Best Bobblehead Ever?

Tomorrow at 9 a.m., the Warriors mini-plans go on sale (online or by phone only). Everyone who purchases a mini-plan will receive a Stephen Jackson Bobblehead. People will be astonished by how accurate this bobblehead will be.
Normally, bobbleheads are an artistic joke. They hardly ever look anything like the person, relying on a couple of distinct features (like the jersey number) to let you know who it is. But this bobblehead is surprisingly dead on. I was shocked looking at it. This is like the new age of bobbleheads! Check out the lineage of bobbleheads


Kobe Bobblehead

Caron Butler

Caron Butler Bobblehead

They got my man Caron looking like Arsenio Hall!

Chris Mullin

Chris Mullin Bobblehead

Looks more like Andris than Mullin. If not for the flat top, I’d probably say it’s more a young Robert Englund (dude who played Freddy Krueger) than Mullin.

Stephen Jackson

Stephen Jackson Bobblehead

Marcus Thompson

  • PhilB

    Hey I live out of state. Can I purchase just the booblehead?


    Stephen Jackson one is hella sick.
    You have to buy a mini plan.

  • Niners in 2009

    Awesome bobblehead. It almost makes me want to go down there and buy tickets. Almost.

  • JustPuked

    That bobblehead is better than carrying a sprayer with mace.

  • Ewok

    I noticed that too a few days ago actually.

    It looks like its alive.


    It looks like an actual facial picture was placed over the body.

    By the way, every Sporting News comments Ive heard so
    far in the Internet downplays the Warriors as simply a non-contender, and the off-summer moves as a joke. In short, experts have regarded our playoff chances as dim.


    But I don’t think their opinion is acurate.

  • zgreat

    That Kobe bobblehead looks more like Luther Vandross then Kobe.

    Whomever did the Steven Jackson bobblehead did a really good job.

    The Mullin bobblehead does look a lot like a young Robert Englund LOL

  • commish

    Hey, if it gets mad, does it lose its head?

  • Marcus


    I literally laughed out loud. That is cold blooded!

  • oakland dub

    i thought the mully one looked like troy murphy’s face with mully’s hair, but nope. robert englund is dead on.

    i’m definitely gonna have to get my hands on that captain jack bobblehead.

  • EJ

    i’d like to see a nellie bobble belly!

  • AJ

    They picked the worst ones in history to show.

    I have a Kobe Bryant and Caron Butler from the Lakers, that I got from Carls Jr. in L.A., and it looks great, nothing like the BS Kobe one on this.

    They just picked the worst ones in history to show as examples.

    Most bobbleheads are not as bad as the Kobe, Caron and Mullin one shown above. These are extreme examples.

    Mullin looks like a skinny faced, big nosed white guy in the bobblehead above, but it looks nothing like Troy Murphy, looks exactly like Robert Englund (Freddy Kreuger)

  • GW

    Where’re the tats? “Praying gun” tattoo?!?!