Ellis Out ‘Til December

ESPN’s Marc Stein broke a story that Monta Ellis needs after injuring his left ankle working out in Jackson. It is definitely true. The Warriors are scurrying around preparing a release about it.
Ellis hurt his ankle on Thursday. The initial hopes was that it was a high ankle sprain. But it turns out he tore a ligament.
He had surgery this morning. The first six weeks he has to be off his ankle. Then the next six weeks he would be able to work on the side. That’s three months before he can get on the court and practice with the team. So it’s looking like mid-December, maybe even January, before Ellis is in the lineup. Then there’s the issue of him getting in game shape.
This was the blow the Warriors couldn’t afford.

Marcus Thompson

  • EJ

    WOW, this changes a whole lot of things.

  • G-Money

    This is a disaster of epic proportions. We are cursed. Where is Vonteego Cummings when you need him? Or maybe we can slide Jack over to the point. If I had any hair left, I would pull it out.

  • Ross

    there goes the season. not that we had a shot at making the playoffs anyways.

  • Joe

    Playoffs 07′ are a distant memory, the curse of the Warriors has returned with a vengenance. Why God!? Why do you hate the Warriors?!!! I will now put on sackcloth and sit in ashes to show the depths of my sadness. (That’s what they did in the Old Testament when mourning for those who are wondering what I am talking about.)

  • EJ

    well, on the bright side for monta: he’s still getting paid. lol

    after thinking it over, maybe it won’t be as bad as i first thought. maggette can probably take on more offensive responsibility. could also be an opportunity for marcus williams….

  • goingforthemoney.com

    To many pessimist on board this ship. Certainly this is a blow to the franchise, but on the flip side this can be a blessing. The W’s were going to have to evaluate their talent anyway and without Monta for the first couple of months this will get some of their other players battle tested. Player don’t improve by sitting on the bench. They get better by playing. It’s an opportunity for them to get better, addition by subtraction style.

  • A.J.

    Point production is where he will be missed the most.

    We don’t know nothing about what kind of Point Guard he is, but we sure as hell know that he can score 20 points a night.

    Where do we get that from is the question?