Andris Inked

No need to worry about Andris playing in Russia. The Warriors have locked him up for years to come.
A source close to the fifth-year center confirmed that the Warriors have signed Biedrins to a six-year, $63 million contract, which was first reported by ESPN.com. Not only does Andris get more than $10 million per year (the deal is even across, not front loaded or back loaded), but he gets an early termination option after the fifth season of the deal.
Andris is now the team’s second highest-paid player behind Monta Ellis, who just signed a six-year, $66 million deal. His signing effectively ends the Warriors free agent period, as they are now flirting with the luxury tax. The only roster alterations now
must come via a trade.

Marcus Thompson

  • Mr B

    It would be very interesting to see how Biedrins improves the next two to three years. I hope that his Offensive skills are not limited – it would be a waste.
    PS – stop getting into foul trouble.

  • hurdygurdyman

    Excellent news on Andris. check out this rumor trade where GSW get Josh Smith, Rashad McCants and Rodney Carney for BWright Marco ad Al Harrington


    The ghost of Phil Chenier lives on……..World B Free……..Monta Ellis. Go GSW!

  • commish

    Barring trades, the younger core of our team is set for a few years to come. I sure hope it is good enough to compete in the West and make the playoffs. The team will need to gell and find new leadership and an identity. This is all good. What irks me is the penny pinchers who are second guessing what we should have spent for Andris. Knowing Cohan and his general tighness, you can be assured Mullin paid what he thought he had to. I think we should be applauding Mullin and Co for taking a strong stand of who they want on the team and then getting them signed. This same group of second guessers would be screaming if we delayed getting our roster set or worse, ran the chance of losing Monta or Andris by low-balling them. Look at what happened with Baron as an example.

    At this point there is no need to tell whether the money is too much or too little, depending on how the three $10M men earn their daily bread. We might have found terrific value or another bust ala Foyle or DunMurphy; but at least I commend Mullin and Co for doing what was needed to do at this very transitional time.

  • Steve in Concord

    Mr B–
    Andris didn’t exactly get a lot of help defending the rim this past season. Hopefully, that situation
    improves this season. If the W’s give him some more minutes (about 34 p/g) and touches, as they should, he will be a 16/12 guy. That will certainly justify his salary. He is only 22 and has improved every year. How many centers can mesh with W’s style and pace of play?

  • mw

    I like Andris but he was overpaid. 7-9 was more his range.

  • CalifOrange

    When he gets his minutes Biedrins is a double-double guy. He plays with emotion and doesn’t slack on defense. I like him and think he’s worth the money.

    This will be an interesting team. I like all the individual pieces. Maggette makes up for Baron’s scoring and they don’t really play a traditional half-court game so maybe the lack of a true point guard won’t be too much of a problem.

    To be honest, I’m looking forward to seeing Hendrix get on the floor. If his rebounds/minute in Salt Lake City are any indication he could be the answer to the rebounding woes that have held the Dubs back the past few years.

  • Peter

    congrats Marcus, you scooped this one! Maybe it’s a sign and trade for Andre Miller 😉


  • john

    Had to happen. The Warriors are paying big money for a young club this year but, so what, next year, Adonal and possibly Harrington’s money come off the books.

    So, now we have a year to ponder and pontificate, “are they going to sign Mullin to another contract and is Keith Smart, Stephen Silas, or even Avery Johnson Nelson’s heir apparent?”

  • john

    Oh, I forgot to write, if Croshere is gone and Perovic maybe not coming back, does that mean there’s room for CJ Watson on the roster?

  • Dyed-in-the-Wool

    Smells like Troy Murphy to me. I hope I’m wrong, but I can’t see Biedrins developing into a post player worth spending that much of the cap space on.

  • Now that AB is signed, there is one more trade that I think makes sense. Others have mentioned it as well. Do a sign and trade with Atlanta for Josh Smith for Al Harrington and B. Wright, especially if Josh is adamant about not playing for Atlanta. GS gets an allstar power forward and Atlanta gets a very good small forward in Al to replace Childress and a young power forward to replace Josh Smith. Even the money makes sense.

  • Le

    Too much money but that’s probably where we needed to be to land AB, espeacially with Russia jocking for him. We are finally set to unleash this new Warriors team in 08-09.
    The only last move for me to make this team a true contender for years to come is package up Harrington & B Wright and trade for Okafor.

  • Jon

    On a per-minute basis, Biedrins compares well with Kaman, Dalembert, and Chandler, all of whom make around $10M annually.

    Even among his peers, such as Bogut, Al Jefferson, and Emeka Okafor, his numbers stack up well. Heck, his rebound rate was superior to that of Jefferson and Amare Stoudamire, and his defense trounces either of theirs. He defends the pick and roll well, he’s mobile enough to help in the scrambling defense, and he’s learned to reduce fouls while still challenging shots (it’s not about blocking shots, it’s about changing shots).

    He is 22 years old, to boot.

    $10M? Thats right in line with his value. No one has any reason to complain. I think before people spout off on the “overpaid” tag, they actually do a little research instead of basing it on their own preconceived notions of how much someone should be making…or what Tim Kawakami blogs about.

    We’re not getting Okafor, and he wouldn’t fit on a running team anyways. Charlotte tried to turn into a run and gun team- ask them how well Okafor worked out in that type of system. Okafor is a slightly evolved version of Erick Dampier.

  • Joe

    Yes! Beans is in the Schnizzle!

  • EJ

    i like andris, but i think it’s a lot for a guy that gives you 25 minutes per game.

  • Jon

    What makes you think he’ll continue to stay at 25 minutes a game? That was largely due to his foul propensity which has steadily been improved upon and Nellie’s insistence on putting guys like Al or even Pietrus/Barnes at center.

    Heck, Nellie might have even held Biedrins back in the hope of keeping his stats from going up, which would have meant ammo for Bill Duffy the scumbag at the negotiating table, as if he needed help.

    Look at the end of the season when Biedrins started getting over 30 a night. He was Camby-like:

    After recovering from his appendectomy, Biedrins played 32 minutes a game in April and averaged 14 points and 14 rebounds a game while still shooting over 60% from the field.

    We are now committed to youth, so without the hell-bent intent on running veterans into the ground in a futile push to the playoffs like last year, Nellie/Mullin are certain to get their money’s worth from Biedrins.

    Consider that this guy has been yanked around with his minutes fluctuating thanks to Nellie’s matchup madness and has had zero, i mean zero help under the glass (a bunch of 6’6 swingmen masquerading as PF’s don’t count)…

    …and he hasn’t complained in the least.

    I will gladly pay Biedrins $10M. All he does is produce.

  • longshorelikebench

    Biedrins got screwed on defense. All his wing players played Double Dribble defense.. just trying to steal the ball. When it didn’t work, they had open lanes and he had to help. What’s he supposed to do. Not defend the open basket? He actually does a really good job of jumping up and away while still reaching the highest point, but if the refs are going to call a foul against him, what can you do?

  • EJ

    i would’ve rather seen 9mil per. it’s nitpicking, but i guess it’s just more asthetically appealing. bogut’s extension and okafor’s lack of a deal probably played a roll in it. love goose, though! i could definitely see him average 13 and 12 with more minutes. hopefully he can get his blocks up, as well.

  • Ewok

    Andris wasn’t overpaid.

    Year after year, he shows consistent improvement. For a 22 year old, He has shown occassional signs of dominance that reveals that he is no pushover. At one point, He defended against Duncan so well, blocked him two consecutive times… Bootomline, HE HAS NOT EVEN PEAKED YET!

    I like his timing and footwork, I like his ability to scrap and run, and I like his rebounding skills and of course, He is very coachable! Now that he has a solid back up, just imagine what he can do on long stretches!

    The guy is only 22 years old. If we are building a franchise, Mullin did the right move. Centers are hard to find.

    63 million? Imagine this, Three years from now, What is 63 million in the league? With all these new talent coming in and free agents upping the ante, 63 million is still less than Mike Dunleavy is getting and that will be the time this guy will reach his peak which is very intimidating to imagine.

    Locking this guy now makes great sense.

  • Derek

    Bedreins is a role player not a star. He was over paid. It would be great if the W’s could trade harrington, BW and Belinelli to land Josh Smith, or even Igodoula.

    Paying big money to guys like Maggette and beans does not win titles. You need a big 2 or 3, those guys are parts, not superstars

  • Jon

    This is pretty frustrating to hear all this crap about “overpaid”.

    Let me clarify this for everyone:

    Superstars like the Garnetts, Kobes, and Shaqs get $20M annually or more.

    Slightly lesser superstars like Brand get in the $15-20M range annually.

    All the crap about Biedrins being “overpaid” because he isn’t a superstar has no merit. He doesn’t need to be a superstar to earn his paycheck because he’s not being paid to BE a superstar.

    Moreover, it is virtually impossible to sign a superstar at the time the player is already recognized as such.

    When the Spurs locked up their Tony Parker and Manu Ginobili, were they recognized as a “Big 3”? Hardly. They were very good young players that the Spurs identified were good fits and had good potential to succeed on their squad and in their system.

    Guess what? Biedrins and Ellis are very good young players and they fit our system and they ooze upside. Will they be as good as Parker and Ginobili? Who knows, I hope so…but those guys are making their contracts look like absolute STEALS.

    If Biedrins and Ellis merely play according to their current valuation, then the Warriors have done well. If they beat their contract values, then the Warriors have done EXCEEDINGLY well.

    So please, cut out this “overpaid” crap and find something worthwhile to complain about. Become a Hawks fan, they have real problems worth bitching about.

  • Ewok

    Who is to say Biedrins is not a star in the making?

    There is consistency and improvement year after year. Following the trend, Who is to say he isn’t going to be a star.

    Maggette may step or he may not. But in a running game, Who knows?

    I think the Warriors are set.

    All they have to think now are two factors, Injury and Chemistry.