcus Williams plays with a little flash, which is what we lost when BD left. He never played consistent minutes in New Jersey so we can’t know what kind of pro we’re getting. But he clearly has game, and may flourish under Don Nelson the way Tim Hardaway did back in the day. Buike needs to be kept for the relative small money contract the Clips are offering. He’s a poor man’s James Posey who’s a year or two away from being james Posey. Think Nelly will actually play Randolph? What up with Brendan Wright, his he going to figure in this year?

  • We_Are_The_Littles

    Yes, we already could’ve locked up Monta for much cheaper, but it was a good move by the Warriors to wait. At least now we know Monta’s big payday is deserved.

    Unless you guys forgot, we locked up Jamison, Foyle, Murphy, and Dunleavy to big contracts, and none really lived up to their projected “upside”.

  • Timmy

    im a die hard nets fan, and i too saw alot of potential with marcus, and i still think he has some of it. as much as i wanted to keep him, he just didn’t have a good relationship with Frank and managment, the kid can play, but there r alot of questions about his heart, conditioning( which will be big for ur team) bad decision making and no defense (which shouldn’t b a prob for u guys) Any way, i see alot of similarities between marcus and a guy like ANDRE MILLER. similar body type, solid outside shooter, very nice handle and great passing but im not sure hes got the heart and dedication to turn into that type of player. anyway wish him all the luck, and u guys got a pretty nice core going over there, randolph, biedrins, wright, monta, marco.

  • nets fan

    he is lazy, out of shape, a bad teammate, an atrocious defender, and he pounds the rock, he also doesnt run, hes slow.

  • Mike

    From what I’ve read about Williams, I like this trade too. I like Azibuike, but what about Anthony Morrow, who is burning up the summer leagues? He’s a great shooter. Is he already committed to play in Europe? I saw something that says he is, but he looks like somebody with a lot of potential with the Warriors, if he can be signed. Do you know his contract status Marcus?

  • CBZ

    Calling Wiliams a poor defender would be the understatement of the decade. However many points he scores himself or assists on offense, he’ll give up twice as many on the other end.

  • Tony H

    Uh … Jamison did. And then some.

  • GSWFan24

    What kind of numbers would constitute a successful season for Monta next year? I’m guessing 23 pts 6 ast, 3 rebs, 2.5 stl, T.O’s at around 3 per game?

    What do you think?

  • gizzy

    As a Nets fan, Williams fell in the doghouse here early for not being in shape his rookie year. His biggest weakness is lack of defense. However,he wasn’t given much of a chance here and lost confidence. He has range for the 3. Everyone knows he’s going left, but still can’t stop him. He’s a good offensive player, much stronger than he looks. Good move.

  • Niners in 2009

    WE SIGNED MO EVANS! Goodbye Buike.

  • Niners in 2009


    “The Warriors have until Friday to match the offer, but two NBA sources said they will not because they signed forward Maurice Evans, who split time between the Lakers and Orlando last season, to a three-year, $6.4 million deal.”


  • We_Are_The_Littles

    Uh… if we would’ve kept Jamison around with a bloated contract, then we would be beating a dead horse by saying he’s a just a guy who scores in an unorthodox way, who is streaky, with no low post moves, and who doesn’t play D. He’s playing well because he’s playing in a weaker league. Good move by getting rid of him.

  • Le

    Love the trade. Just want W’s needed, solid pure backup PG that can work his way in the starting lineup. I also like the fact that the Nets don’t get a lottery pick from us.

    You are on the ball about Buike. He is not a great at anything but he is good at everything – and I’ll take him over Mo Evans. Evans played over 20 minutes a game last year and avg about 8 Pts, 1 AST, 3 RPG. Buike’s stats is identical except he has 1 more rebound per game. He is also younger and we know he fits our style of play.
    Regardless, keeping Buike or acquiring Evans would make us deeper, expecially with today’s trade. I am starting to look forward to next season.

    Blah, if you are listening, are you feeling better about your season tickets now?

  • well…Ive been a warrior fan for a longtime since world b free nahmeen…losing Baron was a big blow but not fatal. I would pay Buike he is quiet beast on the boards at the guard position, plays good help D,and he is not a punk…I do like Harrington, but when things do not go right he tends to punk out a little into that “oh no im lose role” instead of going into straight savage mode. Not many players like him in the league though but young Randolph makes him extra expendibe. We need another piece though….

  • PhillyJ


    When are we going to hear any news on signing Monta and Andris?? it’s been so long already and still nothing from Mullin or anyone on if they’re going to sign or not. It’s getting me worried that negotiations are dragging on this long. You hear anything about it?

  • johnfree

    I was getting really excited about this until I was reminded about the stolen laptop caper at UConn, now I’m not so sure.

    I guess now I’ll hope that SJax can council him on the virtues of virtue.

    we’ve collected too many young players to throw a bad apple in their midst. BWright I don’t worry about, but I know nothing about what kind of person Randolph is, all I know is he has a mean scowl on the court.

  • mark

    Speaking as a Nets fan, here is the take on Marcus:

    Slow, does not run.
    Poor lateral quickness, gets blown by on D a lot.
    Pounds the ball way too long.
    Shoots well.
    Good on pick and roll.
    Really doesn’t explode to the basket.
    No floater.
    Exhibits very little passion.

    I wish him the best.

  • Danzster

    It will be interesting to watch the results of this trade unfold during pre-season and the first two months of the season. I don’t believe we should assume that if the “Monta is our PG” trial proves not to be our long term solution that Marcus Williams slides into the starting PG position, or even plays significant minutes. I’m just saying, the Dubs trading for a PG with questions about his “conditioning” suggests young Marcus has much to prove. After all, the Nets liked Dooling, a journeyman with not much upside, better than Williams.

    And……what’s up with the Mo Evans discussion. Have we signed him, meaning we like him at $6M more than Buike at $9??? Thumbs down on this, if true.

  • petaluman

    Personally, I like continuity, and I liked Kelenna’s story and play. I’m sorry to see him go. It looks like Mo Evans offers much the same things, has a couple years more experience, and is 1M/yr less.

    We may still have a little more than the veteran’s minimum left under the cap. I’ll like this deal better if we use the remainder to pick up another solid veteran.

  • Robo

    Although low risk, this pickup looks like a waste of time; it’s similar to the W’s moves for Hudson, Croshere, and Webber from last year. Those moves to me pulled away attention from the team and cost the W’s some games. What the W’s needed in addition to a point guard was a leader to help Jax. Hopefully, Al can step into this role. I just don’t see Williams being able to shine at all at Summer Camp; he will either get injured or end up in Nellie’s doghouse after Monta blows by him for the 48th time.

  • Saugus

    I want Shawn Livingston. From what I understand they can get him cheap, and we all know the W’s like that. Him and Monte can play together. What you guys think?

  • jordan

    i want shawn to but we’re out of money and you guys should see anthony morrow he’s playing great in the rocky mountain revenue and vegas.

  • jordan

    oh and they resigned azubuike and ellis.

  • Marcus is best suited for a starting job.
    He isn’t a good back up.

  • Commenting usually isnt my thing, but ive spent an hour on the site, so thanks for the info