Monta Got 30 Games

On vacation, but I am dying to hear what you think. Too harsh? Not enough? Fair? Holla back.

Marcus Thompson

  • itsagreattimeout

    Perfect. Solomon couldn’t have done it better.

  • Dig

    Should have been half the year IMO. But not bad.

  • chrisv

    probably how much it would’ve been before he can come back from his ankle injury anyway, so it keeps up appearances and keeps Monta happy (hopefully).

  • The Seer

    We now know who runs the Warriors and not only will Nellie be gone at the end of the year, so will Mullin..Cohan and Rowell are idiots and have proved that over and over..

  • beau

    yeah, great, he was punished. everything is right with the world. let’s see what the future holds. next year, nelson out, mullin out, ellis demanding a trade, randolph becoming disenchanted, and 5 straight 20 win seasons staring them in the face. good thing they made an example though, or else who knows how far this would have gone.

    you clowns act as if ellis did something personal to you. he’s a 22 yr old kid. he was screwing around and had an accident. if this makes you this upset, it’s time to take a step back and reprioritize your lives.

  • The Seer

    The suits ruin everything!!!!!!! When the suits make decisions, the franchise goes right down the toilet..

  • fresh one

    you’re right on the money, Seer. i couldn’t have said it better.

  • Rich

    My issue is that the team is loaded with Jax of all trades but masters of none. In the quest for interchangeable parts we have too many converted 2 guards, streak shooters with no true PG skills. Although I am hopeful for Marcus Williams, we have continued to shy away from PGs in the draft. We could have drafted Marcus but instead chose POB. This is ironic to me, given Mullin played with Tim Hardaway. The good teams need good PGs. Let’s be real, Ellis is not a point. I want a PG who will give me 15 pts, 10 assists and 4 rebs a night not 3 guys who will give us 4 pts, 3 assists and two rebs each. It ties up too much money and stunts the developement of the first round picks. Don’t even get me started on all the SF/PF tweeners we signed only to draft duplicates at their positions that will eventually rot on the bench and sign with a contender. Can we draft true for a change, no more of this cutsie stuff?

  • petaluman

    What do I think? Now we know we won’t see Monta suit up before mid-December. Past that, I could care less. The rest is not basketball.

    More interesting is the PG question for those 30 games. I still expect CJ to get first crack at starting in the regular season. However, I’ve been disappointed in Marcus and pleasantly surprised by DeMarcus. Of course, all we get to see is (some of) the preseason games, so everyone’s fate seems to change dramatically game-by-game. Please let us know what you think of our PG rotation when you get back. I know you’ve been posting quite a bit about that position recently, but it’s been so dynamic. The same guys seemingly have a good chance of being the 1st back-up or the last roster cut.

    Oh, and have a great vacation!

  • commish

    Vacation; nice going dude. Get some rest before the fireworks begin. Well, I thought the penalty was too harsh but it kind of fits the number of games he’s expected to miss; so, from that perspective, I think it makes sense. Of equal interest to me is the rather open rift that is going on between Rowell and Mully, first on BD, now on Monta. This is Mully’s last year on this contract, so I’m wondering if Rowell (Cohen’s alter ego) are thinking of going in another direction. No Nelly, no Mully, humm?

  • Dig

    Yes we should all feel sorry for Ellis losing $3 million off of a $66 million dollar contract, give me a break. He got injuried in an act that is prohibited in the contract he signed, and lied to the organization about it.

  • Tony

    I think Monta is getting off easy. He should take responsibility for his actions and accept the fine. Work hard to get back and move on. He is a young man, but making that much money he has little time to grow up. If he wanted the responsibility of being paid like a franchise player, he should accept this as a part of that deal.

  • JustPuked

    It’s understandable but too much stick not enough carrot. Probably a bit longer (more money) than it needs to be. The problem is, it’s just long enough to piss Monta off. If the suspension was just through Nov or even mid Nov it would be light enough that Monta wouldn’t be insulted, yet enough of a hit that he feels it in his pocket book. Overall, too much Rowell and not enough Mullin on this call.

  • docklh

    I don’t think the fine was too bad but like the others who have commented on the Rowell and Mullin rift, I am starting to get depressed thinking of life without two very key ingredients to this franchise.

    Without Mullin and Nelson and left with this bonehead Rowell I think this will be a terrible time for us fans! Lets get something going to remove Rowell. Who does this guy think he is? Well he is just a suit and only a suit, never was a player and has yet to make even one good move that I can recall? Anyone else?

  • The only relatively good upper management team for pro sports around the Bay is the front office of the Sharks….sigh

  • haastheman

    Well, as i understand it, the suspension starts immediately. Meaning he wouldn’t miss any additional time, making it more of a fine, then a suspension. 3 mil is nothing. The man may never be the person we just signed to the contract. Who knows what this injury could do to a man who lives off his speed and quickness.

  • Andrew Rosenblum

    I think this punishment is OK — it’s about 4.5% of the value of the entire deal — so big enough that Monta will notice, but hardly enough to put him in the poorhouse. And given that he’s missing all of the games due to the risky behavior? That seems fair.

  • Seems fair to me. He will not get paid for the time he misses for doing something banned in his contract. I do not see hoe anyone would think that this is unjust.

  • Ewok. For the new mascot of the team

    I think its too freaking severe!

    The point here is, Is the punishment proportionate to the violation? of a kid fresh out of high school? Come on!

  • Chris

    At least we won’t have to worry about Monta going snowboarding or the likes. Honestly, why should he get paid? Regarding Mullin’s status as GM, I think the verdict is still not in. Overall is legacy thus far is questionable. He hired Mike Montgomery; he overpaid Mike Dunleavy in a massively undeserving contract extension; he’s drafted complete lottery busts in Ike Diogu and Patrick O’Bryant (hopefully we won’t be adding Brandon Wright’s name to this list) while better players were drafted later ; and he failed to acquire Kevin Garnett. Not to mention the disturbing news that he offered Gilbert Arenas a $100 million extension when he lost Baron (thankfully Gilbert and his 80 year old knees declined) His best moves have been trading for Baron (we took the good with the bad) drafting Monta Ellis and acknowledged his mistakes by hiring Nelson and trading Dunleavy, Murphy, and Diogu for Jackson and Harrington.

  • LWilliams

    Does the $3M that Rowell is referring to equate to lower season tickets prices next year? I dont think so. $3M is $3M I dont care how much money you make or have. The punishment does not fit. LA fined Radmanovic $400k for his skateboarding and lying about it incident and he was out almost half a season. Ellis will come back and play as hard as he always has — that is just his nature. But you can believe he will not remain in the Bay for 5 years. Until the Warriors commit to putting a winning product on the floor instead of hiring new coaches every few years and trading good players (JRich was the latest debacle)they are not going anywhere. You build around great players — not trade them. Yes they are entertaining, but fans look forward to the playoffs. Next year there will be a new GM, new coach, new system. I’m tired of Warriors always in rebuilding mode. This year is almost a completely new team!! They still dont play defense (not Nellie’s style) and have taken the Suns spot as run & gun team. How a player is treated by an organization means everything — why do you think KG and Brand took less money to play elsewhere? Money obviously wasn’t the issue. They watched how BD was treated and chose to play elsewhere for less. BD did everything the Warriors asked him to do after their playoff win. Warriors said they would not renegotiate his contract until after the following season. But gave Nellie a raise. How many minutes did he play as a coach?! BD came back in shape and played an entire season! Rare for him and the Warriors forced his hand. Good for BD!! This is Ellis’ first max deal. Best believe he will sign a few more in the future – with another team.

  • Jaysohn

    I always crack up when someone mentiones that this is a bad thing because of the possibility of Monte being pissed off. His injury may cost the team any chance they had of being competitive for a playoff spot this season and their biggest attraction. The suspension is really just a fine since he will probably miss more than 30 games. I think its more than fair when Ellis is your number 1 investment and he does something so silly to jeapordize that investment.

  • Ewok. For the new mascot of the Warriors

    Ooops! I made a mistake.

    When I first heard of the 30game suspension, I thought it was going to start after his rehabilitation so I thought it was unfair.

    From the discussions above, it looks like it aint so. Those 30 games include his missed games due to rehabilitation. So therefore, the suspension is really a misnomer. It just means that he won’t be paid for the whole time he is in rehab — which is 30 games.

    We need his game. Just coming off from a loss against the Bucks in China, Corey Maggette mentioned the team is a bit slow… and that’s alarming because we may have size but not the height ceiling. We don’t have seven footer to guard the Duncans and the Mings.

    Monta’s game therefore is greatly missed as he can set the pace of the game which opens lanes for fastbreaks. Monta can command a double team as well and in a fast game, that is an asset…

  • Ewok

    As to Mullin’s performance as a GM, I think he is doing fine. He may have made mistakes but it is clear he learned from those blunders and made smart decisions eventually.

    I think Mullin is growing as a GM as he is becoming wiser with everytime. St. Jean actually was a bad one compared to Mullin.

    I think he should be retained as a GM. I think he is going to be a great one as he progresses and grows as a natural.

  • Marcus- I look forward to hearing your take on the “new” Warrior braintrust.
    Robert Rowell is the biggest idiot in the NBA. Him and Cohan make Donald Sterling and James Dolan look like Jerry West and Red Aurbach. That interview with Leopper and Hu made me want to go down to the arena and stuff my “we beleive” t-shirt right up Rowell’s a$$. Mullin made some mistakes coming in but has corrected every one of them and made the two of the biggest trades in Warriors history (i am talking successful ones). In addition to this- he got them back into contention after the f-in decade plus of doldrums that Rowell and his mind deficient owner had us in. If things continue at this pace- I am done with these clowns. Mullin is Knick bound and I will be purchasing FSN Northwest to watch the Blazer games. At least Paul Allen knows enough to stay out of the way when things are going good.

  • Mr. B

    I think 30 games is fine. If you do not want to be in hot water, then stay clean… Everyone’s has gone through some sort of punishment.

    You just have to be a man and take it…If your ego cannot take that then play for the Knicks alongside Marbury.

    Monta seems like a nice kid. I am hoping that he takes this as a positive and keeps him away from trouble in the future.

  • A.J.

    Great points by M. Square and Ewok.

    Mullin has improved as GM every year, no question about it.

    I have written posts before describing his aggressiveness this off-season.

    This was Mullin’s signature off-season. Rowell and COhan want to see how the season turns out, how Mullin’s decisions play out. Understandable, every owner of a business should be on top of their investments.

    But I agree, there are right and wrong ways of doing things and this is just muscle flexing by ownership to show the public, the fans and the NBA that Chris Mullin is not in charge of the Warriors.

    These owners are egotistical and want the credit. Now they are stepping in and crossing their arms and tapping their feet saying, “Ok Mullie, let’s see how these bevy of moves this offseason pan out?”

    Hey, they have every right to do that, but I agree with M. Squared and Ewok, they are going about it the wrong way and I think that Mullin is one of the best former player GMS in the league along with Kiki Vandewiegh, Mitch Kuptchak and Joe Dumars.

  • Tim1234

    2 years ago 3 fast, dynamic players, last year 2, this year 1 and he’s out. How to get a lottery pick from now to forever.