Scary Schedule

Wow. The league’s schedule makers didn’t do the Warriors any favors.

• Monta’s first game as a starting PG is against CHRIS PAUL, the best in the league. That’s cold. Of course, they probably were expecting the BD-CP3 match-up. His showdown with Chris Paul is followed by roadies against Jose Calderon and Devin Harris.

• 10 of first 17 are on the road, 7 being played in Eastern Time zone and one in Central Time zone. Then 11 of 17 in December are on the road, all but one on West Coast time. If this was a veteran team that had been together for a while, this might be a good thing, get their sense of urgency up early. But with so many young and new players, this is a tough way to start the jelling process- so far away from their comfort zones

• There are EIGHT back-to-backs in the first two months, seven ending on the road (including one in Denver, arguably the toughest end to a back-to-back)

• The Warriors play 28 games after the All-Star break, 17 are against teams that made the playoffs last year. Add 3 more against the Clippers and Bulls, both of which figure to contend for a playoffs, and two games against the rival Kings.

• If the Warriors should be in the playoff hunt down the stretch, they are going to have to earn their spot. They close the season vs. Houston then at Utah the next night, vs. San Antonio and at Phoenix. Ouch.

On paper, without seeing them in training camp, here is how I see the season breaking down:
October: 0-2
November: 6-9
December: 8-9
January: 6-8
February: 5-5
March: 7-9
April: 3-5
’08-09: 35-47

Am I crazy or dead on (at least as dead on as you can be in August)? At this point, what do you see the Warriors record being?

Marcus Thompson