Options, Options, Options

The Warriors have a few days to make a decision on Marco Belinelli, who they drafted No. 18 overall in 2007. The time to lock him up through next season is before this season starts (correction: Oct. 31). If the Warriors want to keep him for one more year, after this one, they need to pick up the option by … If they don’t, Belinelli will become a free agent at season’s end. (Ditto for Brandan Wright, but their is no question they will pick up his option. They also need to pick up the option on Marcus Williams to keep him from becoming a free agent at the end of this season)
So, if you’re the Warriors’ brain trust, do you pick-up Belinelli’s option, giving him a third year? Or do you cut your losses now and let him walk after this season?

Marcus Thompson

  • jlight

    This is off the topic, but what is going on with Monta? I havent heard one word on his rehab, and his frame of mind. Marcus, can you or one of your colleagues find out anything. Getting a little concern here. As for the topic, Call it a gut feeling, but I think Belinelli is gonna be a player in the league. so, yea I would like to see the Warriors extend both Brandan, and Marco. Not Marcus Williams though.

  • Son of Ahmed

    Pick up the option. Too early to give up on Marco.

  • Andrew

    make bellinelli earn it..the dude was to be the dead eye shooter the warriors so needed and he can barely make a shot.

  • Efren

    I’d say, let him walk. It’s a good exercise….and cut the loses.

  • George

    Belinelli, let him walk, get him out of here. The guy can’t play at the NBA level.

  • Shaun

    bellinelli needs to get some PT if don nelson would play him maybe they could see his talent

  • ACC

    I say let him loose. The W’s have too many shooters already and more consistent than Marco.

    OT, with regards as to who gets cut before the Monday deadline, I say Anthony Morrow (sorry MT). The W’s have to deal with their No# 1 problem last year and that was and still is —REBOUNDING!— Rob Kurz brings hustle, rebounding and shooting to the W’s. He is like Brian Cardinal reborn! He can spell AH, RT and BW at 4 while doing the same thing at 3. If Nellie plays small ball to give AB and RT rest for a short period of time, Rob can spell them for 5 minutes or so playing at 5. He is very versatile and the W’s will benefit a lot from him long term.

    Anthony Morrow is like Dale Ellis (if some of the older folks remember). Typical catch and shoot player and that’s it. He would be better off going to teams that need perimeter shooters. The W’s have tons of them and loosing him and Marco will not make any difference.

  • Niners in 2009

    Declining options should NOT be an option. That kills trade value. You might as well waive them if you don’t want em.

  • itsagreattimeout

    Good point, Niners. You convinced me.

  • deano

    If POB had value to another team (Boston), Marco certainly does. We lost the chance to get something for POB by not picking up his option. We should not make the same mistake with Marco.

    Marcus Williams is another matter. I cannot remember the details of the trade; but if we can get our first round pick back from the Nets by releasing him, we should do it. If not, we should exercise his option. Maybe the extra time with the team will allow his brain to absorb the complexities of Don Nelson’s offense.

  • Road Orange

    If you have Jax, Corey, Monta, and AZ, then you don’t need Belinelli when he keeps missing wide open shots. But somebody probably wants him and Jax’s probable extension means the W’s will have to get better through trades, since they won’t have cap space for big-name signings. So keep him for now, look to trade him.

  • Phil

    Marco gets beat by athletic guys on both ends. He’s a good passer and I think will wind up as a decent shooter, but that’s not enough.

    Morrow can catch and shoot. I think he will develop into a better defender than Marco will ever be. So he fits into a role better and can become more.

    If you can get a trade, take it, but he doesn’t deserve an extension at this point. If he impresses, the W’s can pick up the option at the end of the year and try to get an extension done after that.

  • goingforthemoney.com

    Marco’s is a quality player, just not with the W’s. Put him with the right team and he might be alright. I gaurantee somebody will want him so they might as well make a move, but giving him an extention would be foolish to say the least.