Warriors Sign Monta

The Warriors’ signaled their end to shopping for other team’s free agents by locking up their own guy. Monta Ellis inked a six-year deal today worth $66 million according to an NBA insider.
The fourth-year player out of Lanier High in Mississippi is now the highest-paid Warrior and is expected to be the starting point guard.

Marcus Thompson

  • itsagreattimeout

    Hmm, overpaid?
    I guess he’s worth more than Maggette.
    But then again I’m not sure if he was worth 10 million a year.

  • lew

    Huh what about AB? It aint over yet

  • Now Monta, don’t get hurt!

  • Incomplete


  • 2Kwarrior

    what about biedrins?

  • WarriorFANATIC

    So how much is he exactly being paid per year?

  • Warriors360

    He is not overpaid. With the amount of money that quality free agents are getting these days, this signing is a good deal for the Warriors. Lets just hope he stays healthy.

  • jas

    WHOOT! Finally!

  • vietsta4o8

    I reported this before Marcus did!

  • chishaq

    best news of the day. one more to go. take an objective look at this roster and you will surely agree it is deep,
    athletic and has a great mix of talent. few if any of know some of the off cort stuff bd pulled that probably hurt the team. but because they demonstrated such a team concept it remained behind closed doors but reared its head when he sat the second half of that game. he will be forgotten as we don’t lose anything with corey.

  • LT in LA

    Marcus…for doing such a great job with this here blog I think you should ask for a 1327% pay raise! Seriously though, they had to give him that much. He is the new face of the franchise. I’m just glad they didn’t go any higher.

  • Niners in 2009


  • Peacruss

    About time. He’s been Mullin’s guy since the beginning. Great to see him AND Kelenna getting paid.

    In 5 years, I think we’ll look back on this contract and be amazed at how much of a bargain this superstar was re-signed for.

  • Danzster

    A great day for the Warriors and Chris. Two solid moves. I believe they got both players at bargain prices. If some question if Monta is worth $11M this year, fast forward to 2010 when he is an All Star combo guard at that salary. And I hear he has got some Tats now……our boy is growing up!

  • Nhan Ha

    fashooo finally now the warriors only need to sign andris and its coooo

  • Its a good move for the Warriors and their future. Ellis is an extremely talented player along with cory and jackson and the rest of the team it will be interesting.

  • Anthos

    I agree with Peacruss in say even 3 yrs we will look back and say this was a bargain, in 3 yrs especially when the lebron sweepstakes happen contracts are gonna be even more crazy

  • CrO

    MOnta ellis is a beast and deserves the contract

  • Awesome! Now we just need to get Goose locked up and we are good to go. Future is bright.

  • papatony

    we got one more, andris! i think we’ll have a heck of a team. go warriors! AB??? whatever….we got guys who want to be a warrior.

  • maybe im playing sides because i live in jackson, ms but monte to me is worth a little more he is a point able to put up thirty a night and that was when bd was there to be young he has a vetern game he goes out and plays to his game he doesnt do anything that isnt like jacking up 3’s thats why his fg% is so good he is goldenstates future and franchise i garantee he want disapoint.

  • why?

    you know how some arena’s chant “over rated” when kobe comes into town….well when the warriors go play an away game, i think you will start to hear “over paid”

    no matter what you say or think, he might be a good player but he is not worth 66 million. that is baron type figures not monta type figures. you better hope he stays healthy with the way he plays. making that much money and being the face of the franchise now, he better calm his self down or else there will be a lot of dissapointed fans knowing that they could have used that money on a real player.


    This is excellent. For those who say he is overpaid, look at all the other signings, BD, Brand, Maggette. All overpaid. Monta is a star on the rise, and he needs to get the money issue behind him so that he can excel. Holler at me if you need tix. Sec 118 Row 21 Seat 3 + 4.

  • mw

    That’s the going rate for PGs out there. Glad that’s taken care of.

    So happy that Azubuike is back.

    They shouldn’t sign Andris for more than 9mil though

  • the bobs

    not the going rate for combo guards…

  • AB isnt going anywhere… Mullin said he would match any deal so I dont wanna here about this AB going ova seas…. crap…

    yea… ellis is worth 10 million… honestly for a talent like that, its cheap… i mean thats CP 3 money and i thought his contract was cheap… he could have commanded more $….

    here is the roster now…

    C Andris Biedrins
    C Ronny Turiaf
    C Kosta

    PF Al Harrington?
    PF Brandan Wright
    PF Richard Hendrix

    G/F Corey Maggette
    G/F Kelenna Azubuike
    F Anthony Randolph

    G/SF Stephen Jackson
    G/ F Marco Belinelli

    G Monta Ellis
    PG Marcus Williams
    PG Watson

    its the deepest roster we have had in years!!!! lets just sit back and watch these kids grow together…

    average age of this team 24!! and we got alot better; Mully knows what he’s doin….

    Williams is going to be a great addition…

    KB glad your back

  • chippy


    could you address a specific question I have been meaning to ask you?

    It is a little vibe that I get, but I feel that Nellie does not really appreciate the type of player Kelenna is… Tim Kawakami also mentioned in his most recent blog entry that Nelson is not a big fan of Azubuike.

    Just thought it was extremely interesting… Do you think that Azubuike is glad that the Warriors matched the Clippers offer?

    AND I am glad Monta is FINALLY SIGNED.

  • goingforthemoney.com

    Great signing by the W’s especially for the money. A Bargain to say the least. Hope the W’s are PLANNING to make a run for the Title Within 3 years cause if Monta fullfills his enormous talent which i think he will, one of your big market teams will steal him away from the W’s. Were going to have to go over the LUX TAX to play with the big boys, and were going to have to find or develop a bonifide power forward.

  • shaun

    OVERPAID? no way, Monta is definately the warriors future, and since Baron ditched us, Monta is the leader. i still personally think that he is kinda underpaid, in my opinion. for such a amazing player.

  • shaun

    What the hell are you talking about “Why?”. you’ll definately hear “under-paid” when Monta is playing. he has the potential to be the next Kobe Bryant, he is still a really young player.

  • Road Orange
  • tr love

    I dont know i think monta went a little crazy getting all the tattos and he went a little crazy this summer and somehow got hurt.

    goldenstwarriors site is run by a bunch of little girls. You have to be one of them to be in their little clique.