Doesn’t Look Like Maggette’s the Go-To Guy

Down the stretch Friday in Toronto, the Warriors did all they could to make a go-to guy out of Corey Maggette. The result was three points in the final three minutes.

2:55 Maggette missed a dunk after a beautiful back-door spin. He was called for goal-tending when he tried to grab it while hanging on the rim.
2:02 He started his string of jumpers by bricking a rushed shot
126 With a much smaller Jose Calderon on him, he takes a turnaround, fade-away jumper. He missed.
25.0 Maggette goes one on three to the basket and has his shot blocked by O’Neal
0.07 Maggette runs the clock down and slips and falls, not getting a shot off

After scoring 27 points on 8-for-11 shooting in the season-opener Wednesday, Maggette was 3-for-14 for 12 points through regulation Friday. He was 2-for-9 with 8 points in the fourth quarter.
“I couldn’t throw the ball into the ocean,” Maggette said.
Certainly, he had an off night. But it was partly because of how he was trying to score. They were clearing him out and standing around waiting for him to make a play. Clearly that isn’t his strong suit. He made some poor decisions: taking ill-advised shots, driving wrecklessly in traffic, taking jumpers over a smaller defender.
It just goes to show how tough it is to finish games. Even for a proven scorer like Maggette, it doesn’t come easy. It takes instinct, creativity and a certain “it”.
In a way, the Warriors One of the three isn’t enough.

Marcus Thompson

  • commish

    and that my friends (aren’t we sick of that phrase) is why Monta got $66 million big ones.

  • citznkane1

    “Point Guard” Jackson is unnerving to watch. During the Raptor game his ball handling is inconsistent and his shot selection simply scary – loong outside jumpers which are only as only as he’s shooting that night. At the end, he and no other Warrior showed confidence nor ability to impose their will or get their way either dribbling, passing, or setting anyone else up as evident in the closing minutes and OT. Even with Ellis’ return, someone still has to get him the ball. Ellis has yet to show he can create a shot like Chris Paul, Darren Williams, or “star” player. Don’t expect too more of a record improvemet with his mid year rehab-return.

  • Concerned Citizen

    Can the Warriors change their mind about Monta’s punishment? This is going to a tough 2 months.

    Oh yeah, Commish, I’m actually more concerned with “Allah Akbar”, as we will be hearing more of that, if your candidate wins. Take your freakin politics off this blog, commie trash.

  • Stephen Jackson should be the one with the ball in his hands at the end of the game. More often than not, Jackson comes through in pressure situations.

  • gurbuksh singh

    The raptors are just far too superior. No fault to golden state, the raptors are just to strong on the inside and the #1 pick from 2 years ago just has too much talent. A tale of two teams going in opposite directions.

  • Mr. Whalen

    Well said.

  • sad jose

    Why did we need Maggette? 10 mil/yr? $50 mil for 5? I’m not sure on the numbers, but I would rather have paid Baron 13 for 3 years. Mag is ok, but what had Maggette done to earn such a contract? He doesn’t seem to have any intangibles that help a team win. I’ll be happy to be surprised, but Baron is better and in the same price range. Bad move.

  • sad jose

    but you sure have to wonder: why did maggette get that huge contract? baron’s makes more sense to me. what is our number one need? a pg. not a swing man, we would’ve been fine without maggette, and i’m not sure what he really brings to the team. some skills, but not wins. i hope i’m wrong, but it seems like a really bad signing.

  • Baron

    I kind of wish Azubuike got more touches towards the end of the game. I feel like he’s progressed to the point of being the smartest player on the team along with Capt. Jack… that doesn’t shoot 28 footers with 20 seconds left on the shot clock.

  • Le

    San Jose,

    Here is why Maggette’s pick was better than keeping Baron. Baron is injury prone! He had a crappy first game with the Clippers and is now injured with a sprain left finger and a sore hip. He’s questionable for the next game. I will not be surprised if he misses a lot of basketball this season.

  • Derek

    Thw Warriors need a point guard !!! Man they need a point guard. What kind of idiot would refuse to approve a 3 yr 30 million dollar deal for Baron Davis.

    The Warriors cannot run the fast break without a point guard. Why did that idiot Rowell let the 10 million dollar exemption expire. This guy seems to be the Warriors George Bush.

    Nelson needs to let Wright and Randolph play. Why does this guy waste young talent. Nelson play the young guys (not Belinelli, he truely sux), its the only way they can obtain experience.

  • manhattanproj

    this is something i don’t understand. if portland can rotate in the young guys like sergio, rudy (whom the w’s glanced over for belinelli) and stay competitive in games, why can’t the w’s do it? is it really the players or is it just don nelson. w’s have some young talents like marco, randolph, wright. they can spell 3-5 mins per quarter without losing much ground.

    afterall, it’s not like the w’s are going to make the playoffs. play the young guy so you know what you have for the future. it’s only the 1st two games of the season and nelson is already using a 6 or 7 man rotation?

    i’m staring to think don nelson is not the type of coach w’s need right now. for the last few seasons, he fits in well because of the win now mentality. but for right now, when w’s are trying to groom young talents, the coach can’t keep them on the bench.

  • jsl

    Same problem as in game one: Nellie wears his 6-7 rotation guys down, and they fall apart exhausted at the end. No young bigs play — except for eight minutes by BW — and little growth is accomplished for the future. Stupid, stupid, stupid. At this rate the team will be dead by the time Monta returns.

    Oh, and thanks Rowell for extending Nellie’s contract before seeing how he’d actually coach this year. Now we can look forward to three more dead years (and undeveloped young guys). This season is getting old fast.

  • sad jose

    yikes on the double post. but, yeah, that is hard to argue against: baron is injured. he is a risk, but more than any other warrior he has proven he can step up. we miss that and we miss having a PG! I hope things turn out well, but I don’t think the money on maggette was money well spent. i like jackson (that is if he plays less than 44 minutes a game and is rested) for the last shot, but maybe something high percentage to biedrins?

  • Le

    Warriors had a huge lead in the 4th quarter and almost gave it away. Why? They were tired! Again, starters logged heavy minutes, even with big leads. BW only played 6 minutes. AR, Belinelli, & M. Williams earned DNP’s.
    Through the first 3 games, the W’s ran out of gas down the stretch. It cost them game 1 & 2. They are lucky the Nets are a sorry group of NBA players otherwise it would have been 3 down.
    Nellie – I am still a fan of yours but heres’s some advise, give your key players some rest in the middle of the game so they are energized to close the game.

    Grade: A-
    Would have been an A but they allowed the Nets back in the game at the end. Jackson played a much more controlled games, only 3 TO’s with 8 assist. Biedrins is palying like an All-star. Maggette didn’t shoot well but was 13-15 at the line. Harrington needs to dribble less and pass out of double and triple teams. Buike was very affective off the bench.
    W’s plays the Grizzlies on Monday, maybe an opportunty to play the young guys.

    Go Warriors!

  • Le

    One more thing… it’s official, after 2 games, Baron misses his first game due to injuries.
    We did the right thing by not keeping him. We wouldn’t have been able to sign Turiaf or Azubuike if Baron would have stayed. Again, we did the right thing.

  • um… Le?

    if you look at the rotations of most other teams that aren’t yet in rebuilding mode, the minutes are pretty much distributed the same as the Warriors.

    2nd. last year’s exhaustion excuse is just that, an excuse. we had only 1 player (Baron) in the top 10 in the NBA in total minutes. Jackson was 31st in the league in total minutes played. Baron played 4 more minutes all season than Kobe. man, how did Kobe have all that energy in the postseason?????

    3 guys averaged 40 or more minutes, the Answer, Lebron, and Joe Johnson… man how could they even stand up?????

    if the warrior’s players were exhausted from anything, it was from partying too much the night before games.

    fact, the w’s had 2 guys in the top 30 in minutes played and one of those guys was Monta. PERCEPTION IS NOT REALITY. please, no more excuses about being


  • Le

    The W’s play a different style than most in the NBA teamns, they fly up and down the court. The run and gun requires and uses alot of energy, unlike most half court offenses. So your comparison to other NBA team and players is not apples to apples. When the W’s are tired, they don’t run their offense but instead hoist up lazy fade-aways and 27ft 3’s. Let’s be honest, Jax, Harrington, & Baron do not play well tired, especially if the their style of offense requires them to be fresh and quicker than their opponent.
    Bottom line, if Jax or Harrington would have took better shots or passed to post down the stretch of the first 2 games, they would have won. They go lazy because they were tired. Not an excuse, reality.

  • manhattanproj

    yo, um…le?

    minutes played doesn’t tell anything. if a player played less total games, obviously total minutes played will be lower. that’s the case with jax.

    check out mpg. w’s had 2 players in the top 10 and 3 in the top 20. that’s 3/5 of the rotation playing heavy minutes. jax 39.1 mpg. baron – 39 mpg. ellis – 37.9 mpg. ellis wasn’t affected by the minutes because he’s young.

    and most importantly, jax and baron were not used to playing heavy minutes. their career avg are 31.8 mpg for jax and 35.4 mpg for davis. that’s a big spike, and that’s why both broke down toward the end of the season. and davis hasn’t played the full 82 games since his 3rd year. that’s asking a lot out of the 2 most important players on the team.

    then you go and look at the mpg numbers for guys you’ve mentioned – iverson, lebron, kobe, joe johnson – these guys logged roughly 40 mpg every season. then go check out how many players from the same team played heavy minutes, and the w’s are the only team.

    perception, excuses, or not. it is what it is.

  • Le


    Just because you can throw numbers and stats out does not me you have a clue in what you are saying. I moved to SoCal 9yrs ago and had to get NBA League Pass to watch the W’s. I don’t know about you but saw yesterday’s game. I havd DVR so I watched the 1st game against the Hornets, TWICE!

  • Le

    (opps… accidentally submitted)

    … and guess what, they were tired! Watch the games and stop using numbers and stats to tell everyone how the W’s plays! Sure, BW played but only 6 uneventful minutes.


    Thanks for the enlightenment.

  • Le

    Too funny… I had to share. Harrington does look like one of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.


  • docklh

    I can’t believe the post here? Whats up with the W’s fan base? Nelson is the best coach available period. Who do you think would do better? No one! Maybe you guys will get your wish and we will never be competitive again.

    Why all the negatives. Maggette will be better and better since he came from a system that didn’t run and he will learn Nellies system sooner than later.

    Also, look at the scores in the first 2 games and notice that we should/could have one both games even without Monta and Baron.

    I love Turiaff and love having a guy like Maggette that goes to the FT line like 9 times a game!

    Look we are competitive without a point guard so I don’t think the W’s are as bad as you all are saying. I bet we come home 2-2 and have a chance to beat Denver on Wednesday!

    Come on guys! Go W’s!!

  • docklh

    Hello everyone. I am sorry to say that I was WRONG about the W’s and that showed last night! We have some pretty bad shooters on this team and I’m speaking of Maggette, Harrington and Jackson.

    I saw the game last night and thought that Beidrens and Nelson played well and that was about it.

    I am starting to side with you guys but still a die hard warrior fan (going to the game tomorrow.)

    Go W’s.