Warriors to China in October

I have confirmed that the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel is right. The Warriors are playing preseason games in China. Both games will be against the Bucks.
However, the Warriors aren’t releasing the schedule until Tuesday, per league command. I’m told the announcement of the preseason schedule for the teams that are playing games abroad were to be held until after the Olympics (Obviously, the MJ-S writer had some good connections). Everyone else was given license to release their schedule.
Expect the Warriors to put out their schedule tomorrow.

Marcus Thompson

  • WarriOR fan

    Yes, let the bonding begin!

  • commish

    That works well for us season ticket holders or anyone who wanted to go to the one preseason game which we got to see. Basically that just sucks and what the heck is the point? Let Houston play its preseason games in China.

  • petaluman

    anything to improve our trade deficit!

  • Niners in 2009

    Here’s what I found after looking at other teams pre-season schedules.

    10/5: Golden State at New Orleans

    10/8: Golden State at Portland

    10/11: Oklahoma City at Golden State

  • EJ

    i’m sure those games in china were scheduled before yi was traded.

  • Loozballs

    LOL! No Yi. China should have scheduled a Rockets vs. Nets game instead.

    Anyway, why two games? Why not Warriors vs. Bucks, then Warriors vs. Chinese National team, then Bucks vs. Chinese National team.

    Chinese National team without Yi, Yao, and Sun but with Wang and Mengke Bateer!

  • tr love

    I think its stupid the warriors have to travel all the way china to cater to those idiot fans. The NBA needs to stop worrying about these clowns and take care of their own fans 1st.

    another thing the people over at goldenstwarriors site are a bunch of idiots. Just a bunch of little girls that run that site.