Picking Up Another PG?

During his conference call with local media today, Chris Mullin (answering a question from my man Tim Kawakami) told reporters the Warriors will be going to look at Shaun Livingston in Chicago tomorrow. He said the workout was scheduled long before the Warriors learned starting point guard Monta Ellis would be out for three months after today’s knee surgery. Certainly, they will be looking on with much more intensity.
Mullin said as of this point, Marcus Williams is the starter. Which means C.J. Watson, who is non-guaranteed and needs to make the roster, is the No. 2. That’s music to Watson’s ears.
“I’m ready for the opportunity,” Watson said in a phone interview Wednesday. “I’m kinda sad that Monta got hurt. But this gives me an opportunity to prove myself to the coaches.”00
Watson had a positive summer league and a good showing at an ensuing popular Las Vegas camp, where he played on the same team as Williams and against the likes of Stephon Marbury, Sebastian Telfair and Mike Conley Jr.
Watson is all but guaranteed a long hard look at camp now. He said the Warriors told his agent that he would get a chance to compete with Williams for the No. 2 spot. With Ellis hurt and Williams penciled in as the starter, Watson’s stiffest competition for the back-up job is perhaps Stephen Jackson. That is, unless the Warriors go out and get someone.
You all know I’m a fan of C.J. I love a point guard who can score. But I am also intrigued by Livingston, who is cheap and has a lot to prove. Should the Warriors get another point guard? Who would you want to pick-up? Or do you want to see Watson as the No. 2 on this young squad?

Marcus Thompson

  • Drew

    Bring me the head of General Montoya and a shiny new donkey to whomever can get me a servicable point guard!

  • JustPuked

    Shaun Livingston, two year minimum guaranteed, with a million bonus if he’s second or higher on the team in assists either year, or he starts more than 30 games in either year. If he hits either bonus, he’s a free agent, if not we have a team option on his third year. Something like that. Make is so Mullin…not that we’re panicing or anything.

  • Little Billy

    Crittenton or Lowry from Memphis for a future 2nd round pick. Would they be willing?

  • Niners in 2009

    I’m glad to hear we were interested in Livingston even before this injury. If we can get him for something like a two year guaranteed deal, its no risk all reward.

  • I’m surprised more teams haven’t shown interest in Livingston…

  • garlicboy

    I like Livingston, but I doubt he’s ready to play. I saw Shaun as a project contributing after All-Star break.

    We have to remember, he tore his MCL, PCL, and ACL so I doubt that he’ll be physically and mentally readt to play in 2 months. Hopefully the Warriors sign him and he proves me wrong, but I have my doubts.

  • Niners in 2009

    I don’t care if he’s not ready, we need to sign him, this is a move for the future.

  • JustPuked

    Suddenly, we have time for projects…

  • manhattanproj

    i like livingston. with ellis out, we have time to give both watson and livingston a long hard look. sign livingston, there really isn’t much to lose.

    let’s hope monta doesnt turn into the next grant hill. injured the ankle that badly in a workout?

  • GSWFan24

    I like CJ but I doubt he’s ready for 20 mins a night/every night. Thats asking a lot from the guy. Livingston has something none of the PG’s on the team bring which is the ablity to gaurd SG’s in the league. Hopefully he can get healthy by mid Nov.

  • GWgetsprops

    Man I’m trying to figure out what happen to Dajaun Wagner last year in GS…they need to relook at him!!!! He would fit in so well right now!!!

  • If he is cleared like the reports say- then the Ws should sign him for sure. Williams has never played big minutes in the NBA – that said- we need some options in case he can’t get it done. Additionally- Livingston’s game was on its’ way up prior to his injury. He could come back and be an effective backup for 12-15 min per night. He obviously knows the game.
    Sign him.

  • GS Smith

    I agree with manhattan…while it may be a little early to compare Monta’s injury with Grant’s, it’s the possibility that’s scary.

  • GS Smith

    I’ve been pro-Livingston for several years. The fact that we can take a flier on him is a no brainer, or should be.

  • i think Livingston (if healthy) would fit pretty good…Nelson likes posting up his point guards and I remember back before he got hurt Mike Dunlevy use to run alot of iso’s for Livingston down low (kind of like a poor man’s Magic Johnson) and take advantage of his size against smaller point guards….i’m sure he’s lost a step but hopefully his rehab has been going well in Chicago and he can help hold the fort together until Monta gets healthy….The kid had a high basketball IQ so i’m sure he’ll find a way to be effective even though he’s lost a step…

  • gkingus

    Sounds like he is interested in joining the Bulls, but how about trying to lure in that Australian PG Patrick Mills. He was solid in the Olympics and would at least give Marcus Williams a run for his money competing for starting PG.

  • GS Smith

    The fact that he’s rehabbing with Tim Grover is reason enough to give him a shot. Grover knows a thing or two about getting players ready for a comeback (Jordan). I bet if Livingston did not have a shot at a comeback, Grover would have told him already. Grover knows his isht.

  • Petaluman

    The Warriors can only offer minimum contracts, per CBA. This leaves only the least desirable veterans and untried rookies as likely options, outside of a trade.

    Under those circumstances, I’m surprised Shaun even agreed to work out for us, especially since it sounds like it was agreed to before Monta’s injury. It sounds like there’s little interest in him around the league at this time, and he’s not confident of looking like an above-min player this season. That means he’s not likely to be able to contribute much during ME’s recuperation.

    His injury was also far worse than Monta’s. If you’re concerned about the long term effects on Ellis, Livingston is even more of a concern.

  • Ewok

    The Monta news is definitely sad.

    But better have it now than later.

    December is not really a “Too late the Hero” month. If we play together and play with confidence, were still in the hunt.

    Monta can also heal faster than expected.

    I just have to give Mullin credit for the makeup of the team. We didn’t get the exact idea of this make up until this Monta news.. and this only means the team, contingency wise, is deep.

    My only concern is, Monta is 20pts+ a night, and the speed he generates open up lanes for fast breaks. We will definitely miss that for three months.

    Marcus Williams is a good pg. He will step up for sure but his game is a bit different. is more of a disecting point guard, Marc Jackson type and he thrives more on a slower pace. He has his injury problems too.

    CJ Watson is more of an all around point guard, He likes to use his size for mismatches and is a good three point shot artist, but definitely needs a whole lot of polishing to do with his confidence and leadership. Once he gets that going, then he can make an impact.

    Then there’s Morrow in the line up too.

    Lets not forget, Team leader Stephen Jackson can take over the helm too to provide quality minutes.

    Let’s also not forget, Monta is not a natural pg yet, he is a shooting guard, so it is in the scoring department where we will miss him. Corey, Kelena, Jackson and Harrington should step up in this regard. Speaking of Harrington, I think he should be regarded also as a three and slide Hendrix as a natural four.

    Shaun Livingston is definitely a big help. Getting him is out of the question.

    The depth of the team has served its purpose in this instance.

    Monta is a big loss for a month or so, but its a team game. His presence may guarantee 20 pts or so, but not necessarily a win. It’s a team game and everybody has to step up or step out.

  • A.J.

    Great point Ewok regarding Monta’s point production as the biggest thing we will miss about this whole situation.

    Monta is a great young player and I love his game, he is among the top 5 young best backcourt players in the league along with: Chris Paul, Derron Williams,Brandon Roye, and Devin Harris, hands down, the best young back court players in the league.

    We have to remember we are trying to convert a 22 year old kid from Mississippi into a Point Guard in a 3-4 month period. It will take much longer than that for Monta to become accustomed to the position, he may never develop fully into a classic Point Guard, which is what I think. Remember his assist to turnover ratio was terrible last year. Fact is, Monta turns the ball over and didn’t look to pass in most 2 on 1 fast break situations last year.

    Playing through the season will add to his growth at the position. There will be wins, losses, poor decisions with the ball, turnovers, all of these hopefully will be part of the successful growth of Monta at this position. But be ready to see specific losses because of Monta turnovers or poor decisions with ball. Again, he’s a great young player, butI know basketball too well.

    But Ewok said it the best, and this post is probably more applicable to the ‘Monta Lost’ article rather than this ‘Shaun Livingston’ article but your’e exactly right Ewok, no matter how much Monta distributes the basketball and lowers his turnovers, we are still going to look to him for between 18-22 points every single night, no questions asked. He is our point guard, but he is also among are top 3 offensive options, that is my biggest concern with his injury, point production.

  • A.J.

    I didn’t mention anything about Livingston….but I’ve always liked his game. I don’t think by any means he is close to Magic Johnson, he can’t even hold his jock strap, but either could Steve Nash or Jason Kidd, there’s only 1 Magic.

    It would be the right move and a good move, but not a difference maker. I don’t think signing Livingston would make 1 bit of difference.

    He is from Chicago, thereby giving the bulls a chance and training with Jordan’s old trainer, but still, he is a talented young player, hopes were high when he came in the league with the ‘Clips’, but again, I know this game too well and Livingston’s performances would not even contribute to adding 5 wins to our win total in 08-09.

    I don’t care either way.

  • Ewok

    On the bright side,

    If we managed to acquire Livingston and he jells with the rest of the team, and win a decent number of games prior to Monta’s comeback, then it would be ridiculous to give up Livingston especially if he makes an impact.

    So if we keep him and Monta is back, then we got a stronger team as a result and we don’t have to worry and regret about the Baron Davis’ years anymore.

  • nick

    Livingston is worth the risk. He could end up being the perfect compliment to Monta. Or he could end up being another Chris Webber (last years version).
    Either way it’s a high reward low risk situation that the Warriors should capitalize on.

  • Rebuilding?

    The Monta injury kills this team, but only for half a year…

    CJW is a player, Williams is a player…. I think that Livingston could be a player

    Warriors are going to struggle in the first half of the season, but they could be the “best young” team in the league in the second half.

    Go get Livingston keep CJW and role with that team. First ten games are role of the dice for every team every season. Hold on for ten to twenty games and then get a little shot in the arm with Livingston and a BIG one with Monta!

    Let’s role it out and pray that there is no more miss fortune in Warrior land.

  • Gkingus…that point guard Mills is playing college ball at Saint Marys so he’s out of the picture…i agree with you though he’s gonna be pretty good player..team usa guards couldnt stay in front of him….

  • Robo

    For now, the W’s just need a body until Monta comes back and I think they should be looking at Penny Hardaway instead of Shaun Livingston. Give plenty of minutes to Marcus and C.J.; and the rest of the W’s all need to step up, but Penny’s size and leadership could make the difference in a couple of close games through December. Shaun Livingston just won’t be able to make an impact in the short term. And if the Clippers; who know Livingston the best, aren’t willing to take a chance on him, why should the W’s?

    With the additions of Turiaf, Hendrix, and Randolph, Kosta Perovic may be the odd man out. If so, I’d like to see Mully trade Kosta for either Javaris Crittenton or Kyle Lowry, straight up.

    Finally, Patrick Mills would look good in a W’s uniform, but I’d rather see that kid from Spain, Ricky Rubio. He was pretty impressive against the Redeem Team, 6’4”, 180 lbs., a brilliant passer, and he’s only 18 years old.

  • Phil

    I don’t see Livingston being ready before Monta and with the crowded roster, I don’t know where he would fit.

    Marco did pretty well passing in summer league and Kelenna also needs minutes.

    I’m OK with Marcus and CJ unless Livinston has made enough progress to play right away.

    This will be a real test, but I think they can survive it and be stronger from getting more players more minutes.

    Or look at a trading several players for a solid, experienced point guard like Hinrich.

  • We_Are_The_Littles

    Getting a slow guard like Heinrich will only get you so far. Then you guys will be complaining of how much of a defensive liability he is and you want a stronger, faster point.

    I say keep the young players we have. Let CJ and Marco develope. Let’s see what Williams is all about. I would only trade a group of our young players if it was for a top-tier point, a la Deron Williams, Nash, Parker, CP3, and Baron. Ooops! Did I say Baron?