Warriors Talking to Mo Evans

The Warriors still need a back-up swing man, but it may not be Kelenna Azubuike, as I expected. According to a Warriors source, they are talking to swingman Maurice Evans, who was no longer needed in Orlando once Mickael Pieteus signed with the Magic.
The Riverside Press Enterprise reported he signed for three years, $6.4 million. But he has not signed the deal, the source said. The numbers were settled on before Evans backed out. Why? You’re right. He wants more money.
So, here’s the deal. If Evans wants too much, the Warriors will match Kelenna Azubuike, who plays the same position. If Evans takes the offer, they will sign him and let Azubuike go to the Clippers, who signed him to the offer sheet for three years and just over $9 million. The Warriors aren’t jumping too much higher, if at all. He certainly won’t be getting the deal Azubuike will. Evans turns 30 in November. Azubuike turns 25 in December.
This all has to go down by Friday, the Warriors’ deadline for matching Azubuike.
Which would you want? The veteran with playoff experience who is limited, but you know what he is going to bring? Or the young, sometimes inconsistent player oozing with the potential to be more than a role player?

Marcus Thompson