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There is one more player to throw in the point guard mix – swingman Stephen Jackson. Nellie said he’s looking to do the point-forward thing and let Jax handle the rock.

Nellie: “I told him this summer, I may do that to him. He said, ʽIʼm ready to play any position you want. Iʼll play them all.ʼ When you do something like that, the first thing is the player has to want to do it and feel he can do it. Jack is very confident about everything in life, so thatʼs not a problem.”

Confidence aside, am I the only one who things Jax at point is unnerving? He’s a good player, but his weakness is dribbling! He stands straight up when he dribbles, a fundamental no-no, and his crossovers are so predictable. He can pass, but that doesn’t make him a point guard.

Jax: “He doesnʼt expect me to make plays every time I get it. He just wants me to get the team in the offense when Iʼm at the point. Played point in high school, so I have some familiarity with it. But itʼs gonna be new to me to. Something I have to embrace. Just another part of me expanding my game, and Iʼm gonna take it on.

“I hope I start at PG, actually. That would be fine with me. I love having the ball in my hands. I always consider myself an all-around player, and I think this is another step to it.”

“At point guard, I canʼt just worry about what I have to do in the offense. I have to know about everyoneʼs position. Itʼs a big responsibility. Now I see why J. Kidd and Steve Nash are so good.”

If the Warriors are so bad off the Jackson needs to play point, then they need to go out and get a point guard they can rely on. It’s certainly OK for Jackson to initiate the offense here in there, but less is more in this situation. He’s good creating from the wing and out of the post. But PGs are responsible for creating from everywhere, especially from the top of the key, where the entire defense is focused on it and not just the strongside help.
Proof about what I’m talking about: Baron led the team with 2.83 turnovers, which is pretty low for someone who handles the ball as much as he did. Guess who was second on the team? Jackson at 2.7 – even more than Monta (2.14), who has had problems with TOs in his young career.
What do you think? Do you feel comfortable with Jackson getting more time at point guard? Is this expecting too much for him? Or am I missing something?

Marcus Thompson

  • Mountain Jim

    You are not missing anything. I hope this is just one of those Nellie schemes he tosses out for a day or two and then discards, because Jackson doesn’t have any point guard skills. He’d be lucky to get the ball across half court against a decent defensive point guard.

  • gkingus

    Point guards need to be able to penetrate and either make a shot for themselves or set one of their teammates up. Monta can do this, Jackson not so much. The thought of Jackson at PG give me flashbacks to the Utah series where Jackson was forcing it and dribbling the ball off his feet. No thanks.

  • LT in LA

    Livingston! Please. Take a chance. The W’s have NO ONE who should realistically be a starting PG in the NBA. Why not take a flyer on the one guy who has the most upside? I have been pulling for this move since the day the Clippers renounced his rights. From what I’ve read online (for whatever that is worth), Shaun’s knee is much better, he has been playing 5 v 5 with NBA players. Think about the slashers we now have on the roster. We need a PG that has court vision…Livingston has more than all our PG’s combined..including Monta. He also has the size to combine perfectly with Monta when he returns. I’m sure that his contract demands are high (and he wants a guarantee), but someone, likely Miami, will take a chance. Let’s use the money we are saving on Kosta and reinvest. Kosta never played, so if Livingston doesn’t work out, no big deal.

  • goingforthemoney.com

    It’s true you should worry if the W’s overuse SJ at the point. It will slow the offense. Besides they will still need to develop the other pg and build there confidence before monta get back. This especially applies to Williams who is the key to our point gaurd delimma. If he plays well(Williams), the W’s will have something to build on. Let me remind everyone. The real key to the W’s positioning themself in the group of elite team starts and end with the power forward position. It is the hardest position to fill in the nba. You cannot win a title in this day and age without having a solid one.

  • haastheman

    The one thing starting Jax at the point will do for the warriors is it will allow them to have their best five players on the court at the same time. Starting Watson or Williams will prevent that from happening. Technically speaking, 3 or 4 of the warriors best players are all small forwards. Yes, the 3 and the 2 are pretty interchangable positions, but 2’s dribble the ball a lot better then 3’s. The warriors lack a great ball handler which could cause problems in the season. I haven’t seen much of williams, but there isn’t a great ball handler on the team, and that includes Monta Ellis! For an up tempo type of team, that’s a problem.

  • GSWFan24

    StackJack had every oppurtunity to run some PointFrwd last year and that didnt workout with success, so what makes coach think all of a sudden he can be a PG?

  • garlicboy

    From the coach who invented the concept of the Point Forward with Paul Pressey in Milwaukee, I’m not that concerned. In addition, Jackson seems determined to learn and is excited about the challenge. Last year Brandon Roy played tons of PG.

    Jax won’t run it full-time, but he can run the PG position and bring the ball up court as a Point forward matched up against the opposing teams SF’s.

  • LT in LA

    Roy has handles at top speed…Jackson, not so much. It is nice to have the option of Jax handling the ball occasionally, but consistently, no. But at least he played a little in high school…
    Livingston gets picked up by the Heat.
    He has been playing pick up with D-Wade in Chicago this summer.
    You do the math.
    Go Dan Dickau!

  • manhattanproj

    marcus williams is going to be the starting pg. saw him played at uconn. he’s a good pg. deceptively quick and he’s strong. not very athletic but he can play. he attacks defense and passes well.

    even if monta was healthy, i think he has a chance to start at pg alongside monta.

  • commish

    Strange Mully didn’t sign Livingston and Indiana just did. The connections with the Pacers are strange, aren’t they. I think Williams will prevail at PG sooner than later. He just has more size and skills than CJ as long as he doesn’t give up heart.

  • RN

    Talking about Stephen Jackson playing the point has Nelson sounding like he did when he was trying to convince people that Chris Weber was going to solve the Warriors big man problems last year. The team is in big trouble if this is the direction they’re heading at point guard.

  • noah

    I thought Jack played pretty well at point forward last year. The only real problem was when Jack was playing point forward and Baron and Monta were both off the court. Of course that didn’t work out great, because they were relying on Buike and Pietrus to do the scoring from the wing. This year they have Maggette to fill that role. It’s true that Jackson doesn’t create offense by penetrating, but neither do a lot of fine PGs. Mark Jackson is the best example, Paul Pressy at point forward for Nellie is another good example. Even Tom Tolbert did it pretty well some of the time.

    Also, Livingston signed with Miami, not Indiana. In all likelihood, the Ws did try to sign Livingston, but he preferred Miami.

  • Derek

    Trading Bellinelli for Javaris Crittendon makes sense to me. The W’s need a PG and they can do without Bellinelli. Critters a much better option than CJ Watson

  • Ewok

    Jack being a point guard?

    No problem. But I doubt if he will be a fixture in that position.

    Jack being there is simply all about leadership. Everybody responds to his presence so with him on that position brings everybody on the same page.

    I like this team because in a grind of more than 80 games, this team will reach its peak at the right time and when it does, it has a chance to become explosive because it has the essential elements.

    The PG cluster was designed to be so. It was designed for the players involved to compete and bring out their best to get the job. Hey, like what boxers used to say, “All we need is a shot.”

    I predict Hendrix will be the odd man out.

    Nellie has never been a fan of post up players (Diogu, Perovic, POB, etc.). For Big Men, Nellie wants biggies who can move well without the ball, dribble good enough to protect the play, set screens, run and cuts the middle and so forth.. Hendrix seems not to fit in my opinon. But I know he is a good player for the right coach.

  • Ewok


    Now that the mascot “Thunder” is gone. How about suggesting in your capacity (If you agree) that the team adopt the “Ewok” (Star Wars) character as their new mascot? Why? because Ewoks are ferocious warriors, they fight to the end, they have their unique culture, They are known for their brave instincts and courageous traits, they win fights all the time,and yet they’re lovable and cute.

    Hope you agree with me.


  • Jess

    Yo Marcus,

    U cop that new JOE cd??? It’s tha bomb!!!

  • emok


  • A.J.

    Nothing will replace Baron Davis, nothing.

    Monta is not a PG, he is a hybrid guard who is going to try to grow into the PG position. Monta is like Jason Terry, Steve Francis, Allen Iverson, Stephon Marbury and Gilbert Arenas, he is a hybrid backcourt player that can play either position but plays the 2 probably better than he will ever play the 1.

    Let’s face it, anyone expecting Monta to turn into Magic, Oscar or Stockton shouldn’t hold their breath, because they will die from lack of oxygen.

    My point is, unless we get a PG in the top eschilon category: C. Paul, D. Williams, B. Davis, B. Roye, T. Parker, we are getting second best basically, the best case scenario.

    Now, the best case scenario is a 3 headed PG monster, PG by committee, Williams, Watson, Dickau. I liked CJ Watson’s perseverance last year and he’s a nice player, but no starting PG, none of these guys are great, but I think it will due for now.

    I like Livingston’s game but if we’e talking ‘upside’ guys, this guy has already been in the league for 3-4 years and he hasn’t done much. I know basketball and I know talent, he does have the ability to become a quality big PG, by big I mean tall like Magic (6’8″-6’9″).

    But we don’t want more questions now, just keep the PG as is for right now, I’m not a big Dickau fan, but we will see if we can hold serve for a while.

    Even when Monta gets back guys, it’s not like wer’e gonna be seeing Bob Cousy or Pistol Pete or Magic, it’s gonna be a 2 guard trying to play PG, plain and simple.

    Stephen can play PF but let’s face it, everytime the guy puts the ball on the floor and takes it to the basket, you need an ordained priest and 13 bishops by your side because you know he’s gonna throw a pass that ends up in Jim Barnett’s lap on Media Row courtside. He turns the ball over when he takes it to the basket and he doesn’t look where he is passing the ball.

    I’m not a big Javaris Crittendon fan, he was traded by the Lakers in favor of keeping players like Farmar. That tells me that the Laker brass did not think that this guy will be better than Farmar, because the Lakers draft and trade for need usually, they saw that Crittendon was going nowhere and in all honesty last year, they may have been testing to see if Crittendon or Farmar deserved the back-up role. And what happened……….Crittendon was let go. But for a desperate team who needs a PG maybe. I have a friend who always talked about Javaris Crittendon…..it was Javaris Crittendon this and Javaris Crittendon that.

    I say to hell with Javaris Crittendon, who the hell is he and what has he done. I don’t give a damn about him and I don’t think trading Belinelli to get him will help us in the PG spot one bit. But Belinelli hasn’t done anything yet either, but he can shoot and he can shoot free throws and he is a European player, so we know what wer’e getting.

    Put it this way, if Crittendon’s college squad was pitted agains Belinelli’s Italian National Team, Crittendon’s squad will be wiped all over the arena, all over the arena. Thank god we are sending pro players to play internationally, because if we were sending college players, they would come back to the states with just their hats in their hands.

  • petaluman

    I don’t really know Crittendon’s game, but it seems a little specious to not mention who he was traded for … Pau Gasol. Maybe Memphis insisted?

    I’m not generally a big fan of tall PGs. The best ones are all-time greats, but few even become regular NBA starters. The odds of getting a productive PG are actually higher with a combo G like Monta. 20 points and 5 assists is the same score as 10 and 10.

  • A.J.

    Also, let’s remember that Crittendon could be the 2 or 3 guy in that trade, maybe the throw in, becuase it was Kwame Brown (the headliner), Marc Gasol, and finally our friend, the world famous Javaris Crittendon who hasn’t done s%^&.

  • A.J.

    And actually this further illustrates my point that it took 3 terrible players to get Gasol, Crittendon is not going to be good guys, let’s not get him.

  • petaluman

    To return to the OP, I think this is The Don’s way of giving SJ more responsibility for getting players involved in the offense, and looking less for his own shot. I doubt Jackson will spend much time on the floor as the ‘only’ Warrior PG. I expect the team to be much less reliant on one person to set up the offense this season.

  • commish

    A.J. said nothing will replace Baron. I just had to post this link from Yahoo sports to underscore his observation:


  • manhattanproj

    blog question: who would you rather have: j-rich or maggette?

    j-rich was traded b/c of salary concerns, but knowing what we know now with baron bolted, who would you rather have? and nevermind the trade that brought wright along, as he hasnt’ been a factor, at least not yet.