Who’s Your Starting Five?

Not come opening night. That is too easy. I ask because Warriors fans I know have been making strong cases about who will wind up being the Warriors five best players.

Opening Night
PG Monta Ellis
SG Corey Maggette
SF Stephen Jackson
PF Al Harrington
C Andris Biedrins

Will this lineup last? Here is a popular lineup I keep hearing.

PG Marcus Williams
SG Monta Ellis
SF Stephen Jackson
PF Corey Maggette
C Andris Biedrins

This lineup would be a nightmare for the Warriors. Why? It means the Monta-at-PG experiment didn’t work, that Al Harrington has been bumped – again – and will probably be publicly demanding a trade, that Corey Maggette is guarding David West and Carlos Boozer and Pau Gasol.
I think the first lineup is the one that has to work. Monta and Andris are locks at starter because of the money. They would both have to play pretty poorly in order for Nellie to be willing to take all the questions about why either aren’t starting.
That leaves three spots left. Actually, two spots left. Stephen Jackson MUST start.
You almost have to say one spot is left. Can they pay Corey $50 million for him to come off the bench?
That leaves Al Harrington as the only starting spot with flexibility. But benching him would mean problems with chemistry.

So, barring injuries, what do you think the starting lineup will be come January?

Marcus Thompson

  • oakland fan

    pg monta ellis
    sg corey maggette
    sf stephen jackson
    pf josh smith
    c andrias biendras

    this is after we trade belinelli, brandon wright, al harrington for josh smith

  • Joe F

    I like that wishful thinking from Oakland Fan.

    My starting five (given the current roster):

    PG Monta Ellis – predicting 22 points, 6 assists, 5 rebounds per game average
    SG Corey Maggette (Kelenna provides more power-guard play as the backup)
    SF Stephen Jackson (with Anthony Randolph making a ROY push)
    PF Al Harrington (with Richard Hendrix off the bench averaging 4 reb/game in 12 minutes/game)
    C Andris Biedrens (with Brandan Wright as backup, turning into a more athletic Andris)

  • Al from the Town

    PG Monta Ellis
    SG Corey Maggette
    SF Stephen Jackson
    PF Turiaf
    C Andris Biedrins

    Throw some toughness, defense and rebounding in the line-up. Have Al come in for offense off the bench. We’re loaded offensively 1-3.

  • Chance

    pg watson
    sg morrow
    sf randolph
    pf hendrix
    c kosta
    …….ooops! That’s the D-league startting lineup!!

    pg montay
    sg maggette
    sf jacko
    pf AL
    c Beans

  • Steve in Concord

    I think we should hope that Kosta Perovic signs wih a Euro team and the Warrior’s are able to fill his roster spot with somebody who Nelson just might play.
    Nothing against Kosta, but how much did he play when Biedrins was out recuperating from his appendix surgery? I might be wrong, but I think the answer is zero. So, if Nelson doesn’t play him then, why would he now with Turiaf on th roster?

  • Marcus

    joe f,

    What about Turiaf? Azubuike?

  • Le

    Monte Ellis
    Corey Maggette
    Chris Mullin
    Al Harrington
    Andris Biedrens

  • Blair

    Mr. A. Harrington’s lack of rebounding is a major Warrior weakness.I predict he will be replaced in the Warriors starting lineup if a stronger candidate emerges in training camp.

    After the last draft, coach Nelson took extra effort to soften his image as a rookie hater.Coach said, he has started rookies he felt were ready- citing Webber, Marquis Johnson & Sydney Moncrief as examples. Coach Nelsons flashbacks probably were caused by the quality players the Warriors were able to draft this year.

    The summer league has given us a glimpse of the future.I am going way out on a limb and predicting a rookie will replace Al Harrington in the Warriors starting lineup.

    C.Blair Jr.

  • Three deep bench! Sorry, I’m dreaming of Randolph… LOL!

    Monta Ellis
    Stephen Jackson
    Corey Maggette
    Anthony Randolph (Wishful thinking!)
    Andris Biedrins

    2nd Team
    Marcus Williams
    K. Azibuke
    Al Harrington

    3rd Team
    Marco Belinelli

  • Raven

    January Starting Lineup

    PG Monta
    SG Magette
    SF Randolph
    PF Wright
    C Biedrins

    this is what Mully envision! and it has to be or he’s done.

  • Raven

    Jackson and Harrington will probably traded by the deadline and here comes another youth movement v5.0

  • Mark

    My thought on the Warriors this year is that worrying about ‘starting lineups’ is the quickest way for this team to fail.

    The only way the W’s are going to succeed this year is if they get the entire team on board with SHARING minutes and just contributing.

    The last couple year’s teams failed because we didnt have the depth to keep up w/ Nellie’s go-go-go system. Now we do.

    I envision the team cycling through a million different line-ups, keeping everyone fresh and running circles around the other teams. My hope is that “starting” really only means a few minutes before your ‘shift’ is up, ala hockey.

    At crunch time, we can throw out a scoring lineup (Monta, Jack, CM, Al, Biedrins) if we’re down, or a D lineup (Williams, Jack, Kalenna, Turiaf, Biedrins) if we are up. The rookies/young guys can soak up a ton of minutes in the 2nd & 3rd Q’s.

    Nellie must be going crazy thinking about all the different combinations he can throw out there — 4 guards and Al… Monta and four 6’10” dudes… who knows what he has going on in his head right now.

  • Peachruss

    PG – M-Wil
    SG – Monta
    SF – Jax
    PF – AR-15
    C – Goose

    Obviously I havent’ given much thought to Defense.

  • Ewok

    I think everyone is on the guessing game as to the official starting five line up.

    But if everone will start accepting Monta as a PG, It is not really a big deal as he himself stated not too long ago, then its easy to create a line up.

    If everyone has some flexiblity in their opinion about the talent of this team, It’s easy to realize that this team is a friend of Creativity. It becomes one positive trait this team will boast of. So Obviously, there is no permanent fixture because Monta, K.Azu. AR, Jackson, Harrington and Maggette can all play multiple positions and the first five line up could also depend on the make up and style of the opposing team.

    One thing no one can’t deny though, We have a great bench.

  • AJ

    1 – ELLIS
    2 – MAGGETTE
    3- JACKSON

    Any way you look at it, this is the best starting 5, only difference from last year is taking out Baron, adding in Magette and switching positions for Monta, as Maggette gets the 2 spot.

    Does anyone think that Ellis and Biedrins cannot be as potent a combination as Chris Paul and Tyson Chandler? I see no reason why not…. I think Ellis and Biedrins can be as good as Paul/Chandler. It would take a stronger commitment to defense and weak side blocking and help by Biedrins, maybe a little more fading to the basket and getting open, but this is his strong suit, and great passing by Monta. If all those come together, Ellis/Biedrins is just as good as Paul/Chandler, hands down. Any thoughts?………


    3 – RANDOLPH

    Wright and Turiaf may switch 4 and 5, Perovic might get some PT in spot duty at the 5, but I got to think that this is how it will be with a few 3s and 4s switching spots. Hendrix and the rest of the guys all spot duty.

    Randolph is a pretty big 3, but I think that that it is his natural position.

    This is a pretty good second unit, not as good as the Laker second unit with Vujacic, Farmar etc., better than Sac’s second unit, better than Denver’s second unit, better than the Clipper second unit, not better than the Utah second unit, maybe not better than the Phoenix, San Antonio and Dallas second units. Not as good as the New Orleans second unit. But nevertheless, I am hoping we are competitive.

  • AJ

    It is a joke to me how everyone wants to black list Al Harrington and a starting lineup of Williams and Ellis (as suggested above) in the backcourt will get eaten alive. Maggette at 2 is much more adept at guarding bigger 2s like Kobe. Smaller 2s like J.R. Smith and Manu Ginobili will be forced to foul a penetrating Maggette and he’ll get “and-ones” or 2 shots.

    Al Harrington to start at 4, I would have it no other way, he is still more starting lineup material than Wright and Randolph, Maggette is no power forward (as suggested above).

  • chris gatlings headband

    c’mon, guys. this is don nelson. he doesn’t use two starting lineups in a row.

  • JustPuked

    This team sure has a potential amazing second unit. Ooops, that’s the starting five.

  • EJ

    pg – ellis
    sg – maggette
    sf – jackson
    pf – harrington
    c – biedrins

    first guy off the bench will probably be turiaf or azubuike. i don’t think wright can play with biedrins so that’ll probably dictate when he can get in. if monta is in and jackson is out (and vice versa) i think thats when williams comes on. depending on the match ups for each game, either harrington or biedrins minutes will be effected.

  • Mack J

    I think everyone is underestimating Turiaf as a starter. PFs usually kill us.
    This isn’t NBA Live ’09… I personally would start Turiaf at PF over soft Harrington.
    A defensive-minded, tough big is necessary in the West man.

  • Well I’ll be a Jack…

    Your opening night starters:

    1 – ELLIS
    2 -JACKSON
    4- WRIGHT

    6*- HARRINGTON (fulfilling Nelson’s wish last year that Harrington be his “secret weapon” and sixth man of the year as well as allowing Wright to develop)

  • haastheman

    That will not mean the monta experiment didn’t work. it would just mean Marcus williams is the point guard everyone thought he was coming out of college, which i think will be the case. Here’s my line up

    Marcus Williams
    Monta Smith

    Yeah, i like that. The new warriors. I say get rid of the pacers, who knows what kind of value they have. This lineup would mean that Monta and Biedrens are the players we paid them to be, and Randolph is the player we saw at summer league.

  • Phil

    Mark, you stole my line! I agree completely. It’s not about the starting lineup, but about all the combinations and mismatches Nellie can create to keep opponents jumping and confused and worn out.

    I love this team not for any particular lineup, but because Nellie finally has a wide variety of pieces that let him tear down the other team’s weaknesses. The starting lineup will be similar all year, but the minutes and combinations will vary across the board.

    But here are my key points.

    1. For Monta to succeed at PG and still use his strengths, Nellie needs to assign someone else as the outlet, so Monta can release rather than be a traditional point guard. If he doesn’t get a free release, he comes back and sets up the half court as PG. If that happens he starts all year at PG. Marcus gets big minutes and has to get into the best shape of his life or C.J. will steal some minutes from him.

    2. Corey Maggette will start and be the 1st scoring option, so he’ll start all year. But how will he work out on Defense? Kelenna will get big playing time certain nights for defensive assignments like guarding Kobe. Marco got torched by Quincy Doubey at both ends, so he needs to earn his time and right now is a spot sub for offense at best (I hope he proves me wrong).

    3. Jack starts, shoots 3’s, plays D and is the glue and leadership of the team all year. But Anthony Randolph plays a lot of minutes. Both must help free Monta to release. Both must drive to the basket and get fouled along with Corey, making the warriors force opponents dig into their bench and try to match up.

    4. Al starts and is a big scoring option. He needs to play tough D and be more aggressive inside on both ends to keep his starting spot. Ronny Turiaf gets some minutes at the 4 for defensive assignments making a strong back line when Jack and Kelenna are out so the offensive threats can go to town. Brandon still has to prove himself. He’ll get minutes early, but he better earn them to keep playing.

    5. Andris forms the foundation for D and rebounding, but needs to create his own shots better and get help from Monta, Jack, Corey and Al to score double figures. Ronny is a solid backup and will earn minutes both at 5 and at 4.

    Morrow, Hendrix and Kosta make the team, but don’t play much. I love Morrow’s game, but there just aren’t minutes to be had. Hendrix will get a few in certain situations and won’t hurt the W’s when he’s in.

    Al’s the most likely to lose his starting spot and Ronny Turiaf the most likely to take it. Or Corey takes it if Monta doesn’t work out at PG, but I don’t expect that to happen.

  • Armin

    i think Branden Wright is going to take the starting spot and AL will get 25-30 ppg off the bench…..this provides veteran leadership and scoring off the bench


  • colonel

    Starting lineups dont mean as much as playing time, esp for Nelson. This roster is built to encourage competitions for PT at every position after starting 1(ME) and 5(AB), prob to go 8-9 deep. I think CM or AH could be 6 or 7 in the rotation, but first starting lineup I agree with Marcus. Then we’ll see because as we all know Nelson like to move thngs around and exploit matchups. Plus the tough road schedule will mean minutes need to be distributed amongst 8-9 players at least. I think more moves will be made after season starts, maybe Jan-Feb…eventually, there are not enough minutes to go around.

    So to go out on a limb and say who will be best 5 next April?
    Monta, Maggette, Biedrins, Jackson, Randolph

  • 1pillmakesyousmaller



    Wait, what time is it?

  • Richard

    The Warriors are going to have an excellent bench this year, which was a major problem last year. I think improved bench play will mitigate the loss of Baron, along with additions like Turiaf and Maggette. I think GS will be better next year, not worse. I like Marcus Williams at PG, Monta at SG, Biedrens at C, Maggette at
    SF, and Harrignton at PF. With this lineup you’ve got Turiaf, Jack, Abuzuki, Bellini and Randolph coming off the bench. This will be an awesome bench- so good it could beat many NBA teams regulary. Depth is going to be the story this coming season.