Captain Al

Coach Don Nelson named Al Harrington the third captain, joining Stephen Jackson and Andris Biedrins. Nellie, for some reason likes three captains, but he held out on the third. Al’s attitude and leadership led to Nellie giving him the C on his jersey.
Nelson: “He’s a veteran, been with me for a year. He’s stepped up his leadership in training camp.”
Why is this significant? Because these two haven’t been drinking buddies. Al and Nelli have had their differences. Harrington spent last season and this offseason frustrated about his role, his lack of fourth-quarter minutes, his inconsistent playing time. He and Nellie spoke at length late in the offseason, but Harrington still came into training camp with skepticism dripping from his tone as he vowed to do “everything I need to do.”
So either Al has really done so and has really impressed Nellie, or this is Nellie’s way of extending the olive branch and massaging their rocky relationship. Either way, it’s perhaps good news for the team’s chemistry.

Marcus Thompson

  • Peter

    I like this move. I don’t love Al’s game, but I do love his attitude. What a class kid. He does whatever is asked, and they keep changing his role. Always a smile, never bitching. I want my son to emulate Al, no BS.

  • A.J.

    Great move….I was wondering why they gave it to the younger Biedrins and why not Harrington, I’m all for Biedrins being co-captain too, I like him, I was just shocked because he’s so young, but I like the tri-captains.

    Anyone who has read my previous posts knows that I am a big Al Harrington fan. I DO like his game, unlike some Warriors fan, because he can run the floor, stretch the Defense and make perimeter shots. He’s a hard worker, never complains.

    How many times did Nellie replace him in the starting line-up last year toward the second half, opting for an even smaller line-up with Pietrus in there? A lot. Al’s role has been changed frequently and he never complained about it, I agree with Peter, the only thing I don’t agree with, is I DO like his game.

  • JustPuked

    Actually, I think Nellie intended his third Captain to be Ellis but Scooter went and crashed himself out of the running.