Andris to Europe?

If you look at the Warriors’ salary situation, it’s easy to see that Andris Biedrins is the one who’s going to get squeezed. Not so fast.
A source close to the Warriors’ fifth-year center said European teams are hot and heavy after Biedrins. The Latvia native is drawing strong interest in a couple Russian clubs, according to the source, who added that teams are willing to sign him for three to five years for what amounts to more than $10 million a year.
This would be the best news for Biedrins’ in months. The only team with salary cap space that was reportedly interested in him, other than the Warriors, was Philadelphia. But the 76ers spent their cap money on Elton Brand. So leverage of a fat offer from overseas is Biedrins’ best hope of getting the money he wants from the Warriors, or anywhere in the NBA.
Biedrins’ camp, which was rumored to have its sight set on the ballpark of Chris Kaman’s contract (five years, $55 million), likely won’t be elated about the offer they’re likely going to get from the Warriors. I would be shocked if it even equaled Corey Maggette’s average of $10 million a year. Just looking at the numbers, I’m thinking six years, $48 million.
With no other teams under the cap and able to offer Biedrins that kind of money, save for a sign and trade, it would seem Biedrins’ options are limited.
The source said Biedrins’ camp and Golden State have yet to formally meet. But Biedrins figures to be next on the list now that the Warriors are out of salary cap space and star guard Monta Ellis is signed.

Marcus Thompson

  • Ed should be in Bed

    I agree keep Andres –Give him the money..I think building a team chemistry is the key. Our only big loss was not of our chosing. Baron decided to opt out. A blessing disguise – Being able to afford C. Magette, R. Turiaf, K. Azubuke, Marcus Williams a legit point guard back up. Think about it could we afford to make these moves with Baron. I dont think so. The team will be good. We got more players to fill roles. Our potential is limitless. So head to Vegas place a $20.00 bet for the Warriors to go all the way…40 to 1 right now.. We have lock in some good players for the next 5 years. Lets see what happens. I think it looks good to me. Bring on the Lakers..Bring on the Celtic- Bring on the Spurs. The Golden State Warriors comming through. Like I said = “Launch Time” Missle Alert.. Warriors will be the surprise of the NBA not just this year- I say the next four.. Heard it here first..by ED should be in Bed!!! Go Warriors… Biedrens is the last piece if not EmekA oKAFOR would be a nice fit..Don’t you think!!

    Go Warriors!!!

  • Le


    Nicely worded!

    Here comes the Warrriors!

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