Javaris Crap-enton?

For all of you Warriors fans who have been clamoring for the Warriors to get Javaris Crittenton from Memphis, you’ll be happy to know he’s probably available. He spent the game against the Warriors in a suit for the third consecutive game.
No, he’s not hurt. He’s just not good enough, in coach Marc Ivaroni’s eyes, to make it into the rotation. He got a DNP-CD in the first game and has been inactive ever since. Mike Conley’s the starter and Kyle Lowry is the back-up. The third-string point guard? Marko Jaric.
So Crittenton’s probably available. But if he can’t beat out Lowry and Jaric, or even Mike Conley (who I am not impressed with), do you want him?

Marcus Thompson

  • Niners in 2009

    I never understood the fascination with this guy. People say he’s a big PG, I say he’s an undersized SG who can’t shoot.

  • matt

    using this logic 8 of the warriors 15 players are available, considering the only Buike and Turiaf have gotten consistent minutes off the bench.

    just because he isn’t in the games doesn’t mean he can’t play, and based off what i have seen of Crittenton he could be an upgrade over Watson (who seems to have forgotten what a pass is) or Williams (no explanation needed).

  • Mr. B

    It is painful to watch the warriors without a real PG. Don’t know what this team is going to do – continue to play Jax a point. It does not seem that the Dubs have a good flow on offense. Hopefully this changes as the season progresses.

  • manhattanproj

    even if monta wasn’t injured, we’ll be seeing the same thing. jax will still be running the point.

  • jack Black

    Why do you think Nellie is acting like a stubborn teenager with his playing time decision making? Dont you think that Letting Marcus Williams get some playing time will get us some better looks offensivley? I mean the one thing the guy can do is dish the rock. Did he hit and quit Nellie’s niece or something? it’s gotta be more to it than he’s not 100% in shape.


  • zgreat

    Will they trade him for Marcus Williams? Given how much Nellie hates Williams’ game, it would be a win-win situation if Javaris can make Nellie’s rotation.

  • Dig

    All those PGs would start on the W’s that alone shows how much we desperately need one.

  • JustPuked

    The goal isn’t to find a point guard that’s talented enough to deserve playing time in the Warriors rotation. The goal is to first find a point guard that Nellie is actually willing to play, and then we can worry if they’re talented enough to make a difference.

    This distinction is why Nellie is the de facto GM, Rowell is his money man and three’s a crowd. There’s another name in that office but there’s no reason to mention him, he’s just a dead man walking.

  • technically

    post #2, the difference is that Memphis is in full on rebuilding mode whereas the Warriors are still trying to make the playoffs by staying afloat until Monta returns.

    whether that’s realistic or not is moot. the premise is there and that’s what is so indicting on Crapenton. plus who wants a so-called PG with a negative asst-to ratio? even Jack, for all his turnovers this year, still has a positive asst-to. plus the guy avged like 1 asst in 18 minutes with Memphis last year.

    just b/c you saw a few highlights of him going behind his back doesn’t mean he’s a good basketball player. i can’t remember how many ppl thought white chocolate was an all star caliber point just b/c he was flashy.

  • Valr

    JustPuked – BINGO!!!!

  • JoeGiant

    I’m actually starting to like what I see in DeMarcus Nelson. He’s quick, penetrates and dishes well and plays DEFENSE.

    The question is when Monte comes back, does he really play the point, or does he play the 2 and Corey goes to the bench.

    Frankly, the way Maggette keeps pulling up and taking 20 foot fade aways, that wouldn’t be a bad thing.

    I think Nelson has promise and unless they’re going to get someone like Hinrich, i’d just stand pat this season.

  • Paul

    Heck yes, I want Crittenton. He’s not a true lead guard, but this system does not require a stereotypical PG. He can score and rebound, and has the size (maybe not the heart) to defend. So if Macaroni dislikes him that much, let’s do a 1-for-1 swap with Marcus Williams (if that’s even possible). Crittenton’s moody and has some maturity issues to deal with, but that’s never been a problem in the GS organization.

  • Ewok

    Javaris who?

  • Mr. B

    Trying to figure out why Rowell is getting more involved now. Was there someting that made the guy need to get more involved – perhaps the whole Davis disaster?

    I hope the Ws are not desperate enough to try and get Starbury.

  • After watching Brandan Wright last night, it is time to start him. Al Harrington is clearly expendable. His shooting is too streaky and his inability to rebound consistently is a liability in the West. I believe the Warriors of the future will have Wright at the 4 spot and Anthony Randolph at the 3 spot.