Should Randolph be Playing?

Watching the Memphis game. They are playing so many youngsters, it’s amazing. O.J. Mayo. Darrell Arthur. Marc Gasol. Mike Conley. It’s obvious they are chalking any unrealistic hopes of contendinga nd giving their youngsters experience. Darko Milicic has hardly broken a sweat. Vet Quinton Ross is coming off the bench. So is Hakim Warrick.
Meanwhile, Anthony Randolph is glued to the bench. The Nets gave three rookies minutes the other night: Brook Lopez, Ryan Anderson and Chris Douglas-Roberts. Of the Grizzlies players I just mentioned, Randolph has the higher upside and the most star potential (maybe Lopez has more). It begs the question: should he be playing? Or is Nellie right by sitting him and making him earn it?
I’m torn. Part of me thinks he’s better than these other rookies who are getting plenty time and not playing delays his development. But then part of me agrees with Nellie that putting him out there prematurely might ruin his confidence and do even more damage. And there could be plenty of time in the second half, if you know what I mean.
What do you all think? Should Randolph get a chance to play now?

Marcus Thompson

  • kent

    I think he should get a crack in the rotation in select moments of the game. Put him in non-pressure situations and see what he can do. The same goes for Brandan and Marco.

    It is unrealistic to ask Jack/Corey and for the meantime, Al the whole game and be effective in the 4th quarter. Give the young guy spot minutes to get their feet wet. If they are successful, give em’ a longer stint. It’s frustrating being a Warriors fans when it’s apparent the wasted talent and mismanagement from Coach as well as from the front office.

  • LT in LA

    What are you talking about? randolph got in the game with 1 minute left in the game. It is obvious from the first 4 games that the w’s need to deepen the rotation. The boys are gassed by the 4th quarter and haven’t been able to finish games. Everyone on the roster should have to earn their PT, but Nellie needs to lose the playoff rotation this early in the season.

  • RotateNow

    Looks like Nellie has burned out our vets in the first three games. Look at their shooting: in the past couple games Al has shot 25%, and same for Maggette in the past three games. And the team was 2 for 19 on treys tonight, before Belinelli came in in garbage time and made one. They’re tired, making poor shot selection, and he needs go deeper and rotate the bench players in for more than 1-3 mins a game, if this team hopes to sustain the starters through the season.

  • Eric

    Nellie play a rookie? Fat chance. He hardly uses B. Wright and Marcos B., and was promising to do so the end of last season. I got one if we ship Marcus Williams and Harrigton off package Nellie with them.

  • Son of Ahmed

    AR needs to play. Nothing to be torn about, Marcus. He’s one of those guys who makes things happen. Give him 10 a night and go from there.

    75 points tonight? What the Hell is Nelson waiting for?

  • commish

    This isn’t even worth discussing in the sense that Nellie flat out lied last year when he admited he overplayed the vets, wore out the team, and did nothing to develop the rooks. We are most likely not going to make the playoffs under the best of circumstances so let’s be real about developing a team for the future.

    The downside of not playing any of the second and first year players, besides what I’ve already said, is that it has to be so demoralizing to them. So in terms of trading Harrington for Jarvaris, hell yes if Memphis wants Al. Make some space for Wright and Randolf to play and get a potentially good PG, dump Williams because he’s a goner anyway being on Nellie’s shit list, and let’s move on.

  • coffeemydog

    Watching the memphis game makes me sick… The ball is not moving, and there are too many Iso that are not going anywhere. With the Bigs we have now, we can probably the negatives of playing Marcus Williams. His defense is probably the same as the way Baron was playing at the second half of last year.
    Of all the rookies that are playing now in the league and last year, Wright and Randolph are probably better than most. If I were a rookie, I wouldn’t dream of getting draft by the Warriors.

  • Le

    After watching tonight’s game, I am ready to puke. This is what I noticed tonight:

    1. They were tired in the 4th quarter (broken record)
    2. Maggette was obviously hurt. He did not do what he did best and that’s drive to the basket. His shots were all flat.
    3. Harrington sucks! He sucks at passing. He sucks at shooting. He really sucks and rebounding. He sucks even more at defense. And finally, he sucks at inbounding the ball.
    4. Buike took too many jumpers and did not drive enough. His shot was also flat.
    5. The W’s did not play like a team today. Everyone was looking for their own shot and did not move the ball. They only went to the FT line 14 freakin times. We’re not going to win that way!
    6. Let’s end on a high note – Biedrins 16pts and 22 rebounds – I’m writing in Andris for president tomorrow.

    BTW – speaking of AR, did anyone notice his body language when he played the final minute of the game? He seemed really frustrated. He walked off the court with his back turned with 8 seconds left. Sounds like he tired of watching rookies from the Nets and Grizzlies play all game from the bench, especially knowing that he’s better than them (and getting whooped by the Grizzs).

  • OliverStone

    Yes to your question.

    My question is how can he start a undrafted rookie, but can’t seem to find minutes for lottery or high draft picks?

    That’s the mystery!

  • Kinglear

    Only three more years of Nellie ball & the ticket prices are higher. Nellie is sure stubborn.

  • technically

    Nellie is playing a rookie in DeMarcus Nelson.

    i think they should wait till game 40 something on Randolph, he needs to work on his fundamentals before he develops bad habits and footwork like one Mickael Pietrus. or becoming drive to the hoop shy like JRich.

    Wright though should be playing 10-15.

  • Are you kidding me? The rotation should be 10-13 deep. Marco, B Wright, and Randolph should’ve all played sooner in this game. Nellie was trying so stubbornly to win the game that he gave the regular guys until till ~2 minutes left in the game before giving up on trying to win the game; the same guys that have been bricking all night!

    Stop living the dream of making the playoffs and hurting the team’s future, Nellie!!! I am getting so sick of him. We’re just suckers for keep giving him the benefit of the doubt. He is all talk.

  • Dig

    10-13 deep that is crazy! First of all you can only play 12 guys total. No team in the league goes 12 deep or even close to that amount. Most teams go 8-9 deep.

  • james gonefishing

    The problem would the team as composed. Jackson is the only one who gives touches to others: Nelson and Biedrins. Harrington and Magette, forget about it. Have a poor night, keep shooting and killing and surges. Bellinelli and Wright were ignored last night and looked absolutely worthless. I’d hate to see Randolph moving around aimlessly like Bellinelli last night and being pulled by Nelson.

  • Robo

    Nellie needs to stick with his rotation of just playing the vets in order to hammer this point home to Chris Cohan:

    Robert Rowell does not know enough about basketball to be running an NBA franchise.

    We all know now that it was Rowell’s decision not to re-sign Baron. The W’s would easily be 4-0 if Baron was extended for 3 years, even without Maggette. That would have been plenty of time for Monta to grow into his role as the leader of the team, and it would have allowed the W’s to improve their image throughout the league as an up and coming franchise. With Baron on the floor, Nellie would have been able to play some of the rookies, because Baron could easily negate another player’s mistakes. Baron would have also been able to educate these young players during games; he was a coach on the floor, with the same vision for elite play as Nellie. Who is doing that now for this team?

    In Baron the W’s lost their one go-to guy. Yes, Baron was not an All-Star and he did have ‘issues’, but he made his teammates and the fans ‘believe’ that every game was winnable; especially games against the NBA elite. By doing so, Baron made his teammates better. It’s sad to see, but the W’s no longer have that swagger/belief; at least not for a full game.

    As far as playing time goes for the rookies, there will be plenty of time for the rookies to play once the W’s are out of the playoff picture. In the meantime, Nellie should play his veterans in an attempt to win as many games as possible until Monta comes back. By then, the team can better determine which direction they want to go. They will probably be out the playoffs altogether, but you just never know.

  • Squall

    Nelson is reminding me a lot of Bruce Boche and the SF Giants situation.

    He is playing the vets for the only reason of adding value (or hurting it) in the trade market (Al Harrington/Ray Durham).

    Belinelli DOES NOT deserve to play, he looks lost on D. Which seems like the reason Nelli is playing the vets because they understand the rotation on D. Same goes for Wright he seemed a little lost at first but he did have that sweet block last night.

    AR dribbled the ball from one side of the court to the other last night fairly well, maybe he should do that more, no?

    Warriors should just trade Al for whatever draft pick they can get. Then rotate Wright/Turiaf/AR into the rotation at 4.

    Someone please inform Nelson just like Bruce Boche finally got the message, we Dubs are not going to playoff contenders this is a transition year so lets TRANSITION!

    btw. Play Marcus Williams. Whats the worst that can happen?

    A jelly donut is found at the extended elbow?

    Is what the alphabet would like like without Q and R.

    Warriors should just

  • JustPuked

    We’ll live with Nellie’s choices and we’ll damn well like them.
    We’ll live with Rowell’s choices and we’ll damn well like them.
    We’ll live with Chris Cohan as the owner and we’ll…

    The above “ticket” isn’t running for office. A change is gonna come but it ain’t happening for the Warriors.

  • Jim

    We saw what happened with the 49ers rushed Alex Smith into the party. He fell flat on his face.

  • Monkey

    “But then part of me agrees with Nellie that putting him out there prematurely might ruin his confidence and do even more damage.”

    I think Nellie has actually destroyed players’ confidence by NOT playing them. Look at Wright, Belinelli, and POB.


    I have emailed the Warriors twice informing them that I will be cancelling my season tickets if they continue with a 7 man rotation and don’t play the young guys. I have had it with Nellie’s distrust of young players.

  • EJ

    ticket prices increase 20%….
    nellie won’t play guys he hasn’t seen play much….
    rowell is running mullin out of town….
    monta files a grievance….

    Marcus, whats going on with this franchise??? i’m starting to sense some “Al Davis-ness” in the Warriors’ front office…..

  • LT in LA

    Robo…Baron has only started (and finished) one game this year for an 0-4 Clippers team. Don’t get me wrong, I am not a Baron hater. He was great for us here and I wish him the best of luck in LA. With that being said, not resigning him was the best move for the club. The problem is Nellie feels we are competitive enough with our current squad (and current rotation) that he doesn’t want to sacrifice the year as a leaning process. Squall is right, this year is a transitional year. We need to commit to the future of this team. Otherwise we will be one year older and none the wiser.

  • Ewok

    A contrast in philosophies.

    “A coach can make a player, but a coach can also break a player…”

    Randolph’s potential is there. Nellie is accountable if he doesnt bloom within the year.. It’s too early to judge anything about Randolph. But I would like to think if Randolph were in Memphis, he would be getting a lot of minutes, he’d break his knees.

    One guy who should get a lot of minutes is Kelena Azubique. This guy is about to breakout.

    Harrington doesnt fit. I don’t know what went wrong. He can still turn it around though.

    … and as for the warriors team in general, we obviously saw the vacuum left by Baron Davis in situations when baskets aren’t converting, and we are behind by a margin, Baron is gifted in these situations. He usually preps up the tempo whether were behind 20 or 30, then initiates a comeback. His presence alone inspires the team to comeback and he has the gifted leadership to do it.

    It’s true Baron has erratic tendencies as a player. But no one can question his heart to fight and that’s what the team seems to miss at this point.

    We could’ve had him for 30 million something and ROWELL BLEW IT!

    Rowell will end up the goat with long horns by the season’s end. Watch my word for it and Mullin will probably end up in New York or Indiana coaching or a GM in some capacity.

    I can’t believe these is unfolding..

  • Mr. B

    Its ugly out there. Jax is point but does not move the ball around. The offense just does not look right.
    You might as well play the rookies, Belli, Hendrix. This looks like another rebuilding year. Hopefully they can get something for Harrington.