Watson Hurt

Remember that tumble over the baseline seats C.J. Watson took last night? It turned out to be a painful fall.
Watson said after the game he was in a lot of pain with a sore right arm.
“I couldn’t even shoot in the second half after I fell.”
He didn’t practice Wednesday, just worked on the side with Mark Grabow, director of athletic development. He took a million left-handed lay-ups and some set shots from the free throw line area, his right forearm and elbow wrapped. He perhaps couldn’t have picked a worst time to get hurt, as Nellie is already down on him and Marcus Williams.

Marcus Thompson

  • gswfanforlife

    It didn’t look great when he was getting up yesterday. He was having a better game than DeMarcus Nelson and on the verge of making Nellie second guess himself on the starting PG.

    I was just as concerned with Kelenna tweaking his knee at that point.

  • Darryl

    It takes alo to mpress Nellie, so if Demarcus Nelson is now projected as the starter it isnt just by “default” but because he has showed the biggest heart and skill at the position.

    I hope he uses any available time he can to improve FT’s and mid-range jumper…

    I watched him in HS and they played a “Warriors style” of free flow Basketball, whereas Duke was more halfcourt style (although they ran well aslo).

    Rooting for D.N.