Guess Who’s Back?

Rob Kurz is returning to the Warriors. I talked to him before the Nets game. He was sitting on the team’s bench just chillin’, watching the Warriors warm-up.
He said out of nowhere he got a call from his agent informing him that the Warriors wanted him back. Kurz was all too happy to oblige. He said he will join the team in Memphis.
The Warriors are able to sign him because of a “suspended player list.” It’s different than the inactive list because it doesn’t count as part of the 15 roster spots. So Ellis going on this list – which is possible after the third game of his suspension (tonight) – opens up a roster spot that will be filled by Kurz.
So whaddya think? Good move? Bad move? Can he help?

Marcus Thompson

  • Warrick

    No risk move by the Warriors, but its not an impact making move. It means that there would be more competition at the PF spot which means Wright’s minutes off the bench might even decrease and Randolph’s chances of playing this early in the season might change from minimal to none. Also this could be a sign that the Warriors are leaning towards the Big line up now. Al at SF and Biedrins and Turiaf playing together. Anyways, we havent seen Kurz in a real NBA game so lets pospone the judgement later

  • Tre

    I don’t see the point of this move beyond an extra body for practice. He’s just gonna get cut again in January and he won’t even play a minute.

  • Tre

    Forgot to add. Why don’t we just wait for D-League to start and see who starts out hot at PG and see if we can find a better option for PG instead of a combo guard.

  • Son of Ahmed

    Good move. Besides Harrington he is the only big who can hit from distance. If they trade Harrington, Kurz will be the only big with that skill set.

  • oakland fan

    doesn’t matter he won’t see any court time. Good for practice scrimmage

  • manhattanproj

    exactly, he won’t be in uniform. he’ll only be in suits.

    if an undrafted rookie like kurz is ahead of the guys like randolph, wright or even marco who were all drafted in the 1st round, then w’s have to go and fire all of their scouts.

  • Whitehat

    From the first 3 games, it looks like Turiaf will be the main power forward. Assuming Nellie plays more than 8 guys this year, I’d expect to see Kurz on the floor to back up Turiaf before anyone else. Kurz is a grunt, a solid, reliable worker who the coach knows can make a net contribution right now. He also looks like a mini-Turiaf. Wright and the rookies all look like works in progress by comparison. They may all have more eventual upside potential than Kurz, but right now they all mostly stand out for their screwups.

  • Derek

    Most teams are letting their young guys play and learn (Lopez loked great last night).

    When are we gonna see Randolph, let the man play. Wright has also done well when given the opportunity. Nelson needs to let these guys play.

    The 7-8 man rotation killed the team last year. The guys burned out.

  • noah

    this seems like an effort by rovell to make nice with mullin. mullin didn’t want to suspend monta. this move at least lets the Ws get some roster benefit from the suspension by allowing them an extra player.

    as for the young guys, i’m all for letting them play, at least a little because the starters are playing way too many minutes. but let’s not kid ourselves by saying b-wright looks good. He gets a couple of blocks and a couple of dunks. but he does this while looking totally lost on both offense and defense. still, you have to use your bench. Nobody should be playing more than 41-42 mpg, and only one or two guys, at most, should be doing that.

  • elWood

    Kurz has shown that he knows how to finish a game. He can be useful in some situations and he’s one more chess piece for Nelly.

  • Oregonwarriorfan

    Kurz deserves to be on the team for how well he played in the exhibitions. The 6 man rotation that Nellie is using plus a sprinkling of garbage minutes means he won’t get off the bench. It also means this team will hit burn-out way faster than they did last year.

  • Robo

    Kurz is good insurance and worth the look until Monta comes back. Even when Monta returns, it doesn’t necessarily mean that Kurz will be cut; it could be Williams. With Jackson at the point, and Nelson and Watson, the W’s really don’t need Williams now do they? Monta makes him even more expendable. Or, the W’s could package a number of players together and make a trade, where Williams may be develop in a different system.

    It’s still very early in the season and with the way Nellie is sticking to his core group, it makes me think that he believes that they can make the playoffs. So, having Kurz give the W’s some extra flexibility; he can make his free throws and is not afraid to take/make a game winning shot.

  • Wilson

    Not impossible that Kurz could be a player. He sure looked good in summer league and training camp. Of course Morrow was an all-star in summer league and hasn’t smelled the court yet. I hope both of them get a chance to play.

  • Ewok

    If Im not mistaken, Kurz stands 6’8″ right?

    If he moves like a guard then he can play multiple positions.

    Scottie Pippen stood at 6’7″ but of course Im not comparing these two together.

    It’s always a great addition to have someone who can play multi-positions.