More Drama – Harrington Wants Out

Team Drama is at it again.
My colleague Tim Kawakami reported that Al Harrington officially asked to be traded. I have confirmed that Al did indeed ask to be traded today, according to a source close to Harrington. A team source confirmed that Al did meet with Mullin.
A source close to Al said the meeting included Al telling Chris Mullin that he can’t take any more of coach Don Nelson. Harrington has been unhappy since the end of the 2007 season, when he was relegated to supporting cast. He had said he came into this season willing to give it another try. But Harrington isn’t convinced, according to the source, that things will be different after he was benched late in the Lithuania preseason game. Nelson tried to put Al back into the game, but Al refused.

Marcus Thompson

  • Derek

    Denver wants to unload Iverson. I say Trade Harrington and Belinelli for Iverson. He and Monte would be a small but lightening quick backcourt.

    Iverson would also give the W’s alittle swagger and a go to guy.

  • beau

    Part of the issue is that Al thinks he’s better than he actually is. He’s a 6th Man, purely an offensive player. that’s it. He’s not a good rebounder, a bad defender, isn’t a great passer and has a tendency to be a black hole. For Nelson’s way of thinking, if you’re going to hog the ball, you need to be much more consistent as an offensive force. All this talk of Al’s low post game is a bit ridiculous. He often gets his shot blocked because he’s too small to play down there. This is why Nelson puts him at the 3 pt line, this is his advantage.

    The guys been in the league 10yrs. If he was a dominant player in the league, we would know that by now.

    He’s not a bad player to have on your team, but he’s doesn’t make or break the team by any stretch, and Nelson has enough credibility at this point: If he doesn’t think the guy is worthy of being on the floor, then he’s not worthy of being on the floor.

    If he wants to go and the warriors can get players of value back (a real NBA point guard for instance), all the better

  • Kobe_No_Means_No

    Trading him to the Pacers for Tinsley might be a good option.

  • They should really try to trade Al for a pass first PG, which they currently lack and start to develop Brandon Wright at the 4. Al is not getting any better after 10 year in the league and as somebody pointed out he could be a great 6th man, unless he thought of himself as a star. If Nelson is really smart, which I think he is he well give Brandon some major burn this year, since it’s obvious they are not going anywhere titlewise.

  • lobo

    as long as nelson is coach….the inmates won’t run the asylum. and thats a good thing. i am sure things will get smoothed over, but a trade for a legit pg would be a good thing.

  • john

    Wow, the season’s over before it began. No reason for hope how except in the Presidential race. An unhappy point guard who’s fighting management over punishment for a foolish mistake and an unhappy power forward who’s pleas to be traded were rewarded with a captaincy!. A vice president of basketball operations who’s sage advice is ignored and whose decisions were discounted or vetoed by a guy who judges basketball talent by entries in a P&L statement…yeah, Warrior fans, there’s good reason to believe that the bad old days of this franchise or back again. Elton Brand, Kevin Garnett, and Baron Davis are smiling and telling their teamates,..”see, I was right, don’t go anywhere near the Warriors.” Happy Halloween. Well, at least you can spend your money on NBA League Pass and watch a great game every night somewhere else in America.

  • gswfan4ever

    Everyone in the league has been talking about Harrington going to the bulls for Heinrich and Sefolosha. Chicago reportedly wants Belinelli or Marcus Williams to seal the deal.

  • jsl

    You could get Javaris C without taking back too much in the way of bad contracts — Memphis has space (tho they’re trying to save it). Or try Felton, who’s being pushed out. A good point makes a lot more sense than an unhappy Al, who’s a nice guy without a real fit here.

  • goingforthemoney.com

    I really have simpathy for Al. He has been getting the shot end of the stick from Nelson. He wants to be a small forward which would suit him best. He’s an offensive machine but hardly a natural low post player. Imagine always sacrificing your game by playing out of position; U would be frustrated too. Oh well might as well trade him but not for any of the gaurds that have been mentioned in this blog. Our biggest need right know is a power forward, period. Any other trade is a waste of time.

  • Mr. B

    We’ve all had jobs that were not perfect or somethign that keeps you up at night. We always have the option to stay or go and the man just wants to go. If its not a good fit, then its not a good fit.

    Its not like Al is a franchise player nor does he have the potential to be one. Swap him out with Iverson and Najera or another big body.

    Al was good at defending Yao though. That is how I will remember this player.

  • run dmc

    i dont really see any trade involving iverson with harrington, they are on completely different levels. and iverson will really just give us another monta ellis, a scoring pg not a passing pg. but i would like to see iverson play for gs.

  • trlove

    If I was asian I would not have been banned from goldenstwarriors.com I guess you have to be a filipino to on that board.