Andris to Europe?

If you look at the Warriors’ salary situation, it’s easy to see that Andris Biedrins is the one who’s going to get squeezed. Not so fast.
A source close to the Warriors’ fifth-year center said European teams are hot and heavy after Biedrins. The Latvia native is drawing strong interest in a couple Russian clubs, according to the source, who added that teams are willing to sign him for three to five years for what amounts to more than $10 million a year.
This would be the best news for Biedrins’ in months. The only team with salary cap space that was reportedly interested in him, other than the Warriors, was Philadelphia. But the 76ers spent their cap money on Elton Brand. So leverage of a fat offer from overseas is Biedrins’ best hope of getting the money he wants from the Warriors, or anywhere in the NBA.
Biedrins’ camp, which was rumored to have its sight set on the ballpark of Chris Kaman’s contract (five years, $55 million), likely won’t be elated about the offer they’re likely going to get from the Warriors. I would be shocked if it even equaled Corey Maggette’s average of $10 million a year. Just looking at the numbers, I’m thinking six years, $48 million.
With no other teams under the cap and able to offer Biedrins that kind of money, save for a sign and trade, it would seem Biedrins’ options are limited.
The source said Biedrins’ camp and Golden State have yet to formally meet. But Biedrins figures to be next on the list now that the Warriors are out of salary cap space and star guard Monta Ellis is signed.

Marcus Thompson

  • Derek

    I like Biedrens however he is nowhere near being a 10 million a yr type of NBA player.

    5-7 million is huge for the guy, anything more I say let him walk and sign Okafur. Okafur is a better player and can be had for less than 10 million

  • Twinkie defense

    No, not a chance Biedrins goes to Europe. He likes it here and will get paid handsomely by the Warriors, probably within days.

  • Twinkie defense

    I assume he’ll get a little less than $10 mil per, but over 6 years. Kaman’s deal is indeed the benchmark.

    PS I’ve heard the Warriors recently asked Biedrins to come to town… why do that if a deal isn’t imminent? Now that everyone else is locked up and the Warriors’ cap space gone, is the time to sign Monta and Biedrins. Reports are that Monta signed today… look for Biedrins to sign real, real soon.

  • Warrior Worrier

    I have to wonder where all this Euro money offerered to NBA players is generated from. 18,000 seat arenas filled by big-bucks paying fans? Massive TV money? Somebody said Euro teams only play about 20-25 games a year. Where is all this money coming from? Does anyone actually know?

  • WarriorFANATIC

    He likes the warriors. He’s not going anywhere. Like Twinkie said.

  • Anthos

    I was just thinkin, this source is someone close to Andris, so it could just be a scam to drive up the price which wont happen I dont think he has any leverage we’ll probably get him for 7 or 8 mill a yr tops

  • Le

    Ellis is definitely not overpaid. In a couple of years, we will come to realize it was a bargain.
    As for Biedrin, I hope he stays but he is not worth nowhere near $10mil a year. He needs to show us more to earn that. We will be in trouble if he walks though. I like the suggestion above about going after Okafor (I would take him over Biedrins) but we are out of cap space, I don’t think we can sign him as a FA. I was under the assumption that we can only sign our own FA after we reached the cap. Can someone please clear that up? Thanks.

  • john

    Warrior Worrier, the Euro money comes from “the Euro”. Right now the dollar is way down so a $10 million/year salary today is about, what, around 7 million Euro’s. I’m probably wrong, but those who can do the correct math will write that Andris is a bargain to a European club. Hey, if I’m Andris’s agent, I’m telling the basketball world, “show me the money”!”

  • Niners in 2009


    Kaman money is a BARGAIN compared to what Andrew Bogut got.

  • Le

    I’m not so sure it’s a hoax, Josh Childress just went for big money – 3yrs $32mil – (avg $10mil per) to Greece. I would think Biedrins is worth more to the European’s than Childress. I can see this trend continuing as the European league gaining momentum and attention from all the international play lately.
    I think Andris would prefer to play in Europe. It’s home for him.

  • LT in LA

    more money…less games…smoking hot euro babes? no brainer to me…say hello to your new starting center, Ronny Turiaf!

  • Warrior Worrier

    Andris already has a hot Euro babe and I doubt she wants to live in Russia. Maybe she can convince him to stick around.

  • Le

    Rumor has it Okafor wants out of Charlote. (and boy do their fans blog forever. I actually blogged as “Warrior Fan” and linked them back to here. Just cause I’m bored.


  • Warrior Worrier

    Not exactly the answer was looking for. How exactly does some team in Russia that plays 10 home games come up with that kind of money? I doubt they get the kind of money for tickets that Warrior fans pay. TV and radio rights? Thats a lot of money, even in Euros.

  • Warriors

    Bookies will fund the Euro teams. Easy and simple

  • LT in LA

    Warrior worrier, it’s because the Russian team is owned by some oil magnate, who is a crazy multibillionaire playboy, jet set, nut case who puts his “triumphs,” in business or sport above all else. These guys make most NBA owners look like you or I financially. Think Roman Abramovich who owns Chelsea Football Club. If you think rich people in america get away with anything, these guys are totally untouchable….i’m sure I will now be kidnapped in my sleep and tortured by some eastern european goon squad.

  • Twinkie defense

    There is no cap there, if you’re super-rich, or a big company promoting your brand… basketball is hot world-wide, and they’re getting American/NBA players for about 75 cents on the dollar.

  • AB isnt going anywhere… Mullin said he would match any deal so I dont wanna here about this AB going ova seas…. crap…

    I understand that JC jumped, but honestly was he really an NBA ready type player??? he jumped to the nba way to soon….

    the same with all the players that junped they werent nba type players….

    warriors will sign AB dont trip i have no problem with giving him 9 to 10 m….

    al harrington’s contract is up afta next year 10 m off the books…. the warriors are good….

    here is the roster now

    C Andris Biedrins
    C Ronny Turiaf
    C Kosta

    PF Al Harrington?
    PF Brandan Wright
    PF Richard Hendrix

    G/F Corey Maggette
    G/F Kelenna Azubuike
    F Anthony Randolph

    G/SF Stephen Jackson
    G/ F Marco Belinelli

    G Monta Ellis
    PG Marcus Williams
    PG Watson

    its the deepest roster we have had in years….

    average age 24!! and the warriors got better… mully knows what he is doin…

  • btw welcome back KB… lets just sit back and watch these kids grow together….

  • LT in LA

    I totally agree about watching this team grow. We actually have a super dynamic core and some really strong role players. The whole thing hinges on Nellie and how is going to approach this year. He has been quoted as saying that he is ready to sacrifice wins to develop players, but when it comes down to it…will that really happen. We also have to contend with a change in coach after this year. Is the whole system going to change?

  • nawww i dont think the system is going to change!!!

    honestly were young but yet we have expierence… think about it… KB hitting that game winning shot against 76ers last year… monta growing before our eyes… plus we still have cap’t jack and corey/ AH for vet leadership…

    i believe we wont have to sacrafice wins…. were young and ready to roll….

    nelly is just motivating the players when he says were going to sacrafice wins….

  • CalifOrange


    I think Nellie’s just setting expectations. They won 48 games last season (after losing their first 6). Baron was robbed and should have been an All Star but, like Matt pointed out, they’re deeper and younger this year.

    Baron is great. No doubt about it, but didn’t it make you nervous whenever he got fouled hard going to the rack? He was always wrapped up in a freakin’ body cast. Personally, I wish BD had stayed but from a pure business perspective if I’m a Mullin and Nellie I don’t think I’d have paid him what the Clippers offered either.

    I think Biedrins will be back and now that ‘buike’s back I’m excited about this year. I’m hoping Nellie will let Al do something other than heave 3s.

  • Wilson

    Marcus, the big issue is: How much more room do the Warriors have, now that Monta’s signed, before slipping into luxury tax territory? That might be the limit for Biedrins’ services.

  • Niners in 2009

    the Luxury Tax is $71.15M, we are no where near that.

  • nooo it wont…. AB will be back i think warriors front office has turned the page on being cheap (not inc mully; mully has neva been cheap) and will be ok with being in the luxwery tax…. i dont think were there yet even when we sign AB….

    personaly i think CM should play the 4 and AL play 3 what do you think? LT?

  • o forgot…

    who would u ratha have BD at 5 yrs 65M (injury prone and outta shape) or

    ME 6 yrs 66M

    obviously ME

    thats the question u ask urself.. who would u ratha have with the 60 to 66m BD at ME?

  • GSWFan24

    I find that funny his agent wants Kaman money? Andris is coo but Kaman is much further along (abuses him most of the time head to head) than Andris skill wise. He deserves a tad less than Kaman, thats fair…

    Yess! we finally got Monta for certain…maybe not a playoff team but definitely will be competitive. The Dubs should be able to go back East on road trips and run those teams into the ground…Out West, not so much.

    1. Spurs
    2. Jazz
    3. Lakers
    4. Hornets

    Will probably own us out West but the other teams are beatable.

    Good job Mullin and come on Andris 6 yr 46 mil sounds fair!!

  • Niners in 2009

    HOW many years did Richard Hendrix get?

    I hope he got 3 years.

  • goingforthemoney.com

    To be honest with you Biedrins is not worth much more than the midlevel. He is our starting center by default. Think about it if we could get a top 5 center in the league would he be in it. If you know the game you would say no. The W’s shouldn’t pay him anymore than 7 million at best but they probably will. Don’t get me wrong I like his work ethics but he has no go to move. He is only an average defender although he has his moments, He is not as good a shot blocker as he should be, no where near the leaders, and his field goal percentage is partly the making of a pic and roll play but where is the beef! I would make Tariaf the center, and start developing the younger players right now. Game experience is the best teaching, not DNP’s. We will not reach the promise land with him at center. Signing him to a large kaman type contract would be a waste of money. Who would you rather have AD or Kaman. Don’t lie to yourself. Just keeping a player because he’s the best we can do today doesn’t mean that it’s the best move unless there is an UPSIDE. Bedrins has maxed out. Trust me on this!

  • My educated guess on our cap situation

    CAndris Biedrins 10M
    C Ronny Turiaf 4.1M
    C Kosta 2M

    PF Al Harrington? 10M
    PF Brandan Wright 2.1M
    PF Richard Hendrix 2.1

    G/F Corey Maggette 10M
    G/F Kelenna Azubuike 3M
    F Anthony Randolph 2.1

    G/SF Stephen Jackson 6.3M 51.7
    G/ F Marco Belinelli 2.1M

    G Monta Ellis 11M 64.8
    PG Marcus Williams 1.8
    PG Watson 1M

    Total 67.6M

    LT 71.5

    3.9 M below

    That’s after we sign AB

    some of the numbers might be off as far as our role players ( guessing their salary to high) which is good

  • stickdog

    You forgot Foyle’s 6+ million on the cap. Luckily, Hendrix and Biedrins are too high.

  • hank

    Biedrin’s is the Matt Cain of the Warriors , 22/23 years old with 3 or more seasons under his belt and he is in the top 5 centers in the league . He’s also not an ambarasment to the team when he open’s his mouth.

  • Chris Mullins

    My balls itch.

  • LT in LA

    I think that Maggette will miss at least 25 games due to injury if he has to bang with PF all year long. The great thing about this team is that Nelson has SOOO many options. He just has to suck it up and play the youngsters.
    There is NO way that we pay the luxury tax. Unless you are the NY Knickerbockers, that should be reserved for serious title contenders. I would argue that we don’t even sniff the playoffs (youth and inconsistency will be our downfall).
    I would also argue that it is harder to get players like Biedrins than it is to get players like Ellis. Athletic combo guards are a dime a dozen ( although our dime is particularly shiny). AB has never been asked to develop his offense past pick and roll basketball. He still has a ton of upside. In reality, we need his soft hands to gather up all the crazy passes monta will be throwing around (and you know they are coming!).
    I am actually really excited to watch this team. I’ll be re-upping the old league pass as soon as it is available.

  • War

    Damn, for the first time in years we definitely have a deep roster. Hope Biedrins stays in the Bay Area for his g/f is a hot babe. If not, then I agree with the previous post with signing Okafor. Signing Buke was a steal. Just watch out for him!

  • TH10

    IMO, Biedrins is worth $10M/year. This guy is extremely underrated. Aside from height, the two most important characteristics that separate good centers from average centers are (i) good hands and (ii) quickness. Good hands are needed to catch passes in the paint. Why do you think Biedrins converts field goals at such a high rate? He catch almost everything coming his way and can get his shot off quickly. Do you think Adonal Foyle could handle Stephen Jackson’s lighting passes off his forays in the paint? Also, Biedrins’ quickness is extremely important to the Warriors interior defense. I know the Warriors’ D isn’t great, but it is signficantly better when he’s on the floor because he can react and cover so much ground quickly to minimize easy layups by our opponents? He might not lead the league in blocks, but he changes a lot of shots by covering so much ground. A missed shot and rebound to the Warriors is worth more defensively than a blocked shot that goes out of bounds.

    Lastly, people complain that Biedrins has no outside touch and that limits his value? Frankly, I see that as a major asset to his game. Do we really want another Joe Smith–aka a 6 ft 10 guy shooting fade away jumpers? Don’t we pay millions of dollars to our shooting guards and small forwards to handle that job? Big guys are meant to play in the paint and thats what Biedrins does very well.

    Pay the man and don’t let him go to Europe. Biedrins’ game is easy to take for granted, but he’s the best center we’ve had since Nate Thurmond.

  • PLEASE don’t give Andris the big money. Listen i love him as much as the rest of you, but seriously, they guy can’t make a free throw, and can’t make an open jump shot. 10 million a year is crazy talk!!! you give that money to a “go to guy”. Andris can’t create any offense at all. What he is, is a good defender when he’s not on the bench in foul trouble, and a great rebounder. He’s got good hands but everything he got offensively was a gift, aka open bucket by a dish from BD or Jack.

    AB should really only get 5 Million a year, but should defenetly not get more than 7.

    And yes i know he’s the best C we’ve had in years, but don’t give him Foyle money. Look how that turned out.

    Interesting idea with Okafor. I think Ellis is a fair deal. Somewhat cheap for the “franchise” lable. I’ll balance that with the fact that he HAS to prove himself as the team Leader / Captain which is half the reason BD was so good.

  • PS. It’s time for Monta to play with EMOTION! next time D. Fisher pulls you ontop of him to draw a foul and subsequently lose a must win game, i want him kicking like Chuck Norris and screaming like Michael Jackson on his way to an ejection! Otherwise, our most loved Monta will follow suit like Dunleavy who appeared not concerned with the big bucks we paid him.

    Now, with that said…..somebody tell Monta to throw one down on BD ASAP! Go W’s.

  • Chris Gatling’s headband

    Interesting how different the grades on Biedrins are. I’m in the pro camp, but it must be noted that Nelson seems less impressed, when we look at the minutes he got.

  • LT in LA

    has nelson ever been high on a true center? He would play five 6’9″ SF’s and try to score 150 every game if he could get away with it. He is also way down on Wright as well. As much as I like Nellie and appreciate what he has done for this organization, it is a sad truth that his style of ball is super fun to watch (and I’ m sure a blast to play in, if you’re game), but at the end of the day, doesn’t win much when it really counts.

  • mcspeakeasy

    Mike, i think the Corey Magette deal is back-loaded so it won’t be $10M, more like 6-8M. I don’t think Kosta will be back, that’s just my guess. Watson is only a D-league prospect so its not 1M its more like .7M. SJax is actually due 7.8M. And hendrix was a 2nd rounder so there’s no way he’s making more than Randolph, more like .8M like what MONTA made first year.

    So in net I’d say knock off about 4.1M then add 6.5M for foyle’s buyout contract.
    Somewhere around 69.5M

  • big sky

    6.73 million euros is to 10mil U.S. right now

  • itsagreattimeout

    If I were a season ticket holder and they asked me what my favorite warrior moment was, I’d say, “Dunleavy getting ejected”

  • itsagreattimeout
  • Niners in 2009

    Hey Marcus, are we keeping CJ or WHAT?

    I love that we sign Anthony Morrow. That guy is lights out, we need shooters. He makes Belinelli expendable. We need to package him and AL for a upgrade at PF.

  • Warrior Worrier

    I would give all the young guys this season to prove themselves. Save thr trades for next year based on the results.

  • petaluman

    Article on international signings of NBA players:


    It’s a bit confusing, as is every article I’ve read about Euro BB. However, his take is that only a handful of teams can swing the kind of money to offer a deal like Childress got. He also confirms that these leagues are simply nowhere near on a financial par with the NBA, and so not currently a long-term threat to continue encroaching on the talent pool.

  • rob

    Hey Goingforthemoney,

    I’m not trusting you at all. AB is already one of the better centers in the league, is only 22, and has definitly not maxed out on his potential. I’d take him over Kaman any day.

  • Cindra

    I’m a big Biedrins fan and yes, I know that some (maybe a lot) of people don’t think he’s that great and all, seeing as how he can’t really do much on the court besides blocking shots and rebounding, but if European teams are pursuing him, then he must be getting better, right? If he goes, who’s left? Turiaf? Perovic? Turiaf, in my opinion, isn’t all that great and Perovic has height and is taller than Biedrins, but he’s like a rookie and has not gotten much playing time (except for when the Warriors had a big lead in games). Biedrins has got a lot more potential and hopefully he stays.

  • Ed should be in Bed

    I agree keep Andres –Give him the money..I think building a team chemistry is the key. Our only big loss was not of our chosing. Baron decided to opt out. A blessing disguise – Being able to afford C. Magette, R. Turiaf, K. Azubuke, Marcus Williams a legit point guard back up. Think about it could we afford to make these moves with Baron. I dont think so. The team will be good. We got more players to fill roles. Our potential is limitless. So head to Vegas place a $20.00 bet for the Warriors to go all the way…40 to 1 right now.. We have lock in some good players for the next 5 years. Lets see what happens. I think it looks good to me. Bring on the Lakers..Bring on the Celtic- Bring on the Spurs. The Golden State Warriors comming through. Like I said = “Launch Time” Missle Alert.. Warriors will be the surprise of the NBA not just this year- I say the next four.. Heard it here first..by ED should be in Bed!!! Go Warriors… Biedrens is the last piece if not EmekA oKAFOR would be a nice fit..Don’t you think!!

    Go Warriors!!!

  • Le


    Nicely worded!

    Here comes the Warrriors!

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