Kosta a Goner?

Las Provincias is reporting that Warriors’ back-up center Kosta Perovic has a deal in place with the Spanish team Pamesa Valencia. The publication, in an interview with Pamesa Valencia’s director of sport, Johnny Rogers, reported that Kosta has agreed to a three-year deal worth three million Euro (which at the current exchange rate comes out to more than $4.2 million over three years). Perovic was expected to make $1.6 million. He has one more year left for somewhere around the same amount.
In order for this deal to take place, the Warriors would have to come to some kind of agreement with Perovic to let him out of his contract. The Warriors and Perovic would have to agree to some kind of amendment to his contract (i.e., a buyout), then he would be waived, allowing him to go to another team. According to the Warriors’ PR office, this has not happened yet. Perovic is still on the roster as of Monday.
Pros: The Warriors get to shave some salary. The nearly $2 million coming off the books would give the Warriors a little bit more question, which comes in handy if they want to nab a point guard, such as Shaun Livingston.
Con: They lose one of the few big bodies they have on the roster (actually the only one as Andris is not so strong and Turiaf not so tall). Also, they will have gotten nothing for the investment, though it wasn’t enough money lost too be concerned about, in my opinion.
I’ll try to get more info and post it here.
In the mean time, what would you do if you’re the Warriors? Do you let him walk? If so, how much would you be willing to spend to free yourself of him? Or do you give him the option to leave but refuse to pay him anything in a buyout? Do you demand some bread from the Spanish team? Let’s hear it.

Marcus Thompson

  • Niners in 2009

    Let him go, he’s not a Nellie player, so he’s pretty much a wasted roster spot anyways. I heard Kosta’s deal in not guaranteed next year(09). Maybe you can confirm this while you’re poking around.

  • Drew

    How about we get a player on loan from Pamesa Valencia?

  • Twinkie defense

    At the very minimum the Warriors ought to get a zero buyout to set Kosta free. If they don’t get that, at the very minimum, why bother releasing him? No sense paying a young center with a small, short contract to just go away.

  • q

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