Your Starting PG Is …

C.J. Watson!
You know I like C.J’s game. But if he is the starting PG, the Warriors are done. Nonetheless, Nellie said it’s his job to lose at this point. Watson has the advantage of knowing the offense and being quicker than Williams. Of course, we’ve heard Nellie’s early prognostications before. Remember Belinelli was looking like the starting off guard two summers ago?
The Warriors also brought in Dan Dickau. Why? Perhaps because Nellie is familiar with him or because he can shoot. One thing Dickau does is spell the end for DeMarcus Nelson. The rap on him is that he has to play PG because he doesn’t shoot well enough to play shooting guard. But they showed you what they feel about his
PG skills by signing Dickau, though Nelson is younger and more athletic and bigger.
What do you think of the Ws PG situation. Will Marcus Williams end up starting? Is Watson ready? Who should start until Monta returns? Should they make a harder run at Shaun Livingston?

Marcus Thompson

  • sjbytes

    By signing Dickau it shows that the Warriors aren’t happy with any of the point guards currently in training camp. By saying CJ Watson is starting it shows that Marcus Williams has been a disappointment thus far in camp. By starting an un-drafted NBDL point guard over a 1st round pick it shows that Williams is a bust.

  • ACC

    I was a bit surprised why the W’s signed up Dan Dickau. Nothing against Dan though, but the W’s are quite stacked up in PG position with CJ and Marcus virtually locked up in that position eventhough Monta returns in a few months. Given the ample minutes that these PG will get, Don Nelson will soon find out what these guys are capable of doing.

    In the NBA today, PG that stand less than 6’2 are considered small and will be overmatched by opposing guards. Dan is an above average PG but his size will be a big disadvantage specially when the W’s face teams with big PG.

    If they truly stick with Dan then the days for DeMarcus Nelson are over. A 3 pg rotation running at break neck speed will give opposing teams headaches. I think that when Monta returns, he still needs to be relegated to the 2 position and not the 1.

  • haastheman

    I’m sorry. I know you have a love affair with CJ Watson, but he’s not that good. PERIOD. Marcus williams will wipe the floor with CJ. If Monta Was healthy, williams would have still started at the point by mid season. This kid is a for real point guard. stop hating. I was at the summer league in vegas and i was not impressed by watson. He can’t shoot, and he’s scared to score. He’s too timid to play in our system. Nelson looked much better then he did offensively in Vegas. Boo Watson. This kid sucks.

  • Petaluman

    Reality check: in the SL, CJ averaged 18.8 ppg, while shooting 40% on 3s, 46% on 2s, and 78% FTs. Obviously, he won’t do that in the NBA, but he did OK in SL.

    FWIW, Nelson shot 60% 2s, 0%3s (0-2), and 42% FTs while scoring 5.8 ppg in much less time. While he’s good around the basket, he had no range (you can’t be an NBA PG if you can’t make FTs), and CJ was the better ballhandler.

    Williams looked pretty good in college. He has a chance to start here, but needs to show up and win the job the old-fashioned way.

    I just hope someone proves to be clearly better in TC, so we have a definite starter. May the best man win!

  • camelot

    looks like the warriors are throwing a bunch of crap on the wall and see what sticks. all the pg options are of NBDL quality. MT, do you have Tom Abdenour’s email or phone number i need some treatment advice on a leg injury.

  • beau

    nelson’s proclamation that watson is the starter is purely a motivational ploy. williams lost some weight, but nelson stated he’s still got a ways to go. he’s using this as a way to get williams to shed some more weight, and to a motivate a guy who’s had motivation problems in the past. Williams will be the starter at the beginning of the season.

  • Wilson

    I think Watson is a good allaround offensive and a pretty good defensive player. His three point shooting in summer league and the NBDL was excellent. His weakness, at least in this last summer league, was that he had very few assists. I don’t know if it was an aberration but suspect that he just isn’t too good at finding his teammates creatively. But he looked good as a shoot first guard, which every team needs.

  • garlicboy

    Like Beua said, “this is a motivational ploy.”

    Signing Dan Dickau just increases the competition and makes Watson, Williams and Nelson work even harder. I like this signing just for the sole reason fo competition.

    The cream rises to the top.

    Also recall, Don Nelson has had a lot of success with cast-off point guards. Steve Nash, Avery Johnson, Marquis Daniels even Keith “MC Hammer Jennings did alright. Between Dickau, Williams, Watson and Nelson I know 1 of them will step up and surprise us. They only need to hold the fort for 3 months until Monta comes back.

  • ryder

    Dan Dickau is the human white flag

  • goingforthemoney.com

    Obviously as of now none of these three are the answer but it is what it is. Let’s look at this thing objectively. Dicka is savy but is way too small in the W’s system. CJ is better than people think, but he may not be aggressive enough. He is steady but in the W’s offensive scheme he will need to push the temple more than he did in the summer leaque and look for his shot.
    Williams without a doubt is the most talented of the three and is a traditional point guard. He really needs to hire him a nutritionist and a fitness guru to motivate him. Everything is there except for mental toughness. He’s got to want it. This is his last best shot to make it happen for himself. Players like Williams irk me when they have a gift and are to lazy the take it to the max. Heres hoping that he wins the starting pg position cause that’s what nelson wants and what the W’s need to happen.

  • haastheman

    I understand that all you guys have to go on is stats, but the stats do not tell the story. Nelson is a much better shooter then watson. As a matter of fact, that was the only reason he got minutes in SL was the fact that everyone left Watson open and he couldn’t hit the shot. I agree that starting watson is only a ploy to motivate williams.


    Now we have all the information we need to make our selection for the Warrior’s starting point guard: the box score from the first pre-season game. Just kidding.
    But….it looks like Marcus did better than CJ: 3 assits/0 turnovers vs. 0/2 for CJ. Neither scored much. Unleash Dickau. Just kidding. Point guard is likely to be a weakness for the whole season, even when Monta comes back. He’s never played the position. The others are at least back-ups. Emphasis on least.

  • Derek

    Trade Bellinelli for Javaris Crittendon. Get a true point guard for a SG. The W’s have a surplus of SG’s

  • wannabefan

    Who are all of these people? Where is Baron? Are we still going to the playoffs this year? What happened? wouldn’t pay Baron? Why? Business? Hell!!

  • Colin

    Why are people still talking about Javaris Crittendon? We’ve got 4 point guards already and Ellis will play some minutes at the point when he returns.

  • RIckEue

    I think the best pg is demarcus nelson, he can do it all, especially where we are the weakest, defense. Hes a really big pg who can defend any of the wings. Ive seen 3 warriors games so far, hes the best then cj then williams.