Warriors Checking Ellis’ Story

No one really knows the details around Monta Ellis’ ankle injury, other than he hurt it working out. That has the Warriors a bit worried, according to sources. They are checking out his story behind the scenes.
Ellis told the Warriors last Thursday that he had injured his left ankle working out in Jackson, Miss. But as of Wednesday, the day of the surgery – which will have Ellis out for three months minimum – not even Chris Mullin knew exactly what happened. No he-landed-on-someone’s-ankle. No foot-got-stuck-changing-directions. Mullin’s only response was that “I was told he was working out in Jackson.”
Ellis’ injury was pretty bad, which has team officials, according to sources, question whether he actually sustained such an injury working out or playing pick-up. Ellis had surgery on Wednesday in Alabama to repair a torn deltoid ligament in his left ankle. He also sustained a severe high ankle sprain.
Of course, we have seen some bad injuries on the court (see: Shaun Livingston), so Ellis’ injury could have been a freak accident. His neck injury last summer in training camp was also similarly freaky, though the results were not as severe.
This is all important because Ellis just signed a six-year, $66 million contract late last month. If he was doing anything to violate the morality clause in his contract when he got hurt, the Warriors could go after his contract. They could also fine or suspend him.
The reality is, though, if Monta can regain his old form, it is unlikely they would void his contract because he would become a free agent and the relationship would be strained. But if he can’t play again, or this ankle ends up a long-term problem, they could look to get their money back.
To be sure, the same sources said Monta is expected to recover and everything to be fine in the end.

Marcus Thompson

  • Who-Da

    BTW: for all his idiocy, I wish Monta himself improved health.

  • http://contracostatimes.com btownwarrior

    preparing to eat crow…


    I am eager to hear how this all clarifies itself, but it is seeming like I will be eating my words very shortly. I apologize for being so harsh. I guess I am just hurt by his youth and naievity.

  • goingforthemoney.com

    Thanks for the excellent topics you provide and for being the professional you are. With all the comments that were made it makes for interesting reading and debate. At the end of the day you will always have your detractors, but who cares everyones invited to the party anyway. Have a great day, take care of the wife and little one and God Bless!

  • Marcus


    believe it or not, i really do appreciate the way you and others challenge me. it’s all fun. It makes for lively debate and a spirited, healthy blog. this is why I do it, to go back and forth with real fans and try to get you every ounce of information I can. I don’t have the resources or the experience as a Marc Stein or Ric Bucher, or even Tim Kawakami. But clawing to get what I can among them so you guys can get it first is part of what makes it so much fun. So, please don’t stop challenging what I write. As long as it is done with a level of respect for each other, unlike that Timothy McVeigh dude, it’s all good.

  • forepj

    MT I always enjoy your posts and I’m glad your report has been confirmed. Keep it going

  • Marcus

    By the way, Geoff Lepper said Geoff Lepper is not Geoff Lepper. …
    In other words, Geoff Lepper, my friend and former colleague, told me to tell you all that the Geoff Lepper posting on this blog (or any other blog) is not the real Geoff Lepper.

  • A.J.

    Great point Andy……..yes, he should be working on his handling and cutting down on turnovers.

    Let’s face facts, this guy is more of a hybrid 2 guard like Devin Harris, Jason Terry, Gilbert Arenas, Steve Francis, Stephon Marbury.

    He will never be a true point guard, but we need this guy to score. How can nobody see that? We need this guy to give us 20 ppg, nothing less.

    Anyway, he should be working on his game, with only a month left, he should be working on becoming a point guard.

    Injuries happen, I am not too upset about him playing a pick up game or whatever he was doing, but hopefully whatever he was doing, he was working on his game.

    One quick side note, my biggest concern is if Monta Ellis will ever really fully get back to how he was before, my guess, probably not. These severe injuries are known for altering carreers of great young players.

    Among those on that list are: Penny Hardaway, Steve Francis, I think Terrell Brandon too and Grant Hill. All of these guys were as talented as Monta Ellis, maybe better in their primes, their respective injuries killed them and they were never the same, but they were still pretty good and durable, in the case of Hill.

    Anyway, I just think he will never be the same.
    Hopefully, I’m wrong.

  • http://contracostatimes.com CL

    The real question is when is Monta going to fess up?

  • Steve

    Marcus, to hear that someone posting on a message board (blog) is not really who they claim to be (Geoff Lepper) hardly comes as a shock. However, if you read post #14 on the record prediction blog it’s interesting to note what was posted in regards to why Rick Bucher left San Jose for the Washington Post. Afterall, that was many years ago, and also was pretty detailed. In other words, it read like something written by a fellow sports reporter/columnist who was very familiar with both the person and the situation that existed at the time. Soooooo, if that wasn’t really Geoff Lepper, wouldn’t it be a kick if that was really Rick Bucher posting? LOL Just in case it was, hey Rick, YOU SUCK!!

  • Niners in 2009

    I knew that was not Geoff.

  • http://contracostatimes.com btownwarrior


    My respect for you grows man! Most people i encounter these days can’t take a challenge and embrace it the way you have. I just hope Monta can get it done at a high level when he returns.

    I see this warriors maybe seeking Jamal from Indy? That has got to be a fabrication of some indy blogger i hope?

  • SB

    Bad news, guys…. Real bad news are here:

    They think Monta may never be the same….

  • Vegas Bill

    Just read over at SFGATE that Monta was in a MOPED accident? Any confirmation on this Marcus?

  • Niners in 2009

    This blog is deader than Hu’s blog.

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