Monta Does the Right Thing

It appears Monta has fessed up and told the Warriors what really happened with his ankle. A member of the organization told me Chris Mullin knows the truth – no, he wasn’t working out when he jacked up his ankle – and this thing is almost over.
No word yet about what is going to happen now. One agent told
me that the Warriors have to report this to the league or they could be liable. It stands to reason that they would report it to the league, because if Monta turns out to be … not Monta, the Warriors could try to get their money back.
It is a good sign that Monta came clean. It takes a certain level of maturity, even if a little late, to man up and correct your mistakes. It is certainly something you want to see from your point guard.
So, my question to you, what is the appropriate punishment?

Marcus Thompson

  • manhattanproj

    as a fan, you have to wonder what the hell was monta ellis thinking? signed a lucrative contract and he went and did something stupid. now it’s a lost season for him and the w’s. this year should have been the year for the w’s to figure out whether to keep monta at the 1 or the 2. now w’s have to wait another year.

    the proper punishment will have to depend on how much ellis return back to being ellis? if he returns like he was before the injury, maybe fine him and suspend him for a few games. if he returns and the injury lingers or a ghost of his former self, then the punishment would be to void the whole contract.

  • Wilson

    Punishment: Lose half his salary this year. He will miss approximately the first 30 games out of 82 plus probably not at full strength the rest of the year.

    If he doesn’t get back to close to full strength by the end of the season, it should be the Warriors option to cancel his contract and make him a restricted free agent.

    My guess is that at the time these contracts are signed, the language prohibiting dangerous activities is present, but usually nobody goes over the restrictions very carefully. It’s really the responsibility of the agent, since the team doesn’t deal directly with the player in most cases, but if I were GM, I’d call every player – especially every young player – after a contract is signed, and warn him about the serious consequences of riding motorcycles and other prohibited activities.

    We’ve always said that Monta is a very young guy. And it’s in the nature of youngsters to feel invincible and that nothing bad will happen to them. So we don’t want to get too mad at Monta just because his immaturity and recklessness have runied (sob!) our season.

  • Banana

    I love Monta – he, Maggette, Andris, and SJax are the cornerstones of this team. Having said that, he must be punished for his behavior. The fan base deserves to see the punishment, as we have shelled out thousands of $$ to see a product that we assumed would include Monta for the first three months, or assumed if we didn’t see him for the first three months, it was because of an unfortunate injury sustained while actually participating in basketball-related activities. Second, the team deserves to see it, because if they see him treated any differently than they would be, they will not give the same effort, or participate with the same vim and vigor we as fans would ordinarily expect. The guys on this team love and respect Monta for his ability and star potential, but I would also wager they are in some ways bitterly disappointed at his actions, as they potentially compromise their chances at a good season, possibly a playoff season.

    The good news is that till at least January 2009, Maggette and SJax will get a ton more shots through December, as new pass-first PG Marcus Williams takes over and distributes the ball to the guys who can and will take and make shots – namely Maggette and SJax. I also look forward to seeing some available shots for Belinelli and budding star rookie ARandolph, so Nellie can see what they can do.

    Bottom line, I am disappointed by Monta’s actions, but he is very much a part of the Warriors family, of which I am a huge, devoted fan – he has fessed up (finally) to his mistake, and he who has not made one and cares to cast stones, better not be found living in the glass houses in which almost all of us live. He will come of this lighter in the wallet of course, perhaps even more rested than just that brought about by his injuries (read: suspension), but overall, a better, more mature person, ready to return at some point, to a huge standing ovation from us Warriors fan, and ready to help lead this team to the playoffs.


  • Peachruss

    Half his salary is extreme in terms of actual dollars. I think $750,000, approximately his entire salary last season, would get his attention. Once rehabbed he’s still a key player on the team. He’s still a young man and we need to treat him the right way so that he’ll respect himself and the organization.

    As a fan I’m proud to see he stepped up and came clean.

  • JIm

    Sort of hard to mete punishment without the facts isn’t it? Doesn’t the nature of the act bear any relevance?

  • petaluman

    From what I’ve seen of him, Monta’s life is basketball. By taking him off the court, this injury is already appropriate punishment – if he’s not fully recovered by the end of the season, I’d say it was too much punishment for what will most likely turn out to be a careless act. If it derails him in his quest to be ‘the best ever’, that would be truly unfortunate.

    They’ll fine him, but the money won’t matter to him as much as not playing.

  • colonel

    I think Radmanovic and the Lakers set precedent at $500K for less severe injury and less important player. $750K could be a good guess. We’ll see.

    Stepping up…I’m sure Monta was getting an earful from his agent. Still good to see he finally came clean.

  • Wilson

    A slap on the wrist of $750,000? Are you nuts? What ever happened to personal responsibility? If his recklessness caused him to be only half as effective this season as he would have been, half his salary is fair.

    That’s not to say that Mullin won’t cave. What do you think, Marcus?

  • Niners in 2009

    If he’s never the same player after this incident he shouldn’t get $11M/year. As punishment I say knock $2M a year off this annual salary and make it performance based incentives. He has to average atleast 20 and 5 each year to get the full $11M.

  • Cesar

    Niners, that’s imposible if you think about the actual rules of signing players. As you can’t sign a player for 50M$/year for example, you cannot sign like ‘well, average 20 and 5 and then you’ll earn something. Else, you won’t’. That’s possible in European Leagues, not in Nba.

    He would have to be fined, or be cut now. Any other thing will be play with him. Seriously, you can’t have him playing for a year and then tell him ‘No I don’t like your game anymore, bye’.

    I’m not saying he’ll deserve 11m/year when he’s back, nor I say he won’t. We don’t know. But GM Mullin has to take risks. Will he trust in him? Will not? I hope answer will come soon!!!

  • goingforthemoney.com

    Let’s look at this thing objectively! The reality is none of us know what the language of the contract really comes down to. I certainly want him to be held responsible, but to what degree would be spelled out between the W’s, the commish office and Monta and his agent. I hope for the sake of Monta, the W’s and the fans that all is well. If not the team should not suffer by being hamstrung by a player who may not be as effective as before alah Grant Hill. It’s really not for any of us to say but here’s hoping for the best. Keep the faith and u will be rewarded!

  • kevin murphy

    man up? he only admitted it cuz he knew he would eventually get caught. a bigger man would have admitted it from the get go , not when the gig was up. nothing manly about this. just plain stupid.

  • dan

    well, Ellis has no f*cking choice. This is what I wrote before about Bucher kissing Webby’s ass but MT 2 was too coward to print my comment. Now MT2 is trying to kiss Ellis’s ass just like Bucher did.

    Ellis had NO other choice. The W’s would find out eventually and it could get ugly if Ellis continues to stonewall.

    MT2: I read your pieces all the time but you are acting like a coward. Be a man and be brave.

  • colonel

    #6: Team, league, player, agent, coach all have to have their interests heard in the decision about punishment. It is a balancing act. W’s don’t want to alienate someone who could be the best player on the team…”if” he returns full strength (that is the BIG “if” right now). $750K is still a lot of money. Could you write a check for that?

    #7: I agree W’s need to keep their options open if ME does not regain his form. But they won’t know that for quite a while. Probably not until next season. Obviously a lot of what W’s can do depends on language in the contract. I doubt Orlando would have kept GHill all those years if his contract did not protect him.

  • Dig

    Monta did not man up and correct his mistakes. It took what nearly two weeks for him to admit he blatantly lied to the Warriors brass? That is not manning up, that is called desperation hoping they won’t take further action against him for being a complete moron.

    Monta screwed up by lying to the Warriors. That is something you don’t want from your PG and the player who the franchise is paying $11 million a year. At the minimum the Warriors should be suspending him without pay until he is healthy enough to play. If he can’t perform like before they should look into voiding the contract.

  • DJ

    Void the entire contract! This kind of behavoir is unacceptable and then lying about it was just icing on the cake.

    We gave Monta a nice new contact and the starting PG spot and he basically spit in back in the Warriors(Fans,Mullin,his teammates) face. This is not the player we want being the face of the franchise being this ignorant and careless.

  • Fantom

    what causd it? motorcycle?

  • KleenGee

    I hope that he learns that going back home and playing games with his old friends (wheelies on a motorcycle, or whatever) is a thing of the past.

    Not that it is as serious as Mike Vick’s situation, but when Vick’s story hit the page, I heard a pro give advice to young stars: “When you make it big, you have to learn to drive on by your old friends, say hello, but don’t hang around and play.”

    But, this is all speculation since I don’t know the truth of the story.

  • Chief Notahak

    How can you want this guy to stick around? Will he ever be worth 66 million dollars? Do you people know how severe this injury really is? It is extremely hard to return from, and will likely affect his best asset: speed. If the option is out there, void the deal.

  • Niners in 2009

    What, you guys are doctors now? LOL, you guys have no clue whether or not he can come back 100% or not, just shut up.. What the hell is wrong with you people? It ain’t your money, voiding the deal only saves COHAN money, why is everyone so eager to do that? Seriously? Voiding the deal also decreases the talent on this team. Thank God you guys aren’t running the team.

  • Marcus


    C’mon … Not you. Don’t be like these other knuckleheads talking head and being disrespectful. You lose your credibility. Disagree all you want. But name-calling is unbecoming. I don’t know what kind of courage juice you sipping, but pump your breaks just a tad. Please.And for the record, you are mistaken if you think I deleted your post. If I was in the habit of deleting posts, the one you put in this thread wouldn’t have seen the light of
    day. If you haven’t noticed, you are on my cleared list. Anything you post goes straight onto the blog.
    Anyway, why do you say I am kissing up to Monta? Because I said he did the right thing? So let me get this straight. Wouldn’t kissing up be not writing the story exposing him? (if you want to get at me, at least come correct like
    Dig. Explain yourself) If you do something stupid and correct it, that’s not doing the right thing? What do you mean he had no choice? He could’ve rode this thing out, forced the Ws to prove him wrong. He could’ve been stubborn and carried this out into the season. I know you have never made a mistake, but I have. I know what it’s like to do something stupid and have to swallow my pride, man up, and correct it – knowing the consequences were coming. Call it what you want, but I give him credit for at least that.
    Remember, the guy is 22 years old! Came straight out of high school! Was just given the keys to the kingdom. If you didn’t think he was going to do something crazy at some point, you were given him too much credit to begin with.

  • Joe

    All the season ticket holders should get to kick him in the nuts. 🙂

  • Ms Edge


    “Remember, the guy is 22 years old! Came straight out of high school! Was just given the keys to the kingdom. If you didn’t think he was going to do something crazy at some point, you were given him too much credit to begin with.”

    Agreed. Jay Williams went to Duke for 3 years and look
    what he did to himself. Even when something like that
    happens players tend to forget, because they think they are indestructible.

    Marcus, crazy doesn’t have to be stupid !

  • bigbabytap

    Marcus, what are the doctors and team saying about this type of injury? I dont care about the punishment, i’m more concerned with him returning to top form. Can we expect him to come back strong from this type of injury or do most people lose a step or two with this type of injury? Losing a step might not be a big deal to alot of players but it could be a MAJOR factor for a player like Monta who relys on his quickness to be successful.

    And i disagree for giving Monta props for “coming clean.” I think he probably just realized he wasnt dealing with idiots and that the placement of the ankle injury and the other scratches on his body couldn’t be explained by saying he rolled his ankle while working out. Mullin and the rest of the front office were probably drilling him and his agent every day to get to the bottom of this (Warriors dont want to be stuck paying someone long term who suffered an injury playing around)so he probably realized it wasnt gonna go away and finally decided to tell the truth…waiting 2 to 3 weeks AFTER surgery to tell the truth isnt something we should give kudos too (i could see if it was 2 or 3 days after the injury but 2 weeks!!)…lets be realistic about it…he just knew he couldnt lie his way out of this and couldnt come up with another lie..but he is only 22 and we all have made mistakes so lets all get past this and wish him well in his rehab so that he gets back to 100%

  • Mr. B

    This is one of the W’s Franchise players. If it is true that he got injured riding a motorcycle, one has to wonder about his decision making process. One would hope that his on-court is better than his off-court judgement.

    It is a bonehead move and the season ticket holders should get some money back from the fines levied.

  • bluzman145

    I love Monta as much as the next fan. He was a key factor in me renewing my season tickets ($6000) after the W’s let Baron walk.I Think the W’s should fine him enuf to give every season ticket holder a 25 percent refund and he should have to attend every game and sign autographs for the kids after.

  • chikago

    marcus, dont use the 22 year old thing and straight out of high school stuff. he signed his big contract its time to act like a grown up off the court. yes he admitted his mistake, good for him. hes not a kid anymore as far as nba goes. let see how this plays out. hopefully he returns healthy and i say lets move on. none of us know how he will respond to this injury,until then lets take a wait and see approach

  • A.J.

    It is never a good sign when we have to question the ‘decision-making process’ of a young Point Guard.

    The Point Guard position is all about making good decisions. Passing the ball, running the ‘O’, calling your own number when appropriate. Monta’s on-court decision making is decent as a 2 guard, he ranked among the top 7 in history for Field Goal Percentage for Guards for a season, for the 07-08 season.

    That means that when scoring, he is pretty efficient. He will usually pass up the 3 and step in to make it 18-20 feet, this has helped to make his mid-range game one of the best in the league, next to Rip Hamilton and Andre Miller.

    But Point Guard ‘decision-making process’ is what he lacks, he’s not a good passer and not a great ball handler. Hopefully, he decides to improve his ‘decision making process.’

  • EJ

    I’m not surprised that Monta lied initially. That’s not a knock on him, because he probably panicked. I’m sure he told the Warriors about the injury before he discussed anything with his agent/lawyer.

  • Ewok

    He certainly didn’t go to the stands to beat up hecklers!

    He didn’t choke Don Nelson’s neck.

    He didn’t go to stripbars to get into fights…

    He obviously lied to pacify the situation.

    Whether he lied or not, He is certainly worth what he is truly worth. He can do what he is expected to do.

    He did not disgrace or dishonored the league.

    His punishment therefore, should not be severe. A game suspension or two plus fine should be appropriate.

  • Wilson

    Ewok and ManhattanProj have suggested Monta should be suspended for a few games.

    He misses almost half the season and you’re suggesting that we should suspend him a few games? In other words, if he misses 30 games, we should suspend him so that he misses 33 games?

    Do that sound as stupid to the rest of you as it does to me?

  • I had the deltoid ligament surgery ten years ago after a car accident..I was a college tennis player and lost a lot of my quickness and was never the same..My ankle now has arthritis in it..Now Dr. Andrews didn’t do my surgery and it was ten years ago, but unless the surgery is incredibly better now, I don’t know how Monte will ever have that quickness again..

    I wonder how long they have to determine if he ever gets that quickness back?? Can they void his contract??

    This is the very worst ankle injury you can have..That is what I was told when I had it..

  • J-Walk

    I just heard from a reliable source that Monta hurt himself water skiing. It sounds as if this was a freak accident when his ski caught something pulling his ankle back as he fell forward. It had nothing to do with a motorcycle.

    If you look at the injury this makes perfect sense. For him to tear this ligament which connects his tibia to his ankle on the toe side without breaking his tibia or anke (which Monta didn’t do), the injury would have to be void of any blunt force trauma. It’s impossible to turn your ankle toes over and towards the outside severe enough to rip the ligament from the bone and not break a bone if you in any way shape or form had downward movement towards the ground. Gravity could not come into play.

    This was a freak accident. I doubt water skiing was a banned activity in his contract. If it were I doubt Monta would have done it. Millions of people water ski, and I’m sure they don’t ever consider being hurt to the extent that Monta was. I personally don’t view this as reckless behavior, unless Monta was trying to do some crazy trick he doesn’t have the skill to do. So let’s put to rest the attacks on Monta’s character. This injury could have happened to any one of us. Let’s support him in his healing process and show him why the Warrior fans are the best in the NBA.

  • DJ

    Water skiing in the ghetto, please your source sounds retarded.

  • Ewok


    You missed the point.

    Here’s your take,

    “Ewok and ManhattanProj have suggested Monta should be suspended for a few games.

    He misses almost half the season and you’re suggesting that we should suspend him a few games? In other words, if he misses 30 games, we should suspend him so that he misses 33 games?

    Do that sound as stupid to the rest of you as it does to me?”

    Wilson, It is not really up to the Warriors, It is the league that would be, or probably is already, expecting the Warriors to punish Monta. Should the Warriors go along with Monta with his lie, the league can punish the team as a whole. Have you forgotten what happened to Minnesotta when they were found to hide facts about their acquisition of Joe Smith? Let me tell you, they were punished very severely for that.
    They were banned from participating for draft picks for a great number of years. I think seven years if Im not mistaken.

    The Warriors is just a franchise among several other franchises of this big corportation you call the NBA. Therefore, The NBA has the right to be concerned about what is going in every franchise team, from injuries to sale profits.

    If it sounds to stupid to you, use some logic in your thinking, Wilson.

  • will

    You people have all the answers and don’t even know what the hell happened to him.