What I See …

A few things stood out at today’s practice:

* Stephen Jackson is clearly the best player on the team (which maybe scary to some). In practice, he practically does what he wants and it seems no one can stop him. He may kick the ball around some times, but others you see him posting up and scoring with ease, driving to the basket at will, hitting threes, pointing people around. He’s obviously the guy on this team.

* Marco Belinelli hasn’t made a shot since John McCain was ahead in the polls. For someone who is only on the team because of his outside shot, he can’t afford these droughts. He’s got to be shooting like 30 percent, unofficially. He missed a few wide-open looks Wednesday.

* No offense to Rob Kurz, but if the Warriors don’t keep Anthony Morrow, they are crazy. Even if they stash him a way in the D-League, this kid is going to be serviceable, maybe even good. They need to go with the best player available and not the biggest need (they do need a big man who can stretch the court). Morrow can handle, shoot, he’s got size and he works hard. They may have found something.

* I like the way Marcus Williams looks these days. He took DeMarcus Nelson easily a few times, and that runner of his is pretty money. It seems as if he’s taken the criticism to heart and is stepping up his game. He better, because DeMarcus isn’t going anywhere and is certainly someone to be reckoned with.

Marcus Thompson

  • Dig

    Good stuff MT! Marcus Williams better be stepping it up after losing the starting PG job to an undrafted rookie.

  • commish

    What I saw: if the Warriors play on Wednesday and henceforth forward, we won’t win 20 games. We stunk up the place, had no energy, and just sucked. I think you said it all when you said Jackson is the team’s best player. Is that scary or what.

  • Peter

    I didn’t go to practice, but one practice does not a player make. Marcus Williams should have taken the opportunity from the get go when Monta got hurt. He has no brains and no heart, but does know how to find a good lap top at a steep discount if ya need one.

    Bellin, Morrow, Hendrix, Wright et al, you can’t tell til they get minutes in a live game. I like what I’ve seen from Hendrix in games. Belli is a good passer with good court vision, not a pure shooter like Morrow but streaky, but I totally disagree with your opinion on Morrow’s ball handling. It’s atrocious. I go left better than he does! That said, Morrow is a better keep than Kurz because he can just be a catch and shoot guy in this league like Dell Curry if need be, and have a good career. Wright…WHERE IS THE FIRE DUDE???? show me some fire…

  • manhattanproj


    any opinions on rowell undermining mullin’s authority, with jackson contract talk ? and inside information?

    it’s sad to see a power game ruins a franchise.

  • Peter

    What I see:

    7 potential rotation players who play strong defense. If Nellie ever went that route this can be a strong defensive team.

    Nelson at PG

    Obviously Mags, Harrington and Belli are likely to be in the rotation, but if they wanted to play pressure D with multiple shot blockers behind they could easily do that. What say you Marcus?

  • A.J.

    I agree with the assesment on Belinelli. From what I’ve seen in pre-season play, he has been missing open jumpers left and right. I agree, he has to make open perimeter shots, plain and simple to be in the rotation and to be a Warrior long term, I mean that’s his specialty, right? Perimeter Jumpers? How come Stojakovic and Michael Redd don’t miss open jumpers, they are primarily perimeter shooters as well.

    It would be nice if he took it to the basket more, got to the free throw line and allowed his confidence to grow a little more, letting the referrees around the league know that he is an aggressive player and maybe get some calls.

    See here’s my take on young players that are primarily perimeter shooters. When you get in the NBA, try to expand your game by being aggressive and attacking the basket. That way from day one, the referrees around the league will know your aggressive and you may be more likely to get the calls.

    Your confidence will grow and it will open up your perimiter game. Opponents will be playing you to take it to the basket, maybe sag off a bit if your’e quick, and give you some daylight to make open perimeter shots.

    Any word if the Warriors have picked up the options on B. Wright and Belinelli? We will give them the playing time this year, I like them, but I want to see them produce and both have to become more aggressive and take charge and say, “God damn it, I’m taking it to the basket on this guy”, forget the jumper and forget the passive low post play and 12 footers from Wright. I like both of these guys and I’ll give them the beneifit of the doubt because they haven’t gotten the minutes yet.

    But now they will get the minutes, now is their time, I am going to be srutinizing these 2 all season.

  • Robo

    Trade: Williams and Belinelli to Knicks, Chandler and Lee to Nets, Yianlian to W’s.

    Williams backs up Duhon; Belinelli joins Gallinari in a D’Antoni system. Knicks rid themselves of Marbury and Randolph and pickup Kobe in 2010. Nets pickup LeBron in 2010.

    Knicks Starters: Duhon, Crawford, O’Bryant, Gallinari, Curry
    Backups: Williams, Belinelli, Richardson, Rose, James
    Rest: Robinson, Collins, Jeffries, Ewing Jr.

    Nets Starters: Harris, Carter, James, Lee, Lopez
    Backups: Dooling, Douglas-Roberts, Anderson, Swift, Boone
    Rest: Ager, Gill, Simmons, Najera

    Warriors Starters: Starting PG, Ellis, Magette, Jackson, Biedrins
    Backups: Nelson, Azubuike, Randolph, Harrington, Jianlian
    Rest: Morrow, Wright, Hendrix, Turiaf

  • Jaysohn

    Sorry thats a crazy lineup.. you have Jackson as your starting PF. Ellis is out for probably half the season so why even mention him for now. You list no one at PG. You have Turiaf not in the rotation when obviously he would be the backup center. And really no rationale for the trade to be made on any team’s part.

  • jlight

    I’m looking for any updated info on Montas rehab. Hows it going? I read an article were jackson said hes ahead of schedule, but I also read on one of those rumor sites that its not going well. Whats going on with him?

  • A.J.

    Great point Jaysohn, couldn’t agree with you more about Robo’s weak line-up and trade proposal.

    First we give up our one hope who can maybe make perimeter shots and a guy we haven’t really given a chance to and one of our replacement pointguards for a under-achieving Chinese big man who was given up on by Milwaukee. I think we get the short end of the stick. Yi is not an impact player, either are Belinelli or Williams, but I don’t think it’s worth it.

    Second of all, he has Jackson at the 4, when in all acutality, Jackson will be the 2, by all accounts so far.

  • A.J.

    Hate to say it, ……..but David Lee and Wilson Chandler are the best players in Robo’s proposed trade, I would rather have them than Yi.

  • commish

    I agree. And why would anyone want Marco. He can’t shoot worth a crap and plays no D. Mabye, maybe he’ll get it together but right now he and Williams have zero trade value. Robo, what are you thinking.

  • Robo

    Jaysohn & AJ, the W’s are going nowhere this year; the conference is too stacked, right? So I was looking much further down the road.

    Marcus Williams unfortunately is this year’s Troy Hudson; he was given the opportunity with the W’s and he squandered it; now he’s just taking up space on the bench. Instead of Williams, I’d rather give a longer look to Morrow and Kurz right now, until Monta comes back. But I don’t want to just cut Williams because he cost us a future 1st round pick

    In regards to Belinelli, he’s lost his confidence and could use a change of environment; D’Antoni’s system would be a perfect fit; former Italian coach trying to duplicate the Suns style of play in NY. If you package Belinelli with Williams, maybe the W’s can get something. Everyone else still on the team, I’d like to see develop this year. Morrow can take Belinelli’s spot, because a shooter with a confidence problem just won’t work.

    As far as lineup goes; everyone who plays in Nellie’s system, plays multiple positions depending on the opponent. If you don’t like Jax at PF, great I’d like to see Robinson or Wright get a chance to start. The problem becomes who do you sit and will Nellie let a rookie start? How about this?

    Starters: Starting PG, Jackson, Magette, Robinson, Biedrins
    Backups: Ellis, Azubuike, Harrington, Wright, Turiaf
    Rest: Nelson, Morrow, Hendrix, Kurz etc.

    As for a starting PG, if the W’s fall into the lottery again, I’d like to see them get Ricky Rubio. Again, I’m thinking down the road, but you need an all-star PG to do Nellie’s system justice and there’s no way, the W’s are getting Paul, Williams etc. And it looks like Mullie’s hands are tied now with Rowell playing owner.

    One last thing Jaysohn & AJ; if you can come up with a way to improve the W’s, then post it. And AJ, I thought about keeping Chandler and Lee, but I don’t think Lee can keep up in Nellie’s system and the W’s already have Turiaf.

  • Robo

    Commish, D’Antoni would want Marco, because he can shoot and quite frankly, he doesn’t need to play defense in D’Antoni’s system. Williams backs up Duhon, because Marbury is on the way out in NY.

    And finally, I’d rather try to get something for the ‘nothing’ (Belinelli & Williams) that’s sitting on the bench that cost the W’s two 1st round picks.

  • D

    Cliff Robinson? He was a good veteran presence and a decent player for a 38 year old Power forward in 2005 but I don’t think he’ll help us much now. But you probably meant Randolph…He’s not ready

    Drafting Rubio, would be nice, he’s big enough so Ellis can move to the 2 and we’d be OK on defense…but unless you see Nellie coaching this team for 2 or even 3 more seasons he wouldn’t benefit from Nellie’s system.

    I’m not a fan of Williams, but I don’t think he squandered his opportunity in a few weeks of training camp. I think he’ll contribute more than just taking space up on the bench…especially once he gets use to the new system he’s playing in.

    Yi would’ve been a nice draft pick last year to bring in a fan base…but there’s no space to trade for him now after getting Randolph and Wright. I also don’t think Milwaukee gave up on him as someone mentioned, they got Richard Jefferson for him, giving up on him would be more like trading him for a lottery protected pick in 2011.

    Now I don’t have any snazzy trades to make the Warriors better, but thinking of the future, after Jackson gets his extension, they’ll have 3 players getting about 30 mill a year on the perimeter. None of them are moving to the bench anytime soon, Nelson won’t be here much longer and no one else would move Maggette or Jackson to the 4 so there’s no getting around those 3 starters on the perimeter for the next 3+ years…Biedrens is the starting center.
    The only way to get better is to find a 4, or what’s more likely develop Wright and or Randolph to be that player for a run in the next few years. This team is good they’re just young. They don’t have the point guard depth right now, but if Ellis didn’t get hurt this wouldn’t be that much of an issue…but looking at the future, Ellis has to be that guy…we have no other options with the way that they’re building this team now and who they spent and are looking to spend their money on.

    We’ve had young teams before, but we haven’t had this much potential or this much young depth for quite some time. But then again I’m just a faithful Warrior believer that saw potential in Dunleavy and Murphy, so I guess I’m a more of an optimist than a realist when it comes to the Warriors.

  • Derek

    Belinelli is not an NBA caliber player, I say trade him for any serviceable player they can get.

    He’s to slow, can’t shoot, has no confidence, no satisfactory skills, basically a useless player.

  • goingforthemoney.com

    Point blank! Jackson is the heart and soul of the team and deserves an extention of 2 or 3 years. Marco doesn’t have the confidence he needs for a perimeter player, but my keen eye tells me that he is a Steve Kerr type that would excell in the right situation which is clearly not in the uptempo style the W’s employ Trade him to the Spurs! Morrow on the other hand has tremendous up side. If not for all of the 2 and 3’s that are in front of him, he would definitely be a purvis short type. The boy can flat out stroke it, and he has the confidence to boot. As for williams the ball is in his court. He has a golden opportunity in front of him. Where is the pride. A guy with as much talent as he’s got has got no business being behind a rookie, no offense to demarcus. He needs to realize that their is mega million at stake here. I said it once and I’ll say it again, he needs to get serious, and hire a personal fitness guru, a personal chef who is a nutritionist, and a hypnothearipist to boost his self esteem.