Kosta is Spain Bound

Warriors back-up center Kosta Perovic is headed to Spain to play for Pamesa Valencia, according to a representative of BDA Sports, his agent company.
The Warriors have agreed to let the 7-foot-2, 242-pound Serbian out of his contract, said Rade Filipovich, vice president of BDA International. He also left the door wide open for Perovic to come back to the Warriors.
“They want to continue his development,” Filipovich said. “Big guys always develop a bit later. … This is good for the Warriors, good for Kosta and good for Pamesa.”
When contacted Monday evening, a Warriors’ spokesman said Perovic, 23, was still on the Warriors’ roster and no agreement was official. According to the spokesman, the Warriors would have to waive Perovic to free him up to sign with the Spanish team. Another NBA team would be free to pick him up, but would be on the hook for the $1.6 million he’s due this season. Perovic was under contract for 2009-10 as well for approximately the same amount.
The European publication Las Provincias reported Monday that Perovic had agreed to a deal with Pamesa that would pay him three million Euro (more than $4.2 million based on the current exchange rate) over three years. The article, which quoted Pamesa’s director of sports, Johnny Rogers, said the deal was dependent upon the Warriors’ agreeing to cut Perovic lose. According to Filipovich, Golden State obliged.
The Warriors agreed to let Perovic walk away from his contract, and Perovic agreed to do so without collecting any of the $1.6 million he was due – which makes it a win-win for both parties.
The Warriors get to cut Perovic’s salary, giving them more room under the luxury tax – something they’ll need if they decide to sign another point guard. Plus, Filipovich said the Warriors would be able to “bring him back,” so it’s possible the Warriors could still get a return on their investment, which they acquired with the No. 38 overall in 2006.
Per collective bargaining agreement rules, if Perovic is bought out, the Warriors would lose their rights to him. He would be a free agent and available to sign with any team. But Perovic could choose to negotiate with the Warriors if he returns to the NBA. He could grant them the first crack at signing him or the opportunity to match or top another team’s offer. But that would be Perovic’s choice, based on his gratitude to the Warriors for setting him free, and not a contractual obligation.
For the immediate future, Perovic will be playing in the same league (the ACB) that produced NBA players Pau Gasol, Andres Nocioni, Jose Calderon, Fabricio Oberto and that Rudy Fernandez dude who put on a show against the U.S. in the gold medal game in Beijing.
Filipovich said Perovic certainly wouldn’t be riding the bench in Spain as he did with the Warriors, averaging 1.4 points and 1.9 rebounds in 5.4 minutes as a rookie – when he wasn’t playing for the Bakersfield Jam in the NBA Development League. Not only would he be playing in what many consider to be the world’s second-best league, Perovic would also participate in international competition for Pamesa. The combination adds up to about two games per week, Filipovich said.
“He’s going to be a starter,” he said. “He’s going to play major minutes.”

Marcus Thompson

  • Joe F

    Sounds good for Kosta. Good for him. Second-best league in the world. I’m all for the players to improve as much as they can. It can only be good for basketball overall. He wasn’t expected to get much PT with the Dubs anyways. He’ll develop more overseas.

  • A.J.

    Who knows what impact this has if any.

    This is such a different team than last year, who the hell knows what would have happened if Kosta stayed as opposed to leaving.

    One thing is for sure, we didn’t really get a chance to see him play consistent minutes last year, in fact, we only saw him play pretty much the last 10 games of the year. Being a rookie and injury problems prevented this.

    I don’t think it makes much of a difference.

    Nelson would not have played him much anyway.

    It’s time to give minutes to Belinelli and Wright.

  • Ewok

    I’ve always felt this guy is special and why he couldnt get the playing time he deserves really upsets me somehow. I thought his game is very similar to that of Ilgauskas of the Cavs.

    I wish him the best, and I wish he improves and get an attention again from the Warriors.

  • petaluman

    Warriors Sign Three Free Agents:


    Filling out their TC roster. Nelson is a project – more athlete than player. Dowell would have to beat out Morrow to even have a chance to stick. Kurz has a real shot at trying to fill the role of a healthier version of Croshere, though.

  • LT in LA

    Seeing as how the “door is left open,” for him to return (for whatever that is worth)…we save a couple of million a year…he gets to develop in one of the best leagues in the world. I see it as a win/win situation. So I guess the livingston workout was a bust (no pun intended). I don’t know if anyone has heard anything?

  • Niners in 2009

    I doubt any of those three guys make the team. They are this years Tierre Brown, Carlos Powell, and Pat Burke.

  • ds

    Marcus, shouldn’t Mullin look for a backup seven footer now? What happens if Biedrins gets hurt, I don’t think Turiaf is a full time solution, and Harrington is not the answer there, because they need a rebounder and shot blocker. With Ellis out now, the warriors will have to play defense this year, and size will matter. Gee, I guess Mullins 2006 draft was a whiff.

  • JustPuked

    I hope it was a great vacation. Hurry back.