More PG Fodder

There is one more player to throw in the point guard mix – swingman Stephen Jackson. Nellie said he’s looking to do the point-forward thing and let Jax handle the rock.

Nellie: “I told him this summer, I may do that to him. He said, ʽIʼm ready to play any position you want. Iʼll play them all.ʼ When you do something like that, the first thing is the player has to want to do it and feel he can do it. Jack is very confident about everything in life, so thatʼs not a problem.”

Confidence aside, am I the only one who things Jax at point is unnerving? He’s a good player, but his weakness is dribbling! He stands straight up when he dribbles, a fundamental no-no, and his crossovers are so predictable. He can pass, but that doesn’t make him a point guard.

Jax: “He doesnʼt expect me to make plays every time I get it. He just wants me to get the team in the offense when Iʼm at the point. Played point in high school, so I have some familiarity with it. But itʼs gonna be new to me to. Something I have to embrace. Just another part of me expanding my game, and Iʼm gonna take it on.

“I hope I start at PG, actually. That would be fine with me. I love having the ball in my hands. I always consider myself an all-around player, and I think this is another step to it.”

“At point guard, I canʼt just worry about what I have to do in the offense. I have to know about everyoneʼs position. Itʼs a big responsibility. Now I see why J. Kidd and Steve Nash are so good.”

If the Warriors are so bad off the Jackson needs to play point, then they need to go out and get a point guard they can rely on. It’s certainly OK for Jackson to initiate the offense here in there, but less is more in this situation. He’s good creating from the wing and out of the post. But PGs are responsible for creating from everywhere, especially from the top of the key, where the entire defense is focused on it and not just the strongside help.
Proof about what I’m talking about: Baron led the team with 2.83 turnovers, which is pretty low for someone who handles the ball as much as he did. Guess who was second on the team? Jackson at 2.7 – even more than Monta (2.14), who has had problems with TOs in his young career.
What do you think? Do you feel comfortable with Jackson getting more time at point guard? Is this expecting too much for him? Or am I missing something?

Marcus Thompson