P.A.T. Bound

You have probably seen the tattoo on Stephen Jackson’s shoulder that reads “PAT.” it stands for Port Arthur, Texas, Jackson’s hometown. He is kicking off his foundation with some community events and I’m going down there to learn about the real Jax.
Here is what I want to know from you: if you had one question to ask him, what would it be? Give me a question and I will try my best to get an answer. I will post his answers on this blog.
Let’s hear ’em!

Marcus Thompson

  • Joe F

    Big admirer of SJax for his perseverance despite the noise from the sidelines of his life. My question would be: what would he like to be able to say about both his basketball career and life once he’s reached the end of both and can reflect back on the journey?


    Ask him how he feels about having no future with the team beyond his current contract and very probably none beyond next Summer.

    Then ask him why he asked to be traded or at least find out how he’s covering the fact up through you willing stooges.


  • haastheman

    What would i ask Jax… I would ask Jax if, and how, the identity of the warriors will change without last years leading scorer, leader, and late game shot taker. I’m also if interested in if he see’s himself in this teams long term plans.

  • WArriOR FAN

    Sounds kinda cheesy. Do you miss Baron and how did he affect you on your basketball career and life?

  • sad jose

    I would ask him about $, how does he feel about his role on the team in regards to the money he’s getting. Second, I’m interested in how many of those high profile millionaire foundations are sustainable (grass roots projects built around social justice). Of course anything is a good thing, but how does he know his is/will be truly successful (I’d be willing to donate)… in the end, that is much more important than b-ball. thanks marcus, enjoy the trip.

  • Dub Sauce

    At this point in his life, if he was given the choice to quit the NBA for 65 mil dollars or stay in the NBA for 3 mil/yr for the rest of his career, what would he choose?

  • AS

    As an emotional player, what specific thoughts do you have in volatile moments? Is there one reocurring thought you have or are you just in the moment?

  • Tru Warier

    It’s great to see that Jack has class to do some good for the community. Has there been other “works” that have not been covered by the media or that the general public doesn’t know about? i.e. Helping out a local charities without media coverage. Basicaly is this all for show? Thanks MTII.

  • How is he planning on making up for Baron and Barnes’ absence?

  • Dan

    I would ask him if seeing the affect that humility has had on the Olympic team makes him question his own mindset when part of this team…. Implicit in this question being that the Olympic basketball team at least SEEMS to have swallowed a bit of ego, and bought in to a more humbled place within a team structure, and as a result are so far seeing success.

  • daovis

    I would ask him if he’s heard a better sports quote than his own, since he responded to a question of how he feels about taking shots and pressure situations with “I make love to pressure.” It still makes me laugh every time i think of it.

  • commish

    I would ask him if he honestly thinks this current team can make the playoffs and what they need to do to make them.

  • KimCat

    Are the Warriors going up,,,,,,or down?

  • Road Orange

    First of all, here’s a great article by Marcus on Monta.

    Question for Jax – Most NBA observers project the Warriors to finish 10th or 11th in the West. Why are they wrong?

  • Eastern europe warrior

    If he could change anything about his past in regards to basketball, what would it be and why? Like does he regret leaving San Antonio.

    Also, would Stephen call the Warriors a soft defensive team?

  • Mr B

    My question for Stephen would be – should the Ws go after a veteran point guard or go with another draft choice or a better question would be try to win now or rebuild for the future.

  • petaluman

    With Monta moving to PG, is he looking forward to playing more SG this year?

    PGs are often the spokesperson for the team, both in and out of the locker room. Does he feel Monta is ready to do this?

    As the only remaining captain from last year’s squad, he will be the veteran leader. What does he feel are the most important contributions he can make in this capacity?

  • No Fillin

    Favorite album of all time?

  • Thurston Hunger

    Well you could ask him about his freestyle flow, if he’s been working on it over the summer. Or even who will chair the Warriors’ book club. His P.A.T. efforts are noble, how about a foundation for wayward referees?

    My guess is Stephen will be politely mum on Baron’s departure, and after all of last season’s “Monta is the future of this franchise comments” from his Diddy-ness, I’d guess further that Baron going to LA is not a surprise to Stack. I do wish Stack would cop to a sense of betrayal, as opposed to “It’s a business”, “A man’s got to get his money” and “Respect to Baron for getting closer to his grandma” etc…

    I’d like to know about Stephen’s health, last year it seemed to me like he was stoically playing through something lingering in the foot/ankle area. He looked a little awkwardly flat-footed (even for him). But the stoicism will likely continue, and he’ll say he’s fine, never felt better, etc…

    So, it’s kind of hard to come up with a question that can cut through the cliches. Please one (or better yet zero) questions about the booblehead.

    This one might be “human interest” enough. Duncan called Stephen the “ultimate teammate” and with the W’s
    he has shown that. Who from around the league would he put on his “ultimate teammate 5 or 10” and why for each guy?

    Here’s hoping you can get Stephen to embrace his inner Barkley, and fire off some provocative truths (or even half-truths, quarter-truths).

  • JustPuked

    Mr. Jackson, in today’s NBA, as a player you have little control over the moves that team management makes when constructing the roster. How do you remain motivated and driven when you don’t know from one year to the next what team you’ll be on, who your teammates will be and what your role on the team will entail?

    (I’m getting paid no matter what is a valid response.)

    Thanks Marcus

  • dennis

    Ask him if he’s friends with Bun B.

  • Phil

    In the past few years I have seen you as the glue that holds the Warriors together, especially on defense. With Baron gone, Monta learning the point and several new players, leadership on offense is even more important this year than the past few years.

    Given these changes, what do you see as your role on offense this year and what can you do to bring the team together?

  • Niners in 2009

    How’s the toe? Are you healthy?

  • Niners in 2009

    Ask him what our pre-season schedule is. I would love to know. Seems like every team announced their pre-season schedule already, but us.

  • 1pillmakesyousmaller

    Red pill or blue pill?

  • jlight

    not a queston, but a commet…….. Just read that he wants more money, and if he dont get an extension that he’s gonna be very unhappy…… I say drop kick his azz in the pacific! I cant believe this crap!

  • Niners in 2009

    Why Marcus? Of all the questions to ask Jack, why ask him about money? Now we got a problem.

  • Marcus

    Niners In 2009,

    LOL! Why you blaming me????

  • Ewok

    Marcus, if you have the opportunity to ask him, Please ask him these questions for me, “What are his impressions of the new vets (Corey, Ronnie, and MWilliams) in the team, and just how exactly did they make the team stronger?” (Also with the rookies, ARandolph, Hendrix and Marrow).

    Also, the big improvement in his maturity and his big temper is evident. Just how was he able to control and change it?