Cut Day is Monday

The Warriors have to get the roster down to 15 by Monday at 3 p.m. They have 16 players in camp (including Monta, who, technically, isn’t in camp). That means one has to go. Who would you cut?
Rob Kurz?
Anthony Morrow?
Or, do you waste some money and dump someone else, keeping the two young shooters around?
The Warriors could cut Marcus Williams (assuming they can’t find a trade partner) and eat the $1.2 million. If Nellie isn’t going to play him, it might be worth the money to sever ties and let him walk, ending that distraction and giving him a chance to sign elsewhere.
Or, they could cut Richard Hendrix, an even cheaper move.
I say cut Kurz. He’s played well, but he’s not going to play, and his upside isn’t strong enough to keep around. By all accounts a good guy, but I’d rather keep the other guys who may actually contribute. Kurz just costs too much to keep around.

Marcus Thompson

  • Mike

    No way on the Hendrix cut. As a W’s fan living in Ohio I have not been able to watch the games but when he does play the guys rebound numbers are excellent. I do not think you should even consider getting rid of a strong framed rebounder with the W’s having to battle the likes of Boozer, Gasol, Duncun, etc. in the West.

  • zgreat

    Would I be correct in my assumption that the first round pick we traded for Marcus Williams isn’t conditional upon him making the opening day roster?

  • petaluman

    If we don’t extend Belinelli, we could cut him at a cost of $1.4M. We could also trade 2 for 1 under the right circumstances – a team with a roster need, or looking for some unguaranteed contracts to cut.

    I think the most likely roster change is to drop Morrow, though.

  • Niners in 2009

    Marcus Williams and Belinelli are only 22, good grief. Why are people even suggesting we cut them? Ridiculous.

  • petaluman

    Kurz and Morrow are 23. We’re a very young team, so it’s not surprising that the the players most in jeopardy are very young.

  • Tom

    If it comes down to cutting a single player, my bet is on Morrow. If I had my way, it would be Marco B or some kind of 2/1 trade that includes him as mentioned above.