Warriors Talking to Mo Evans

The Warriors still need a back-up swing man, but it may not be Kelenna Azubuike, as I expected. According to a Warriors source, they are talking to swingman Maurice Evans, who was no longer needed in Orlando once Mickael Pieteus signed with the Magic.
The Riverside Press Enterprise reported he signed for three years, $6.4 million. But he has not signed the deal, the source said. The numbers were settled on before Evans backed out. Why? You’re right. He wants more money.
So, here’s the deal. If Evans wants too much, the Warriors will match Kelenna Azubuike, who plays the same position. If Evans takes the offer, they will sign him and let Azubuike go to the Clippers, who signed him to the offer sheet for three years and just over $9 million. The Warriors aren’t jumping too much higher, if at all. He certainly won’t be getting the deal Azubuike will. Evans turns 30 in November. Azubuike turns 25 in December.
This all has to go down by Friday, the Warriors’ deadline for matching Azubuike.
Which would you want? The veteran with playoff experience who is limited, but you know what he is going to bring? Or the young, sometimes inconsistent player oozing with the potential to be more than a role player?

Marcus Thompson

  • drew

    buike for sure

  • Scott

    After adding another youngster in Williams, I like the idea of adding Evans. I think he would flourish in Nelson’s system and could be instant offense off the bench.

    I like Kelenna, but sometimes he seems too passive on the court. From what I’ve seen from Evans, he looks like a beast and not intimidated by anyone.

    Tough call, but for 2-3 mil, I would take Evans.

  • Rob W

    I’d stick with KA. More upside.

  • AJ

    rather have Buke!! Damn Cohan doesn’t want to pay the extra 1.4 mil

  • s1illafan

    potential vs now. since we seem to be moving toward younger players it wouldn’t make much sense to chose evans. but if evans fits into the salary structure for the team he may not be a bad pickup. K.A has been inconsistent off the bench which will likely be his future role with the team.

  • CAM

    I would rather bring Kelenna back with his higher rebound rate and the fact that we’re one of the worst rebounding teams in the league, also I like his poise the ability to finish strong, and block shots, bring back Azubuike!!!!!!

  • petaluman

    Personally, I like continuity, and I liked Kelenna’s story and play. I’m sorry to see him go. It looks like Mo Evans offers much the same things, has a couple years more experience, and is 1M/yr less.

    We may still have a little more than the veteran’s minimum left under the cap. I’ll like this deal better if we use the remainder to pick up another solid veteran, maybe a PG or SF/PF.

  • garlicboy

    Sign Buike just to spite the Clips and trade him to an Eastern Conference team. Buike for Josh Boone and Ager. Then sign Maurice Evans.

    I think Evans is the better role player for our squad since we’re loaded at the wings with proven players, Monta, Jax, Maggette and Harrington and have potential wings in Marco and Randolph. Buike is the better rebounder, is younger and has a higher ceiling, but he may be a malcontent.

    Maurice Evans=Pietrus – the low Basketball IQ.

  • esper

    Yes the Warriors are going young, but no team with mostly young players will be successful without veterans to learn from. Unless we need to offer alot more cash to Evans I say take him. Evans has a chance to step up and be a leader on the Warriors and teach a young team, Buike will not be a leader and is to quite which is not something the Warriors need at this time. I would hate to see him go but I think the best thing for the Warriors right now is Mid aged Veterans that have not had their chance to step up do to being back ups or injury. Evans last season averaged almost 50% shooting and 40% from the 3pt. That with a team that will allow him to take shots sounds pretty good to me.

  • Denis France

    Dumbest move the Warriors could make is to let Kelenna A. go. They need his defense, rebounding, and 3 pt. shooting. Adding Mo Evans would be a good move, but not at the expense of losing KA

  • Jon


    Newly signed players cannot be traded for 3 months or until Dec 15. RFA’s who’ve had offers matched cannot be traded without their permission for one year.

    If you’re going to suggest poor ideas, at least check to see if they’re possible in reality.

    What evidence do you have that Azubuike is a malcontent? He was a hard working Warrior in training camp last season and willingly played in a variety of roles for Nelson this past season.

    Does the team really need a 29-yr-old role player?

    If the price is close, go with Azubuike for continuity and upside. Evans “now” is not outproducing Azubuike by any measurable amount.

  • Vee

    Definitely Buike if salary is not a concern. The Magic HAD Evans but they signed Pietrus for defense and 3-pt shooting . Obviously, they preferred Pietrus over Evans. Why would we want Evans if the Magic thinks Pietrus is an improvement!?

  • Mrs Italy

    Garlicboys idea is awful…yes maybe in a perfect world that would work but come on, you think it’s that easy. No chance no shot no way no how…I say we explore trades for jackson and harrington, were going to be a young team either way you cut the cake. I say see what you can get for either of those guys, if not to get some quality youngsters in return but to open some cap space for next year. Sorry to say warrior fans this is not our year and we shouldnt be like the Giants pretending it is, only to figure out halfway through the season that we really arent going anywhere. Plan for the future because the present took a hit when BD opted out. I actually dont care that he opted out we werent going to win a championship anyway, but lets build this thing the right way.

  • Mrs Italy

    Also Andris Biedrins and B-Wright seem like two very similar players. I dont know that we should keep both of them. Sign and trades anyone

  • goingforthemoney.com

    The only thing inconsistant about Azibuike is his minutes. Nelson is the one who has an erratic rotation even when a guy is going well. Buike is an excellent player and he is a team player, not a milcontent as some have suggested. Buike’s only real inconsistancy coincided with the tendinitis in his knee. Just because somebody comes cheaper doesn’t mean he’s better for your team no matter how one might try an spin it. Evans is more of a gamble than buike. At least you know what you get with him! As far as i’m concern i prefer that evans continue to renege on the agreed upon offer and we keep Buike instead.

  • garlicboy

    Buike is a better player with room to grow, however that does not necessarily mean he’s better for our team.

    I liken our team to Denver in regards to our talented wing positions, but lack of wing role players, i.e. willing defenders, passers, rebounders. Evans has proven to be a willing defensive role player and has played in the playoffs for 4 consecutive seasons and produced. So he is no slouch.

    In addition, Buike has an opt out for his 3rd year, which more than likely he will use if he continues to improve.

  • PhillyJ

    of course Azubuike! Can you really compare Mo Evans aging body to Buike who has all this potential? Mullin will regret it if he loses Buike and watches him develop into a star.

  • haastheman

    I like what’s going on in warrior land. Monta will start, but there will probably several sets with Mdub at the point and Monta at the two. I can see Nellie putting Jax or Mags at the four with either Wright or Beaters at the five. This team is versatile. Very versatile

  • EJ

    IMHO, Evans will be just another body to bring off the bench and not neccessarily the contributor Azubuike was last year. The minutes Buike got last year will likely be eaten up by Belinelli and Maggette. I look at Evans as more of insurance if anything.

  • garlicboy

    This signing is kinda fishy. We all know Azbuike is already cheap at $3 million. It almost looks as if the Dubs are penny pinching. I’m guessing, we’re penny pinching to make a serious run at Carlos Boozer in 2009.

    How did the 76ers land Brand? Traded away
    1.) Kyle Korver
    2.) Had to clear $2 more million off the books by trading away 1st rounder, Carney and Booth for nothing but cap space.

    Not saying we’re going to land Boozer, but it looks like we’re clearing cap space. If we don’t land him in 2009, we still have a team that’s played together for 2 years and major cap space, and can make a move for a free agent in 2010.

  • drew

    We should get Shaun Livingston for dirt cheap. Maybe he’ll be able to play still

  • Jack

    the problem is not buike it is nelson and his erratic rotation schemes. fire nelson and keep buike, this guy is a 20 a night guy that basically replaced jason richardson when jax was out.

  • Marcus


    You are a blog gangsta! I love banter as much as the next man. But you smashed on Garlic Boy kinda hard. Not everyone’s a CBA expert like you! :o)

  • the warriors should go for evans if the price is right buike has a good story but he has done nothing good for the team.

  • Mike


    Also garlicboy isn’t really wrong. They could sign and trade Azibuike to another team, right?

  • garlicboy

    I think Jon may be right about newly signed players. I know you can’t trade them after 90 days, but wasn’t sure if you can do a sign and trade. I was filled with angst upon hearing the news of Azbuike not being resigned.

    About Azbuike being a malcontent, I highly doubt, but it is possible. I never thought Pietrus or Al would whine like they did last year, but they did. Evidence of players being malcontents, it’s called competitive spirit. Mo Evans on the other has rode pine and is a veteran who accepts his role as a defender, spot up shooter and hustle player off the bench.

  • garlicboy

    That was pretty funny comment. Brought a smile to my face.

  • Joseph

    Get Evans so the Clips could keep Azubuike!

  • Le

    That’s a random trade suggestion, regardless if it’s possible or not. And preparing to sign Boozer in 09? Just more random thoughts. I not trying to sound rude but if you are going to blog about trades or signings, you have to have something to reference back to. Otherwise you are confusing everyone with your wish list. Now if you say “I would like to see the W’s trade for…” then I get that.
    What do you have against Nellie? Besides 2nd most wins EVER, ask yourself when was the last time the Warriors actually had a winning season or made the playoffs without Nellie? He also brought back excitement to Bay Area basketball. See ticket sales, TV ratings, and win/loss percentage.
    As for Buike, he is not a great at anything but he is good at everything – and I’ll take him over Mo Evans any day. Evans played over 20 minutes a game last year and avg about 8 Pts, 1 AST, 3 RPG. Buike’s stats are identical except he has 1 more rebound per game. He is also younger and we know he fits our style of play. He has more upside and we know what he brings to the table. Who knows, he can develop into a starter. Both the Magics and the Lakers didn’t want Evans last year, what does that say about him?
    Regardless, keeping Buike or acquiring Evans would make us deeper, especially with today’s trade. I am starting to look forward to next season.
    Since I’m doggin’ everyone tonight…
    Mr Italy,
    I have to disagree with your thoughts on the W’s being too young and not good this year (compared to the Giants?). Yes, they lost the best player in BD, but that’s it.

    Pietrus – non-factor
    Barnes – horrible


    Not to mention 1 more year experience for Ellis, Biedrins, Wright, & Belinelli.

    We may not have an all star on the team, but we are much deeper and more versatile. Remember how we ran out of gas last year? I think we will compete for a playoff position. Mully handled the BD situation poorly but who would have thought BD was going to opt out? I think he made up for it with the recent deals.

    Go Warriors 2008!


  • Deezy

    Don’t hate on Mo, missed him since he left the Kings. Followed him ever since.

    Check youtube!

  • Robo

    I’d take Kelenna. He can step into a leadership role with Jax and Al, now that Baron and Matt are gone. Monta has enough on his plate to deal with; and Maggette, Turiaf, and Biedrins need to just do what they do. Kelenna is a proven commodity who can show the young guys how to take their games to the next level.

    And though I’d like to have Evans for more depth on the team, the reality is the W’s are not going deep into the playoffs this year, if they make it at all. Unless they make a blockbuster trade for an MVP caliber player, they need to build on their core, and play their young guys; Evans would just take time away from all of that.

    Instead of Evans, I’d like to see the W’s revisit Memphis to get one of their point guards; similar to how they picked up Williams or just trade Kosta for Javaris Crittenton straight up.

  • Robo

    BTW – Does anyone else see the ad for State Farm on this page? Is that Chris Webber or what?

  • itsagreattimeout

    uh, duh! Buike!
    Marcus, you can not let Chris make a boneheaded move to let Azubuike walk for nothing! Even if we get Mo Evans I would sign Buike and at least trade him for a pick or something. I’d say he’s worth a low first rounder. You don’t just give those away.

    We also can’t let the Clips fill a need with a great player.

    Azubuike has too much potential. I think he’ll be better than J-Rich.

  • Dav

    Why do the Warriors not consider Anthony Morrow. The dude is shooting 62% from the field thru 6 games and 81% on 3-pointers. He is piling up assists and rebounds as well. Is he even going to get a camp invite?

  • W’s did the right thing again. Good job Mullin & Co. Warriors just matched the clippers offer for KA! He deserves it.

  • drew

    Buike and Maggette… Warriors got guns

  • Deezy

    After hearing of Evans signing with the Dubs, Baron and the Clippers must have felt like a youngster who was about to score on prom night, only to get
    c-ckblocked by the parents at the last minute.

  • Petaluman

    Now that we’ve matched for KA, could you please review where we are wrt the cap? Do we still have a bigger-than-minimum salary chunk left for one last player?

    If not, the Ellis and Biedrins signings should happen soon.

  • LT in LA

    it seems like we have one spot left for someone like a DeMarcus Nelson, depending on the Ellis/Biedrins contracts. Marcus, any insight into the Shaun Livingston situation? Last I heard his knee was getting better and he was cleared for some basketball drills. I think anyone we pick up at this point is going to be some sort of longshot, so why not?

  • Le

    It is obvious that Warrior executives read your blogs and listen to the fans by signing Buike! Another great move this off season by the Warriors.

  • goingforthemoney.com

    SCORE ONE FOR THE HOME TEAM! Keeping Buike gives our younger player time to develop, that’s if Nelson keeps his promise and give the young fella’s some play. This was and should have been a no brainer in the first place even though it was caused by the Clipper making an offer to steal another key player off our roster. Give Mulli some credit! He make to right move and it will pay dividends. Buike flat out is a gifted baller period.