What Can the Morrow Bring?

At summer league in Las Vegas, I asked Rico Hines, who works with the coaching staff, about Anthony Morrow. You should’ve seen his eyes light up. He went on and on about how money Morrow’s jumper was and about how he was a bonafide player.
The more I watched him, the more I concurred.
There are three things I love about Morrow:
1. He can shoot. Unlike Belinelli, Morrow is a pure shooter. If he’s open, it’s going down. Plus, he takes smart shots. Where Belinelli wows you with off-balance jumpers and pull-ups from deep, Morrow is simple and efficient. He finds his spot, sets his feet and nails it. Regularly. Midrange and long range. You won’t even notice until he hits like five in a row without a sweat. He left GT tied with Travis Best for third-all time in 3s made. He is also third in career 3-point percentage (42.1). Also sets GTs record for best career FT percentage (86.7)
Check out this stat. He made 16 of 19 from 3-point range in six games with the Warriors. Wow.
“I’m a pretty good shooter,” he told me in a phone interview Friday. “It was maybe a little bit of a hot streak, to keep it real.”
2. He can rebound. At 6-foot-5, 210 pounds, he has the size to get in there and rebound. He’s wiry and long and deceptively strong. He’s not Azubuike or Pietrus when it comes to rebounding from the perimeter. But he has the potential to get there.
“I never want to be just a one-dimensional player. I was called that in college but I’ve always been able to rebound my position. That’s something I’ve been trying to do as well as play defense, get my hands on loose balls and things like that.”
3. He is hungry. Undrafted college senior who barely got a sniff thanks to all the underclassmen. You know this dude has something to prove, and he doesn’t mind proving it. He didn’t play in his first two summer league games with the Warriors. But by the time the summer league season ended in Utah, he was a starter who hardly got off the court, as important as Anthony Randolph and DeMarcus Nelson. He finished averaging 18.6 points.
“I’m used to being the underdog,” he said. “I just like competing. My coach at Georgia Tech told me the harder you work, the luckier you get. You can’t go wrong if you play as hard as you can.”
You gotta love the overachieving types, the stories of people who make a name for themselves based on their work ethic and perseverance. The Warriors have a collection of those types: Monta Ellis, Stephen Jackson, Azubuike, Andris Biedrins. Morrow would fit right in.

Marcus Thompson

  • Warrior Worrier

    Morrow looks like another good young pickup for the Warriors. There are always going to be guys like Morrow, Buke and Barnes around who can contribute to a team. At a minimum salary they are true bargains. God for the Warriors for keeping their eyes open. The Warriors now have some real competition among young players for minutes at the guard position.

  • ww.net

    LOL Baron didn’t take Rico with him to the clippers?? HAHA.. dude won’t have as much cheez to spend at the Gold Club anymore..

  • Road Orange

    Nice post, Marcus. Thanks for the info.

  • john


    Don’t forget C.J. Watson too. Another under appreciated quality guy who is a valuable addition to the roster. BTW, did you see Sports Illustrated’s Ian Thomsen’s pre-season,..early, early, pre-season predictions? The Warriors, he writes, will finish 11th in the West behind Denver, the Clippers, and Portland!


  • I love the signing of Morrow, but I’m wondering why such a talented shooter was only able to average 14.3 ppg at Georgia Tech. What held him back? I know he had a stress fracture in his lower back at the beginning of his Junior year. Maybe the effects were still lingering until just recently.

    Also, Morrow seems to play bigger than his listed height of 6′-5″. His wingspan must be fairly large because he seemed to do well on the glass, getting his hands on loose balls, and in contesting shots. I can’t wait to see how he does in training camp.

  • shaun

    Anthony Morrow is a beast, the W’s should atleast get him and DeMarcus Nelson

  • Wilson

    I re-watched the first quarter of the Mavericks summer league game in Utah. In addition to all his long range sharpshooting, Morrow drove to the basket twice, the first time making the shot while getting fouled, the second dishing off for an assist. This guy looks like a well-rounded player. He is said to be a poor defensive player but the little I concentrated on him he wasn’t embarrassed. If he can shoot threes like Reggie Miller or Ray Allen – which isn’t impossible – he may be in the league for a long time.

  • Lady Warrior

    I agree with you! I think we have to sign him to the team — but haven’t we hit the maximum number already?

  • johnfree

    he’s looking like one of those guys who just make it hard for the coach to keep ’em off the court.

  • zgreat

    We can really use a sniper, especially one that can do more then just shoot.

  • Wilson

    By the way, I didn’t like DeMarcus Nelson’s game at all. Pass.

  • Mr B

    I believe Belli Nelli is staying in the doghouse. Don’t expect too much out of him on the NBA level.

  • goingforthemoney.com

    This guy Morrow is definitely a keeper and I agree with MR B. Its going to be hard times for Marco. Has anyone really taken the time to look at the current roster. There is Depth for sure. There is no better time than the present than to ship somebody out for Josh Smith.