From the Goose’s Mouth

Talked to Andris Biedrins – the $63 million man (if he reaches all his incentives) – this morning. He got to town last night. He was on his way to sign that huge new deal of his. I thought I’d share some of our conversation with you. The rest will be in my story in tomorrow’s paper.

Were you worried about how your contract situation would play out?“I was thinking about it a little bit. I was talking to my agent one or two times per week. He was updating me on what’s going on.
“I knew it will take a little time. I was just waiting for my agent to call me and tell me to come to America.”

You going to miss Baron Davis?
“I will miss him. We had a really good chemistry on the court. He was always finding me on the court, getting me the ball. But I think the point guard we have (Marcus Willliams) and Monta will do a good job as well.”

So, you and Monta are the Warriors new one-two punch, huh?
“I’m really glad that Monta signed that deal, too. I’m really glad to play with him. He’s such a great player, talented.”

How does it feel to have all that money financial security now?
“It still feels weird, even though I have been here four years. But it’s still unbelievable. It’s such a great feeling. It’s just hard to believe.”

How serious were you about going to play overseas?
“I told my agent I wanted to see every option they have. Playing in Europe would have been fine. It’s close to my home. It was nothing too serious, but I wanted to see every option.
“My first option was the Warriors for sure. I said that at the end of last season.”

Lot of changes this offseason. What do you think of the squad now?
“It’s kind of weird. It’s a lot of new players. Half the people are new on our team. We have a lot of young guys. It’s going to be fun. I can’t wait for the first practice.”

Is this team good enough to make the playoffs?
“I think so. I think so for sure.”

Have you talked to any of your teammates this summer? Discuss all the changes?“Nobody. Only to (Zarko) Cabarkapa.”

Marcus Thompson

  • petaluman

    What’s up with Zarko? Is he still balling somewhere?

    From: http://www.hoopsworld.com/Story.asp?story_id=9611

    Warriors’ head coach Don Nelson has said that Biedrins has mid-range shooting ability, but he stays in his comfort zone and doesn’t push his limits on the court.

    Do you think wan we look forward to seeing Andris scoring from the high post?

  • goingforthemoney.com

    Good interview with AB. However I notice you didn’t ask him what he needed to do to live up to such a generous contract, which is above his current stature. In my opionion he will need to up his scoring to around 13 points, his rebounding to 11+, his blocks to around 2, and continue to convert his field goals at or around 60%. He also needs to get a lot stronger. Although he probably will never gain much weigh his strength and conditioning needs to be better. He has a tendency to commit silly fouls and let guards jump into him late in the game. Go Warriors!

  • Joe

    Keep in mind Biedrins is barely 22. He will improve, he has proven that he works hard on his game and improves every year. He will get stronger, humans hit their peak strength at 25. Look at how much stronger Tyson Chandler became between 22 & 25 and I tihnk Tyson is the most comparable player to Beans in the League. I am so glad they kept him, Turiaf starting at center would have been terrible!

  • Turk

    Hey Marcus,

    Ask him what he’s worked on this offseason. Every season he brings something new. It’d be great to know what new stuff he has for us this season.

  • Niners in 2009

    $54 Million man!

  • Deezy

    Marcus any truth to the Josh Smith to the Dubs for Al, Marco and Brandan Wright rumors?


  • Marcus


    Heard that, but from nowhere credible. The one I keep hearing from people I consider credible is Josh and Speedy to the Lakers for Odom and Radmanovic

  • EJ


    Could a Josh Smith deal really be possible? It’s making me wonder now that the Warriors have signed Morrow what is going to happen to Belinelli? The Hawks could be desperate for some depth after Childress leaving and Smith obviously doesn’t want to go back to Atlanta. If you’re the Hawks, wouldn’t a package of Marco, Wright, and Harrington be more appealing than Odom and Radmanovic?

  • Deezy

    If that trade get’s done with the Lakers, the NBA is rigged. It doesn’t make sense. The Lakers would be dumping salary in Radmanovic and getting Josh Smith. 2 big birds dead with 1 stone.

  • dan

    Josh Smith? please, the guy has been sucking til his contract year then he gave a semi-effort to up his stats. btw, if the rumor is out there, it means the deal will never happen if you have been watching the W’s chief aka Mully.

  • Road Orange

    Josh Smith will be a BYC guy, which means the trade outlined in #7 is not possible, but there are other ways to make it work, which is very scary.

  • Deezy

    Did Josh Smith suck until his contract year, or did he just get better with age as he entered the NBA out of high school!!!

    Josh Smith is 22, has always been a shotblocker, and has improved his overall game. Not sure if he’ll ever develop 3 skills or a 4’s post game, but we’ll see.

  • If Deng gets 80 mill, then what kind of contract is Smith going to get?

    If you are playing those kind of minutes and putting up those kind of stats, aren’t you just doing your job? I understand things change if you are a player that is single handedly selling tickets, or a huge contract based on potential, but that kind of money is a gamble for both Deng and Smith. Biedrins is suspect in my opinion of the same. JMO

    Beans better be shooting free throws in the 70’s this year or else someone is going to look dumb having a 10million dollar man siting on the bench at the end of every game.

  • Mewtant

    Check out my blog – Warriors Offseason Moves:

    Go Dubs!